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Sunday Comments April 9

I don't like Nick. But I do feel a bit sorry for him in this case. Leanne is in a hard position but she's handled it very badly. She hasn't been open and honest with him. Even knowing he'd be upset or disappointed, she should have talked to him instead of continually going behind his back and pretending otherwise. Again, Nick gets all his hopes up and gets them dashed on the rocks. And I'll repeat myself yet again. Leanne does not love Nick as much as he loves her, she hasn't since they were kids. He's her security blanket.

Nick goes running to his mother who takes the opportunity to slag off Leanne yet again. Gail's right about one thing. He rebounded from Carla to Leanne. Today's also the day Leanne is going to register Oliver's birth and she's going to leave the father's name off the form. I can't remember, does Nick already know that? Simon did and pointed out to Leanne it's hardly going to make Nick feel any better about things. Nice brother scene with David trying to help. David had a lot of sense.

Meanwhile, Steve is trying to make up a schedule to see baby Oliver. Simon found Steve outside the flats and told him about the registry office visit. No flies on Steve, he zipped to the registry office and in the end, she gave in and put his name on the certificate as the father. I really do think Steve would be reasonable and wouldn't try to take over. He'd work out a compromise and stick with it but Nick being Nick, suspicious and beligerent would be the troublemaker of the deal.

But yet again, it was Steve that told Nick about the birth certificate, not Leanne though she was standing right there trying to get Nick inside to do it somewhere else. Another kick to the gut for Nick. Makes him vulnerable to Michelle. Michelle's vendetta isn't going to stop and forwarding photos she hacked from her husband's account. She zeroed in on Nick who was licking his wounds. She worked on Nick's insecurities quite well *and* with red wine. Then there's Robert lurking around in the background eavesdropping and sticking his oar in and later didn't tell Leanne that Michelle was putting her claws in even though he saw how upset Leanne was. I suppose he thought it would upset her even more.

He got told off well and truly by Michelle at the Bistro and Michelle brought Nick back to her web where she moved in like the black widow. He did accept the kiss but pushed her way when she tried to drag him into the bedroom for the ultimate revenge. I think he realized she was out for revenge but he's not at that point yet.

Michelle is feeling very guilty about being rude to Robert (and hurting his love lorn feelings, I suppose) and she and Nick apologized all over the place. Forget it ever happened, meaning it's bound to come out eventually. Well, Michelle is off to see Carla for a bit so we won't have to see her snarling face for a few weeks. At least Robert managed to talk sense into her so she didn't embarass herself again in public giving Leanne a taste of her own medicine. A snog. That's it. Robert's right, not much of a bombshell. Off you go. Unfortunately, she'll probably be back at some point.

Leanne is wondering where Nick has got to because he didn't come home. Probably slept at Mummy's. It was pretty rotten of him to leave her hanging all night *and* all day without a word but that's typical Nick. Childish. Passive Aggressive. an apology is all very well and good and he did apologize and he decided to back off and be reasonable. They even went to Steve to sort out access. Nick, of course, made sure to stick a little knife in by telling Steve Michelle went away and who knows? might not come back at all.

Toyah's found a roll of cash large enough to choke a horse. Where did that come from? She's noticed he's feeling restless and edgy, too. He pretends that his regular fare's problems with their ex is bothering him. Toyah assumes it's a man and Peter doesn't say any different. Warning bells! Peter keeps going back to Chloe and she keeps telling tales to keep him there. Peter's in the danger zone and make no mistake about it. She's pouring it on thick and yet he doesn't hear the alarm bells. Peter told Chloe he was going to buy the pub and she tried to tempt him with a kiss. He did kiss her back but managed to push her away, too. He rejected her and she's not taking it well. Yes he took her money but he calls all that flirting "Banter". No, No it was definitely flirting. I think he realizes he's got in deeper than he thought and is thoroughly out that door.

Peter finally got home and Toyah questioned him about the cash. He's going to tell her the truth. Won it on the horses. Crazy Chloe was the horse's name. She's ok with gambling if he's won. And it's nearly 2000 pounds. I don't blame Chloe for being a bit ticked off if he's taken that kind of money from her. He had to have known all along what she really wanted.

Over at the pub, there's a cash buyer and in she comes. It's Chloe!!! Peter is aghast. And angry. The two of them proceeded to have a very pointed conversation. When Toyah came in, Peter tried very hard and managed to get her back out the door before Chloe and Liz came back up from the cellar. He was sweating by then. He drove her home and didn't she look satisfied at the effect seh's having on him? They argued in the ginnel and he was a little rough with her, overheard and overseen by Ken. She turned on the waterworks when Ken came round the corner and when she found out he was Peter's father, she was in there like a dirty shirt. Uh oh. This isn't going to be pretty, is it?

Tracy's having trouble getting a bank loan to buy the shop. You'd think the shop itself would be good collateral. She even asked her father but he's not going to give in nor is he going to help Peter buy the pub which would be the end result of buying the flower shop. Ken will not be moved, not even with her attempts at emotional blackmail. I have a feeling, in the end, Peter won't be buying the pub anyway. I don't know who's going to end up there if they do sell, but I don't think it will be a Barlow name over the door.

Faye got her tattoo on her hip. I did wonder. I guess it's easier to disguise there. Seb keeps spouting a lot of bull. Getting Faye's face on his shoulder? yeah. right. Anna found out about it anyway and it's infected. Obviously someone who was willing to overlook a obviously underage kid getting a tattoo isn't going to be taking proper precautions doing the tattoo. Now, I know what Faye did was stupid and I get that Anna hates Seb and Phelan and hates that she wasted all that money but doesn't Anna totally overreact at times? She really came down particularly hard on the kid. She did give her the money to buy what she wanted. Would she have called it a waste if she'd bought a gadget or clothes? She gets so nasty when she goes off on one.

It is infected, however and Izzy takes her to the hospital to have it seen to. The whole point of the storyline is to bring Faye together with her little baby Miley. Miley's dad and grandparents are back in the UK for a bit, while Jackson's dad is having medical treatment on the NHS. Jackson himself seems to be a good dad, capable with the wee one. Faye sure got a shock. I'm sure she probably does have a few regrets even though she knows she did the right thing for her. Faye sure know the way around Anna's bad mood, bring Miley for a visit! You could see a lot of emotion all over her face while holding the baby. I reckon in the future she'll have some kind of relationship with her daughter.

Seb is in a bad mood, worried that Faye's old boyfriend Jackson is going to prove a problem. Faye seems a lot more comfortable with the baby than before. But Seb really does seem intimidated by the wonderful Jackson so he took matters into his own hands and beat the crap out of him. It was quite shocking, actually, coming out of the blue like that. Poor Jackson! Seb might say he's afraid of losing Faye, what he's really afraid of is getting done for assault and the police caught up with him well and truly, though he did try to escape out the back door. He's nicked and I hope against hope that's the last we see of that sulky little face.

Well, Miley's grandparents are not letting Miley come back to see them and you can't blame him. Anna is forbidding her from seeing Seb again. Will she pay attention? She looks like she might. Meanwhile, it's Pat that Seb called to help him, not his mother. Phelan councils him that a cool head is what's needed. Anna can't resist giving Seb and Phelan a mouthful on the street. Does Seb really care for Faye? He doesn't always act like it and he went whining to Faye to talk her round.

Nathan is now trying to tempt Bethany into going away for a weekend with him. Considering what it looks like he's going to be offering his mates, I bet that weekend isn't going to be quite what she expects. Gail keeps pushing David at Maria. She's not very subtle about it, either. David is horrified but Gail isn't about to let it go. What to do? Wind her up a bit. So Maria and David pretend to get close just to play a trick. Getting Maria invited for tea made Gail's day. Ever notice, no matter what the conversation or situation, Brian is all about food and what he can be eating?

Daniel has gone from loved up to ignoring Sinead's chat in record time! But never mind. They decide they should get a flat of their own. He suggests down South. Oxford, maybe? He's avoiding telling her that he's been accepted. Secrets and Lies, always on a soap, it always gets them into more drama. Daniel turned down the Oxford opportunity, much to his tutor's disapproval. Sinead won't be pleased that Daniel is giving up his future for her.

Sinead and Daniel are now flat hunting. Beth saw one in the newspaper so Sinead is going to surprise him with it. But the last tennant died in that bed. I'm surprised that the landlord didn't replace the mattress and I'm surprised it didn't put Sinead off. But he still hasn't told her about the Oxford offer that he turned down.

Robert overheard Daniel and the tutor and he knows about Oxford and Daniel didn't tell him he turned it down either. Robert then spilled beans to Ken about Oxford. Was Daniel keeping it a surprise for Ken? or does Ken wonder if he was going to be told at all? Ken and Brian had a conversation about it, with Brian very familiar with Oxford because he went to school there. Not university, a polytech (kind of like a community college.) Brian advises a celebration and Ken is going ahead with that.

Someone else is going to get a surprise. Daniel thinks it's about their new flat but Ken dropped the Oxford bomb. Whoops! Ken got even more of a shock than Sinead did, with Daniel telling him he's turned the opportunity down. Hear that? That's the sound of Ken's heart breaking. Sinead is pretty upset with Daniel for not telling her as well and is afraid he'll end up resenting her if he stays.

Ken decides to have a serious conversation with Sinead who he sees as holding Daniel back. Ken knows he didn't do with his life what he wanted to and sees so much future for Daniel. He's telling her that just her being Daniel's girlfriend is going to hold him back, that she's just a novelty, a fling, a dalliance. He's blunt, isn't he? He got a shock when she told him about the baby. Cue Ken's deer in the headlights reaction. That sets Ken off on a rant, a nasty one, too. He even admitted he loved Deirdre though he also admitted he settled for her. We all know he never thought she was good enough but then he always went for women that weren't as intelligent as him, made him look smarter, I guess. Problem is, Tracy and Amy overheard him call Deirdre down. Ouch. They didn't hear him talk about how much he loved her.

Ken may be right in the long run but Daniel has to make his own decisions. He touched on Sinead's fears about Daniel resenting her. What does she do? take off and leave him a note. She's going away. Probably to her mother's or grandmother's. At least Ken apologized to Daniel the next day but then Daniel told him about the baby and that he is sure they want to have the baby now. He wants the family he never had.

Elsewhere, Sinead is in tears in a family planning clinic and begging Beth to come. Is she having a termination? Yes, she did already.

Brian might believe in mumbo jumbo, but Todd doesn't. Not sure if Phelan does but he did know some of the lingo and told Todd he might even believe in ghosts. Watch this space. Now there's flickering lights and groaning sounds coming from the flat. Todd reckons it's Tina's ghost. Or maybe Michael haunting them! Phelan doesn't think it's very funny. The noises in the flat do sound like dodgey pipes but Phelan was getting fed up with Todd winding him up about ghosts. Guilty conscience, perhaps? Then Todd brought Mary into it by telling her that Phelan believes in ghosts and he found out she has a camera that can stream otherworldly images to a phone. Oh boy, this is going to be good.

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Loving the scenes with Todd winding up Phelan!Seb is bad news and the sooner Faye realizes that the better. Could Miley be any more adorable? What a cutie! Jackson seems like a lovely lad it's a shame they can't get together again.

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