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Steve is hoping that Michelle's little holiday away will give her perspective and she might not want the divorce after all, so he might not have to sell his half of the pub. But there are photos online of her all over some bloke so it's not looking hopeful. Steve takes heart in the fact that she's still wearing her wedding ring, at least. I do hope they don't put them back together. Big mistake, I think.

And back she comes out of a taxi, all tanned and happy after a break, happy until she sees Steve at least. Oh and that man in the photos? Carla's new gay bezzie mate apparently. Michelle and Robert made up, he's still clearly got it bad for her, though. Michelle feels a bit down in the dumps about what to do next and Robert's idea....hire Michelle though he ran it past Leanne first. More of a warning than an ask. Nick's not happy about it. Feeling a bit awkward, are we? Robert offered her the job, though I didn't hear him say it was only to cover the maternity leave. I suppose they need waitresses, too but when Leanne comes back it will not be a good idea to have them both under the same roof every day.

Steve wants her to go to a marriage guidance councilor, one last chance. She's not really open to the idea but she starts thinking about it. Robert thinks she should go and as he's a fairly decent bloke, even defends Steve a bit in spite of how he feels about her. She didn't go to the appointment. I guess she has bigger fish to fry. Steve's not it. She's decided to reach out to Robert instead. Can you say "rebound"?

Daniel is running, he thinks he's a suspect even though he insists he didn't do it. She's right, running looks bad. He's only ever had to rely on himself. I guess he didn't get very far and had thought about what she said. It comes down to him not wanting to be on his own anymore.

Peter's defense: He says he went back to Chloe's and she took his rejection badly, trashing her house and hurt herself when he pushed her away. If she did, then we didn't see it happen. Seems to me Peter walked out on her so if she did, it was after that and off screen. Chloe threatened to call the police but she couldn't have. He didn't tell the police all this because you know Chloe wouldn't tell the truth, would she? Nick thinks he should go to the police anyway but what's Peter's solution? go back to Chloe, of course. Why on earth would she agree to help him, though. And why would she leave her house trashed for nearly 2 weeks?

She tried to get him to open a bottle of wine. Oh don't put your fingerprints on that bottle, Peter. I forsee that as another nail in his coffin if he does. She seemed shocked at Ken's accident but I still suspect that she might be behind it. Well, Leanne and Nick took the phone to the police after all. And Chloe went to the police, too, to "tell the truth". Of course she didn't tell the truth and she didn't give him an alibi, either. She put all her lies about Peter assaulting her as happening the night before. Even if it was true, it still begs the question why she waited so long. The end result?

Peter and Toyah are about to get to the business end of the IVF but Peter is arrested for assaulting Chloe first. He's shocked when he finds out that Chloe lied about the date of what happened which means he doens't have an alibi for the night Ken was attacked. Exactly Chloe's plan. And the phone with the damning message. The police feel the message is more to do with attacking his father than it was Chloe. The police are not going to give him any leeway on this. IVF is not a reason to let him leave.

Ken has heard about the arrest and is mired in self pity and regret over what a crap father he'd been. Too little, too late, maybe. Toyah decided to put a few good words in on Peter's behalf.

Toyah went to the clinic alone, well, with Leanne. Peter did get home, they didn't keep him. I suppose there wasn't enough evidence to keep him for Ken's assault. He did come home via the clinic to deposit a sample, that's something I guess. He tells her the bad news about what the police believe. Toyah is determined to go through with the IVF and positive in Peter's innocence.

Bethany is upset over the row but Sarah isn't sad to hear it's probably over. But Bethany overheard her mother gloating to Gary. She won't be inclined to pour her heart out to her mother after that. Will that send her back to Nathan? Like a shot. Meanwhile, Nathan catches Mel about to clean out the cash till so he jams her hand in it and it's clear he has a lot of control over her.

Kevin had the grace to thank Erica for the groceries. It *is* hard to accept help, that's for sure. Kevin cleaned up her car as a thank you. Kevin's finances are suffering with no end in sight aside from probably bankruptcy. Anna's really good idea is to sell off some of her clothes though I can't imagine that drab wardrobe will bring much more than the price of a kebab takeaway. Freddie decides he should retire but Kevin won't hear of it. He says the payroll saving isn't going to do much but I beg to differ. It will help a little and anyway, Freddie was already retired before he started work at the garage which was only something to do to get him out of the house after his wife died. Freddie is determined to retire, not just for Kevin's sake, I think. Tyrone's horrified that Kevin might lose the garage.I wonder how that works with partner? Kevin's debt is personal, not professional but his share of the garage is an asset. If he sells his share, Tyrone will still have his half. It could work out ok.

David and Maria are still having fun winding up Gail but have gone a little too far when they tell Gail that Maria is pregnant and they're going to get married. Earlier they were laughing in the cafe and in the pub and it looked like Aidan was jealous. Maria picked up on that. But David picked up on something between Aidan and Maria and she admitted she'd had a fling with him. I did laugh at David saying Maria didn't make a habit of going after other people's blokes. She does, you know. This is at least the third time I can think of and I think she got Tyrone away from Fiz back in the day as well, at one point.

Now Gail isn't so sure Maria and David are a good thing as a couple, she thinks they're getting married and having a baby but Audrey pointed out that the lovey dovey act ends the minute Gail leaves. Right, then. Gail certainly isn't one to pick up on the obvious, is she? Now she feels foolish. Her idea of revenge is to bring her wedding dress to Martin over and gushed about the wedding. It worked. Bazinga!

There might be a light at the end of the tunnel for Kevin, though. David's had a long time client die and leave him a little dog called David. She also left David a packet of cash. 20 grand! Sarah's all for spending David's inheritance on a family holiday but David might just have other plans. Gary wasn't too keen to hear about David's winfall, not after what his mother went through because of David and because she's now in financial straits with Kevin.

I wonder how much patience Phelan has to teaching Eileen to drive? Eileen thinks straight out of the street and onto the roads is the best way to start learning, in the deep end, so to speak. I don't know what it's like where you live, dear reader, but the traffic in Manchester even on a Sunday is pretty busy. We have discovered that Seb is pleading guilty to assaulting young Jackson and will likely end up serving some time. Faye wants to support him with Phelan's help because her mother won't but he knows Anna doesn't want Faye anywhere near him. You might think he'd do it just to wind up Anna, wouldn't you?

Sally's back on the social media train. Now she's apparently been invited for a posh magazine article. Tim is still suspicious and so should Sally be. You'd think journalists would contact you through work, the Town Hall in this case. I don't know how it works, though, maybe Sally doesn't actually have an office or cubicle in the town hall for council business. I would think that would still be protocol though. Anyway, Sally's snobbery overrides her caution.

Today Sally has an inverview with a posh magazine. She's looking forward to it but Tim is getting fed up. He's not best pleased that Sally has gone back to social media and is putting herself back out there as a target for the trolls so he's ignoring her messages. He doesn't know the half of it. While she waits for him to pick up a message to come get her at the factory, she's going through hell. First in the newspaper (which I thought Tim also read every day now that he knows how) there's a large ad as an obituary for Sally as dying of cancer. She gets messages about someone watching her and then a parcel is delivered to the factory which a very gruesome bloody pig's heart in it. Jenny's right, she needs to go back to the police again. She wants to pretend it doesn't get to her so as not to give the troll any further attention but it's pretty difficult.

Tim and Sophie found her in the factory and when Tim saw the gruesome gift, he's ready to defend her honour to the death. He also wants her to step down from the Council though she's not sure that's an answer. Maybe just one more event even though Tim is furious that she insists on doing it. She's determined to go to the Town Hall for the Mayor's conference but she's not happy to hear she'll be stood in the middle of the crowd. Tim ended up going to the town hall after all and thinks he found the woman that's trolling her.

It wasn't her. It was not the person doing the damage. Tim didn't get charged but Sally's had enough. He's terrified the troll will be a violent stalker, they both are. She's finally giving the troll what they want and she's going to resign. Rosie can't get her head around it. She doesn't think her mother should be giving in but Sally's really on edge. Sophie and Rosie are determined to find out who was behind the newspaper obituary. That's a good place to start, why didn't the police do that?

They go to the Gazette, on a holiday Friday mind you so I'm surprised they even got in the door. The only person there was the photographer that caused Rosie some grief in that interview a few weeks back.

Sally Dynevor is really packing a punch with this storyline, doing an excellent job. I'm intrigued. I have seen spoilers so I know vaguely where it's going but I think there are going to be a few twists that will still surprise me.

Johnny seems to have trouble buttoning his shirt, numb fingers perhaps. He's worried, it's clear. What's going on there? Jenny is oblivious, submerged in wedding planning as she is and it looks like she's hiring Michelle. Michelle noticed but she thinks he's having second thoughts about the wedding. Jenny overheard Michelle advising him to back out of the wedding if he is having doubts and went off on one. I guess she's not hiring Michelle after all and it doesn't look like Michelle is all that bothered. But there's definitely something going on with Johnny.

Phyllis Pearce gets a name check. I remember the lovely purple haired senior with the gravelly voice. She was great! Ken is getting settled at Roy's but Brian isn't the most tactful of roomies. Brian the Selfish is really getting on my nerves. What an obnoxious, selfish toad he is. Ken wants the dog, too. Tracy reluctantly handed her over.

Bethany is still besotted wtih Nathan and Craig, one of her few friends, doesn't get much of a look in, even sat right across from her. She's still feeling bruised after his rant at her about her jealousy over Mel. She does get an explanation from Mel. Nathan's very good at playing Bethany's emotions and decided to try again. Sarah wasn't best pleased.

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