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Sunday Comments April 2

Ken is feeling very nostalgic the morning after he burned Adam's money. And I can't quite figure out whose floor Adam was sleeping on, either, oh wait, i think it was the flower shop. I guess he was hiding from Ronan which he did successfully. For now. But someone ordered flowers and insisted that Tracy be the delivery person. Because it's Ronan. And Mary seemed to go out of her way to find Adam and tell him, unless she was just nipping in to the cafe for a coffee. Contrived so that Adam would also show up at Ronan's, Ronan using Tracy as bait as it turned out. Adam got there first and was just inside the door, already a bit bloody, and Ronan finished the job.

Ken later gets a phone call from the hospital telling him that a badly beaten Adam is there. I fully expect Adam to blame Ken because the burned money and he did. Adam wants Ken's help. We discover what happened to Adam. He was taking prescription pills to boost his productivity but the side effects are what caused his blackouts, the ones when Ken went to Canada to help him. The time he spent so long away from Deirdre when it turned out to be nearly the last year of her life. Adam got addicted and lost his job and money and reputation. He came back to the UK for a fresh start but he made a mistake telling Ken that the dealer had threatened Tracy and Amy so he took the beating to keep them safe. Thus, Ken's idea of help is to give Adam money and throw him out of the nest. I still don't understand why that man hasn't had another stroke. Then the next day, Ken lied and told Daniel that Adam had to go back to Canada.

It's Sinead's birthday. It'll be a low key birthday though she's going to register with a midwife. They seem to be looking forward to the baby but Daniel has been accepted into the MA program at Oxford. Now what's he going to do!? Not tell Sinead, that's what.

Toyah is looking at a renewed chance of a baby now that she's going to get some money from Toby as a settlement from the house. IVF. Will it work this time? Peter has another plan up his sleeve and the first Tracy knows about it, the estate agent is taking photos and telling her he's selling the shop and flat. I do think it's in very poor form not to tell Tracy first. I don't blame her for going spare. Leanne worries that the pressure will send Peter back to the bottle. She worries that Toyah will get her hopes up and be disappointed again as well.

Peter told Tracy and his father he wants to buy the Rovers. Not sure that's such a good idea so I'm on Ken's side on this one. I remember the Joinery when he got blasted the night they were going to open. Ken remembers too. I like that they put little bits of history in there. Just because Peter's not drank for over 2 years, doesn't mean he won't be tempted if the pressure gets too much. The danger is very real. Ken is right to worry. And he hasn't even told Toyah yet so Ken takes it in hand to tell her. Doesn't look like she thinks it's a good idea, either. Ken's really getting into every one of his family's business these days, isn't he?

Peter does what Peter always does, run off, ostensibly to clear his head but he buys a bottle of wine, looks at it longingly and takes it to Chloe. He's certainly sending her mixed signals. Chloe told him exactly what he wanted to hear and Peter was having trouble resisting that Barlow gene that makes him suseptible to beautiful women. But what he said to Toyah seemed to have the desired effect and she called him to apologize which sent him back to her though he lied to Chloe about why he was leaving. He got out of there so fast that he left his phone and when he returned to get it later, we viewers discovered she's put a tracking device in it. Now *that* is scary.

Leanne rightly doesn't think it's a good idea that Peter is going to try to buy the pub with Toyah's backing. He's fallen off the wagon more times than I've had hot dinners and yes, it would kill him if he drinks again. But Peter's being followed by Chloe who's tracking him while Toyah's testing her luck trying to talk Tracy about the sale. Toyah's suggestion that Tracy buy the florist but Tracy doesn't think she'd be able to persuade a bank to give her a loan. Chloe side tracks Peter with a big, fat lie that her ex is harassing her. White Knight Peter has to make her feel better. He's driving her home. So she has to leave her car wherever it was she parked it but that's ok. She really played him like a fiddle.

Peter and Toyah are negotiating with Steve and Liz on the sale of the pub. Steve seems reluctant but he shakes on it. I don't think Liz is happy with it, is she? And she grimly tells Peter that she'll sell to a cash buyer if one shows up before they can raise the financing (they still have to sell the florist shop and the flat). If Michelle wasn't being such a vindictive hard case, none of this would be happening. Steve is optimistic that Leanne will let him see Oliver and Liz thinks he shouldn't waste any time. It makes Leanne feel firmly in the middle between Steve and Nick.

Since Liz overheard Nick talk about the doctor's appointment, Steve and Liz waited around so they could ambush Leanne when she came out of the medical centre after. She didn't have much of a choice so went back to the pub to talk to them. She was sympathetic, for sure but she's really stressed. Liz and Steve did manage to get a photo, at least. Now Leanne has more or less agreed that Steve can spend time with the baby but she hasn't told Nick and Nick is jumping in with both feet and setting up meetings with a solicitor, an old friend. The more Leanne keeps NOT talking to him about these things, the more his temperment is going to get chipped away and he's going to end up walking out on her if she's not careful.

Michelle is really tied in knots and now she's spying on Steve's email. He must have saved the photo on the phone to a cloud thingy, something that she knows the password. She wasn't happy to see that happy family photo, was she? Naturally, Robert alerted her to the presence of Leanne in the Bistro which didn't put her off going at all. She made a beeline for the restaurant and proceeded to blow Leanne's secret about the visit with Oliver out of the water. Someone should tell Steve to change his passwords, methinks.

In this situation, mind you, while it was vindictive and childish, Leanne kind of had that coming. Nick went straight to Steve to have it out. Steve will not be intimidated. As he says, he has nothing left to lose.

Bethany is still narked at her mother for leaving a message on Nathan's phone. Later, Nathan really doesn't want to meet Sarah and says it's because of the age difference. He'd be right. Sarah would freak out. He's 35. She defends him to the death. Sarah has more than a normal worry for her chick. She has been in a place where she put herself in danger over a stupid mistake, too and she sat Bethany down and told her about the internet guy she got involved with. It's easy to say there are people who are devious and lie to get something, and we know that's exactly what Nathan's doing but Bethany can't see it. Nathan probably knows Sarah would be suspicious of him. Ok, ok, he decided he would meet Sarah after all. I guess he figures he can probably schmooze her. I don't think he's too happy about it but he needs to keep Bethany on side, too.

Now that Nathan has agreed that the lesser of two evils is to come to tea and meet the parent, Sarah is wigged out wondering what to make. Wait until she sees the old man her daughter's dating. He's as old as her older brother, Nick! But it might not come to pass because the police are questioning Nathan again. Mel makes out they're just targeting Nathan and makes Bethany feel guilty because she doesn't want to lie to the police for him. Because it doesn't look like he will make it for their meal, Sarah loses her rag and suspects there's a reason he doesn't want to meet her. There is! Well, Sarah's attitude pushes Bethany straight to the cop shop.

The cop that interviewed her knew she was lying. She was so nervous she was vibrating. She gets a kiss for it from Nathan and manages to get him back to Platt Towers for their tea. Sarah was duly shocked at the sight of Nathan and Gary wanted to give him a warning but Sarah doesn't want to alienate Bethany. Suck it up, buttercup. Nathan managed to say all the right things to Sarah, but neither she nor Gary bought it one little bit but Sarah really doesn't know what to do. I'll tell you what, though, in this one little instance I wish Callum was back. He'd certainly put the frighteners on Nathan and have his goons work him over.

Anyway, Sarah and Gary decide to look for a house or large flat together and she'll even let Nathan stay over sometimes. I seriously doubt he'd want to do that. But then, Bethany doesn't want that, either. She did get squeamish when Sarah had the birth control talk with her but it didn't matter. Sarah was intent on marching her into the doctor to get the pill, not knowing she already had the implant. Luckily, Bethany managed to bluff it and her mother is none the wiser. At least she *is* taking some precautions but condoms are still important for disease prevention if you don't know where Nathan's er... been. Why doesn't Sarah know about these implants, anyway?

Meanwhile, Gail was in the Bistro talking to Shona who looked very worried when Gail mentioned the name Nathan but the idea Gail had that he was much younger seemed to make Shona more comfortable. She also told Gail her last relationship was abusive and she's got the scars and debts to show for it but she's free of him now.

Nathan has plans for Bethany and he's calling her his Star Attraction. That doesn't sound good, does it? It's a little party at his flat. And it turns out she and Mel are the only women there and it looks very much like it was really an audition for Bethany though she doesn't know it. Creep alert! That guy made the hair on the back of my neck stand up!

Turns out Maria's getting an early release with one of those ankle monitors on. Now that she's out, Kirk is chuffed to little mint balls. Aidan has a knot the size of a boulder in his stomach at the thought of it but Eva's thrilled her bezzie mate is coming home. Little Liam is over the moon! Aidan is so beside himself worrying that he can't concentrate on work. He really thinks there's a good chance Maria is going to tell Eva about their affair. He seems to have got over Maria, at least. Johnny sticks his oar in and goes to pick Maria up himself, then offers her a free holiday to keep her sweet, and she knows exactly why he's doing it, too. That's not helped any.

Maria is going to have that ankle tag on though hasn't got it yet. She has apparently got a roommate too, with Michelle living here. At least they mentioned that Maria knows what Michelle has gone through with losing a baby. Later, she went over to Number 5 for a welcome home party when she *finally* got to see her kid. I can't imagine why they didn't take Liam to her as soon as she got home.

Toyah and Maria ran into each other in the cafe and Toyah started right in, insulting Maria and calling her a tart. That goes back years to when Maria had an affair with Toyah's boyfriend, a university professor, and got pregnant by him. But it's a bit rich Toyah insulting Maria when Toyah has been cheating on her own husband for a year before she finally left him at Christmas.

David's pleased Maria's home, too. I expect they're got to be pretty good mates working together over the years and he probably missed her. But Gail has other ideas and thinks she sees a spark between then. On goes the matchmaking hat. You might remember, though, that David did have quite a crush on Maria years back.

It's Faye's birthday and she's been given a few nice gifts though Anna could only afford to give her a bottle of nail polish. If that's all she can afford, I'm surprised she and Kevin are able to pay the bills and put food on the table! Roy takes pity on her and gives her a bonus, which she gave to Faye. 100 pounds! Seb is still working with Phelan and when Phelan finds out Seb hasn't bought Faye a birthday present yet, Seb started whining about money until Phelan slipped him some cash to buy a gift. Result. His idea for Faye is that she could spend her money on a tattoo, one each. There's a problem, though. Seb has been suspended from school for hitting someone. Faye says he was defending her honour, well, that's what Seb has told her at least. But Anna's not keen to hear it and even less keen to find out that Seb is working for Phelan. Seb has persuaded Faye to pay for the two of them to get matching tattoos only he chickened out. Anna won't be too happy when she sees the ink!

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