Sunday, 15 November 2015

Sunday Comments November 15

Tyrone races to the hospital and the two truck gets towed. He was warned! Kevin was kind enough to sort it out. I wonder if he actually paid the release fee on the sly? Anyway it looks like Hope will be ok but it's a real roller coaster, isn't it? The worst thing for parents to have to endure, a serious illness. Fiz can't imagine anyone else having to deal with worse. You wouldn't would you, your own world is teetering on the edge of a precipice. Tyrone still hasn't cancelled that trip to Lapland. And now it's too late. He's got a good sized debt on top of everything else.

Meanwhile, Kevin is complaining loudly about all the work. It's his own damn fault. Why on earth he allowed fifty thousand cars to be scheduled for a servicing all on the same day, I don't know. He might be frustrated that Tyrone keeps running off but he could learn to schedule things better. As I figured, Kevin did pay the tow fine. And uh oh. The minute you see that there's going to be sparks flying between two people (Sophie and Kate), animosity, and all that. Can love and attraction be far behind?

It turns out Kevin did buy that garage from that friend of his but now Sophie is advising Kevin to sell it and then he can just open a larger space. And what a coincidence, the property under the viaduct, next to Nick's, is newly up for sale! That's the same place Terry Duckworth was going to open a lap dancing club, I believe. I don't imagine the restaurant is going to enjoy the smell of grease and exhause wafting through the air system, though, but then again, with a tram zipping by overhead every few minutes, they're probably used to it. It is a good space for a garage, mind you.

Gary's delighted, but what about Alya? She knew nothing about it. Wouldn't you think they'd wait to tell the two of them together seeing as it's a wedding present. She wasn't too pleased. Something's going to crack soon and it's not her smile! The new gym partnership is further freaking Alya out. It's more ties, isn't it? She's in tears half the time. The offer of her mother's wedding dress really dug deep but maybe that's got her grandmother thinking that all these nerves she seems to be having is related to missing her parents. But everyone else is all Happy Families when she feels anything but. Her grandmother advises that she always be honest as the recipe to a happy marraige.  We should start taking bets on when she's going to spill her guts to Jason because she can't go on like this! She says she's going to do it "tomorrow". Stay tuned.

She ended up running around after him trying to talk to him half the day! She doesn't want him to sign the papers before she tells him but she was too late. Also too late to prevent Gary from asking Jason to be his best man. Jason's not too sure about that one. What a spot to be in! But Alya finally caught up with him and Jason could see the black clouds gathering before the storm. And there it is. The bolt of lightening that just split Gary's life in bits. She said she was going to tell him it was Jason but when she was faced with his anger, she wouldn't tell him. She turned and ran right into her brother's arms.

Gary told her family on her so it's all kicking off there, heavy disappointment and they're ashamed of her. Zeedan was the most upset. It's an old fashioned concept in this day and age, staying a virgin until marriage for women. I don't know if the same edict is true for Muslim men, though. Anyone? And if your religion is very important to you, as Alya's was to her and her family, it is a very big thing. There are still countries where she would be stoned to death for it.

Alya ran again and ran into Aidan who gave her a rollocking for skiving work until she cried all over him. Gary is pissed and I can't blame him because he honoured and respected her wishes and didn't press the issue. He believed she would do as she promised and this is bigger than just an ordinary one night stand, it's the principle of it as well. In soaps, of course, even an ordinary one night stand will break up a couple, heck, even a kiss alone will do it! Then, Jason tried to defend Alya's one stupid mistake but just when things might look a little bit better, Gary saw Aidan comforting Alya and went mad but Jason confessed and Gary didn't even hit him! There was a shock and I suppose that's why Jason didn't get Gary's fist in his face. Gary was in shock, too.

In the aftermath of the big reveal, Gary's gone walkabout and Anna asks everyone but the one person you would think most likely to ask, Alya, until Zeedan suggests it. He won't say what's up so she thinks they've had a row and confronts Alya. Since Alya knows the truth is going to get around, she reveals it to Anna, all of it, including Jason's name. The factory girls go quiet but Eva is upset that "her" Jason did that even if he's not "her" Jason anymore. Anna is furious and Alya is tearfully sorry but Aidan shuts it down so everyone can get back to work.

Zeedan, however, isn't going to let it all lie. He must have stewed about it all day because at the end of the day, he ends up giving Jason's tender ribs a good thumping and we end with him about to push Jason over the railing.

Dev apologized to Mary for taking her for granted, but then when talking to Steve, he was clearly patronizing regarding her.  Nobody could figure out why she was in a stroppy mood, even Rita mentioned Norris asking her to make the tea. He didn't really, he more or less instructed her to. Anyway, I think Mary would suit fencing as a dynamic new hobby.

Mary is really going to have to find a new interest. Writing a book about her travels isn't all that bad an idea, actually. She's industriously  beavering away. Behind the counter at the Kabin. Stupid place for it, getting under everyone's feet. You'd think it would be easier to concentrate somewhere quieter. But then she couldn't have an argument with Norris about that magazine she likes, The Inexplicable and the whole new storyline wouldn't have started up! Anyway, Mary won that argument over the magazine since Norris apparently reads one about Ghost hunting!

The editor of the magazine showed up to deliver the order personally and he and Mary sparked! They appear to be kindred spirits (see what I did there?) but Norris of course, is skeptical. He reckons Brendan is merely copying internet text and publishing it but Mary isn't having that. Brendan is also going to hunt down a rare copy of the magazine for her to complete her set. Why do I think he's just a tad too good to be true?

Norris is really being a sarcastic arse about Mary's new friend and the paranormal. Really, he can be such a (insert really nasty insult of your choice here). Brendan comes back and invites Mary for a drink later and she is keen to accept even though she's already accepted a drinks date from Dev for a little later than Brendan's appointed hour.

It's amazing to think that Mary is the same age as Steve, Michelle, Tracy, Carla, that lot. I thought the art class scenes were fun, and really, if Michael's was the abstract version, it still was better than Ken's! Not fair for Aidan to put Sinead on the spot but she wasn't going to let him bully her. It's all costumes at the Dobb house. Loved Ruby's ghost one and Tyrone looked fab in the Catwoman suit!

Ken had Audrey cornered in the pub, really reluctant to let her go, or probably to avoid going home to an empty house because he jumped at the chance to have a last drink with Steve. He does have regrets, so it seems. Regrets being such a bad husband, with all his women. And what's he doing? clinging to another one. I know they are forecasting Ken and Audrey to get together, you can see that coming a mile away but I can't help thinking that Ken really is just reaching out in his loneliness and is going to mistake friendship for something more. Now he's got her coming for dinner and had to scramble to ask Roy and Cathy because Audrey seemed to assume it was a dinner party. I wonder if it was Rita's words and insinuations that caused her to back out with a "migraine". The next day he backed out of an art class until he found out Audrey was persuaded to take it. In the middle of her busy work day. where the Salon is currently short handed with Maria gone.

Another new storyline has pitched up. Cathy's sister, Nessa, who is Alex's mum, has come along in search of her wayward son. He sounds a bit of a handful, doesn't he? Always going off and causing his mother worry. Ken and Audrey helped look for him but nobody could find him anywhere. I wonder if anyone did look in the pub because that's where he turned up, and on first name basis with Liz. I have a feeling that Alex's mother is a tad over protective but on the other hand, Alex really should call his mother if he's staying out overnight. Alex's mother also expressed immediate interest in Ken, making sure he knew she was divorced.

Ken generously offers to help Emily with her charity canvassing on behalf of the community centre and who should come on visiting but Cathy's sister Nessa? Odd that she can pop in so easily when it seemed like she lived a train ride away. Cathy had to put Alex back on a train home when he came to visit her the first time a few weeks ago. I don't suppose it's that far but still, hopping on a train to come visit willy nilly must mean she's on a quest. And I think that quest is Ken and Cathy knows it.

Kylie is now having sleepless nights and can't understand why David seems to be handling things so much better. He even suggested that Max could leave Callum off his family tree project like he never existed, though that was actually Max's suggestion. That has her going out to get some air, and ending in the pub and later the bistro with Eva, boozing. Will she get drunk and tell the truth?

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Anonymous said...

Kylie must have lots of money to be able to afford to drink and eat in the Bistro all night.

Daithi_c said...

Maybe Kylie gets the sister-in-law discount, and Eva gets
the ex-girlfriend discount from the owner (Nick) ;)

Plus no cab fare since it's within easy walking distance
so they can spend that on drinks too.

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