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Sunday Comments November 22

Of course someone rescued Jason. If Zeedan was having trouble with the whole thing before, knowing that Alya really did instigate it is really doing his head in. He might have been understanding earlier, calling it a mistake but he won't be now! And yet, he does seem to be on her side, too. I suppose being brought up in the western world, he can see it's more difficult to keep to their religious rules and he can see how easy it is to make a mistake. He's disappointed in her but he knows it was a mistake though he was sending some serious mixed signals, wasn't he? "It's a mistake" " You're a dirty....." Bashing Jason up, then "It's a mistake" again.

Meanwhile, I think the only reason Eileen didn't cuff Jason up the head is because he was already injured. Sharif can hardly look at Alya though Yasmeen seems to be more of a peacekeeper. She reached the end of her rope and decided to move out but her family wanted her to stay, disappointed or not.

But where's Gary? Faye's sulky because Gary wasn't there to see her play in Sound of Music. Izzy's grousing because Jake was up in the middle of the night. You're a single mother. Would you normally call Gary in the middle of the night if the little one wouldn't settle? Thought not. Blaming that on Alya is a bit ripe, don't you think? She blames Alya for splitting she and Gary up but as I recall, Gary had no intention of getting back together with Izzy, she had the wrong end of the stick. Gary turned up, well sort of. He's over in Germany with his dad for awhile.

And what does Anna do? Go off on one at Alya in her own house. At least her family stood by her then. She's screaming about Gary needing his family around him. That's exactly what he has now, his dad.

Sophie turned 21 this week. Even Norris helped sing her a song. I was shocked!!! The bigger surprise is that Kevin has given her 21% of the new business! Dev was pleased for her, at least. Turns out the business under the viaduct is separate from the garage, it's going to be bodywork and that sort of repair and that's the business that Sophie's share belongs to, not the main garage. That must still be Ty and Kevin 50/50. I wonder if they'll hire a new person to help out with that?

Nessa knows all the right things to say to Ken, such as praising teachers and putting them on a pedestal. In the pub, it becomes clear that Cathy is a bit jealous of Nessa, always has been. Nessa is the outgoing and confident one with a side of heavy flirtation. She's also a real fan of men, you can tell and she's got her sights on Ken. Now she's getting her feet under the Coronation Street table, working her way into a temporary job in the salon. She's grilling all of Ken's friends to find out everything she can about him and Cathy is not too happy about it.

Meanwhile, Audrey finally admitted that she is growing feelings for Ken, to Rita and she feels terribly guilty about it. Rita wonders if it's confusion for sympathy and caring and you know, it could be. But it might not be. On the other hand, I suspect Ken's growing feelings for anyone else is more related to his loneliness and grief.

I do wonder, though. They had put Alex on a train to go home yet now Nessa's wandering Weatherfield on walks, popping into the pub. What's going on? Have they decided Nessa and Alex actually live in Weatherfield instead of a train ride away now? So far, though, I have to say, I like her and the actress playing her. Here Audrey is starting to have feelings for Ken but Nessa, her erstwhile rival, is now working for her! Rita thinks Audrey should make her feelings known. Audrey worries she could be ruining a perfectly good friendship. She did try, but found Nessa there making herself at home and ran for the hills.

Kylie needed a bit of space but she wasn't about to tell Eva the truth. She had her night out and came back bladdered but it was all ok in the end. Back home, Max is trying to figure out his family tree and get his head around all the branches Gail has just on her own with all those husbands. David reckons people get married more than once for practice, to get good at it. I think there does come a point when you've gone well past that "practice makes perfect" and you keep doing it because you just can't do it right.

I can't blame Kylie for being upset at David's cold demeanor where Callum is concerned. Gail, Sarah and Bethany are headed back home only Sarah didn't come back. It sounds like Sarah's nerves are still in a shattered mess. Gail liked her new living quarters and it did look quite nice. I bet it's smaller than it looks, though. It's only inside that small garage space. But you know all the walls in all the buildings are elastic.

Gail's not back five minutes when Callum's mother showed up with Max's toys from Callum's flat. Seems like Marion has finally realized how awful Callum was to the Platts, at least but she stayed for a cuppa with a sympathetic Gail. I also can't blame David and Kylie for not wanting her to see Max and Max doesn't want anything to do with Marion, either. Any connection is dangerous. And if Callum weren't dead, you could very well think that she might succumb to her son's pleas to see his own child though of course, that's not going to happen. Oh i do love seeing psycho David, though, with that dead-eye hateful look!

It's so difficult for Kylie, being a mother herself, knowing how Marion must feel and knowing she's the reason Marion will never see her son again. She finally left in tears, absolutely floods. All David can say was "Result!" and Kylie's horrified. She doesn't like this side of David at all.

Mary had to juggle two men! Lucky her! Dev was bemused. Norris was not, rather churlish as it happened. Brendan seems to really enjoy Mary's company and she certainly seems smitten with him. But he keeps getting phone messages and he's saying it's his mother. Why do I think it's not? She and Brendan then make plans to go on a ghost walk! Dev could have been a bit kinder when she was asking him if she looked ok. He barely grunted in reply and criticized the timing of it all. Seems like Dev might be a bit skeptical of Brendan as much as Norris, only he's not jealous, just concerned.

Butterthorne Hall looked awesome! But does anyone else think Brendan is probably too good to be true? I'm sure he really does believe in the paranormal but he does come across as a bit of a know-it-all. They certainly did get a scare when Dev burst through the door at them! I can understand him worrying about her going off with a man she barely knows and with no way of calling for help.

Ooh, Steve's dog Rover has made an appearance. Steve was not best pleased to find Tony was the one fixing the ladies'. As far as tiling in the toilets go, even if Steve cocks it up, Liz can always get Jason to do it. I don't think having a skeptical audience helped Steve any and he got his instruction from the internet. That's not always such a bad thing, mind you, but in Steve's case, it didn't help much. I knew Steve was in trouble the minute he didn't actually use a measuring tape to definitively mark the centre of the wall. It looked good but the tiles didn't stick. It was pretty funny, all the tiles falling down at once!

Steve isn't very happy that Tony had to pick up the pieces. Literally. And it's hard on his ego, too. Liz did agree that Tony hasn't really paid for what he did. It's easy for Tony to say he's sorry now and that he made a mistake. I think Liz's calm but pointed words really made what he did sink in. Steve is really upset and worries that Liz is going to let Tony back in. She says she's not. She looks thoughtful. I'm a bit surprised at how long it took Tony to put a few tiles up. If he only did the same bit Steve did, and Steve did it in a few hours, (even if it didn't work) why did it take Tony the better part of two days?

Liz has decided to go out with Tony, to a Rod Stewart cover act. Now, is it because she can't stay away from him or does she have an ulterior motive? I guess time will tell. Now, if you're going to use your friend as a cover for a secret date with someone, wouldn't it have been smart to let her know first? Erica nearly blew the secret but Liz covered and Erica is smart enough to know how to go along with it. Not sure Michelle was fooled, especially after Sean told them he saw Erica and Dev in the Bistro.

Erica is shocked that Liz would go back out with Tony after all he did. Liz claims she won't forget but isn't ready to let that good thing go. Liz and Tony do have chemistry, you've got to admit that. She seems to be taking things slowly if she's serious about getting back with him. She did back off from his kiss. We'll see.

Dev has suddenly got his eye on Erica? When did that happen? I suppose they have to give her something to do since they haven't really decided what to do with the character. Throw she and Dev together for a drink and in the process, nearly out Liz for the lie she told that she'd be out with Erica when she's really out with Tony! Anyway, Dev offered Erica a job in the corner shop and if he's really paying less than four pounds an hour, I'm pretty sure that qualifies as slave wages. I looked it up, the minimum wage in the UK is 6.50 (pounds). He did say he'd pay her as per age and experience.

Rita and Dennis have got divorced. I wonder if she'll go back to being Rita Sullivan now. What made me laugh? David going off running after a client that didn't pay. And Ken going to help. A near-80 year old going running down the cobbles? yeah, that's gonna happen.

Hope can't understand why she has to miss out on all the fun stuff, like fireworks night on the Red Rec. And Fiz still thinks the holiday was cancelled. But not for long! She found out he lost the deposit and went spare, as you would. I can't blame Fiz for being over protective, can you? She and Tyrone really need to be better supports for each other. Tyrone is just as heartbroken and scared as she is. He just doesn't show it as much.

Tyrone is now on a mission to give the girls the best Christmas. I bet he'll find a lot of help if he asks for it. Awful stuff, chemotherapy but it often works and Hope has a very good chance.

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