Monday, 24 April 2017

Corrie Canada weekly awards April 17 - 21

Thunderbirds are Go. There you are, Nick, you can be Scott Tracy again!

Family in Crisis award: The Barlows are all going to start in on each other, tearing each other to bits with suspicions, offenses and defences.

Fify Shades of Hypocracy award: Oh. I see. It wasn't ok when Sinead lied to Daniel and called her termination a miscarriage but it IS ok to lie to Ken and say she miscarried?

DIY award: Who knew Adam knows the business end of a hammer? He's finishing off the kitchen at Number 1!

WILLful award: If the new will was dated while Adam was out of the picture, and that was after Ken ordered him out of Weatherfield, it's hardly likely Ken would then make a will and give Adam a larger share and cut Tracy out, is it? Intriguing.

Cool as a Cucumber award: Daniel. He was good under pressure. Loved that he pointed out the police have decided to find his mother four months after he reported it and hoped that it won't take as long to find out who assaulted his father. Daniel 1 WPD 0.

Pants on Fire award: Daniel was looking at train schedules on his phone after he found out Peter told the family about Denise. Does he actually know or suspect where she is after all and has been lying to everyone?

Upstanding Citizen award: Todd for not deleting the video that proves Phelan's alibi.

Lines of the week:
Peter "I'm just as sick of my pathetic excuses as you are"
Todd "My boyfriend has helped me develop a moral compass and I can't say I'm happy with it"
Daniel about Ken "When has his family ever brought him anything but grief?" (true)
Audrey "He used three cans of hairspray and even then, he was only a light gust away from disaster!"
Maria "A one armed woman in a salon is about as much use as a one legged man in a backside kicking contest"
Audrey "I've broken me humeris" Freddie "There's nothing funny about that!"
Anna "isn't it nice, eh, when a Family comes together in a crisis" Roy "Let's hope Ken sees it that way" (indeed)

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