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Roy's Role

(This post was originally posted by Ruth Owen on the Coronation Street Blog in April 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Admittedly, when Hayley died, I feared that Roy would have no real role other than Roy's Rolls cafĂ© owner and general provider of the goods for cake run, the full English and the sausage sandwich. But I don't think I should have worried. Roy has a definite role and the cobbles is all the better for his presence. (I hope by now you been able to stop laughing at this brilliant play on words or maybe...)

Roy acts as the cobbles' yardstick. Those who accept him and like him are the good people. The ones who criticise him, who are rude and offensive to him, are the morally flawed. Who can forget Tracy's insults to both Hayley and Roy and her shocking attempt to sell them her own baby, claiming that she and Roy had slept together and that, as a result, Tracy had  become pregnant.

Roy first appeared in 1995 as a resident at one of Mike Baldwin's flats  He was initially quite taken with Deirdre and became rather overprotective towards her. Over time, that initial aspect of his character was phased out and marriage with Hayley, who was once  Harold, was the making of Royston Cropper.

It is fair to say that Roy's friendships are quite diverse. One friendship that did develop was the one between him and Carla. That was a masterstroke by the writers. It was Hayley's illness that brought them together, but even after her death they remained firm friends. The fact that they were so different in every conceivable way, worked to make their friendship all the more convincing. Maybe, one reason why an understanding grew between Carla and Roy was because of their unhappy childhoods.

Despite his unhappy childhood, Roy and Hayley became foster parents. Their aim was to offer troubled children a home where they felt valued. And good work they did too, especially when they protected Wayne Hayes from his violent stepfather.

Currently, Roy is being an excellent friend to Ken. He offered Ken a refuge, a sanctuary when he needed it most. Ken is afraid of his family and feels too vulnerable to return home. No questions asked, Roy takes Ken in. Roy's lodger, Brian, is less than keen to have Ken share his space. 'How long before you're ready to  move out?' asks Brian. Roy shuts him down. 'Ken came here for respite and all you can think of is saving your own back.' Roy reiterates to Ken, 'You can stay here as long as you like.' However, Brian cannot resist and adds. 'But there's nothing like your own bed.' In contrast to Roy's offer of an indefinite stay, Brian comes across as thoughtless and selfish.

Brian also lied to Roy when he went to a concert with Cathy. Cathy and Roy? Cathy and Brian? Surely Cathy must realise the superiority of Roy over Brian.

Roy's interests, his ways, his profound love for Hayley and his genuine kindness, all serve to make Roy Cropper one of the Street's greats.

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Anonymous said...

I was just thinking last night how weird it was to see Ken in Roy's apartment. I don't ever remember him being there... But, I am enjoying the show's shakeups -- so many Ken offspring in one place; David and Maria conning Gail; Sally's awful trolling and Craig coming into his own.

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