Monday, 10 April 2017

Corrie Canada Weekly awards for April 3 - 7

Highway to the Danger Zone: Peter is sliding down the slippery slope, that same one that saw him cheating on Carla, the same one that turned him into a bigamist. He just can't resist a pretty face!

The not-Subtle Award: Gail is pushing Maria and David together and she's not subtle about it, either.

Mama Bear award: Also Gail. She's never liked Leanne but she's right about one thing. Nick rebounded to Leanne from Carla and sometimes I think Leanne really does see Nick as a security blanket.

Overreact award: I get that Faye did a stupid thing getting a tattoo but Anna got downright nasty with her, far more than I think was necessary. At least she apologized later.

Fashion Fail: What the heck kind of blouse was Toyah wearing? Did she raid Emily's closet?

So near yet so far award: Brian was at Oxford. At a Polytech. Still...

Musical Ambiance: Billy Joel's Always a Woman while Peter and Chloe flirted and then had it out, ultimately with him rejecting her advances, staying faithful to Toyah in the end.

Gullible award: Todd is really winding Phelan up about ghosts! A woman scorned award: Chloe, obviously. Her picture is in the dictionary beside the word Nutbar!

Lines of the week:
Faye to Craig "I'm going to start calling you PC Buzzkill"
Nick to Michelle "I've got Leanne telling me black is white and now you're Mother Theresa"
Simon "So Nick's going with you to watch you *not* put his name down. Seems a bit depressing, doesn't it?" (how very mature!)
Steve "He came. He saw. He bored the poor little lad into submission"
Nick "Mugs of the world unite"
Michelle to Robert "Change the record and take your lovesick puppy act elsewhere"
Brian "It's a fool who gambles with the fates!"
Brian about Daniel "He's planting the Barlow flag at the very summit of accademic excellence"
Robert "Careful, Trace, all them sour grapes will flatten the champagne" Tracy "As if I'm jealous of Daniel. He should be studying Ancient Geek"
Tracy "I'm telling you. Trexit is not going to happen!"

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