Monday, 23 January 2012

Corrie Canada weekly awards: Jan. 16 - 20

Deja Vu award/Self Pity Party award : Steve... unhappy, feeling sorry for himself because he can't have the one he wants, gets drunk, shags Tracy. Repeat. Along with...

Living in a Dream World award: Gold Star: Tracy thinking she and Steve could ever be a proper couple.
Silver Star: Steve thinking the secret that he slept with Tracy wouldn't get out.

Miracle Cure award: Medical Star: David put back a lot of plonk at the bistro but that can't be a good thing if you're on meds for epilepsy but that storyline seems to have been completely forgotten.

Slum Lord award: Dev tells Tina he's jacking up the rent and I bet he's not charging Amber that extra 60 a month. He's such a

Chivalry award: Smoky Star: Nick lighting Becky's cig?

Problem Child award: Gold Star: Amber busted Dev's rules and has been kicked out of uni.
Silver Star: That Beth's lad, apparently a junior arsonist. Hey, he could be Graeme Proctor in the making though.

Nosey Nelly award: Gail just can't help interfere where Kylie is concerned. Kylie's business with Social Services is none of her business.

Dubious taste award: I'm not quite sure I'd want a sofa quite that pink.

Alienation Award: How to drive all your customers away in three quick lessons. David and Kylie won't have much of a salon left to run.

Homeless award: Chris used to have his own flat. I assume he gave it up and moved in with Maria.

Sob story award: Dreaming about her baby in a Moses basket and singing Row Your Boat? Isn't that a bit over the top, Stella?

Makeup remover award: Marc dunked his face in the cream cake and the heavy eyeliner disappeared.

Big Brother award: Gold Star: I love it when Kirk gets all protective of Maria.

SuperCow award: Stroppy Star: Someone needs to tell Eva that tearing up cards out of jealousy is for 3 year olds.

Lines of the week:
Steve to Becky "I suppose you stayed in a convent in Crete? The Holy Sisters of Largin' It!"
Audrey "When i want your opinion, I'll bob yer a text"
Gail "I'd make a wonderful addition to the bar staff" Becky "What, as the mascot?"
David "You've got Becky working for you? As what? A bouncer?"
Tina to Dev about the pay rise "You're not doing it on purpose, are you?" (Yes)
Becky "Is this a party? It looks more like a living nightmare to me!"
Simon "You can never have too many grans" (especially when you're 7!)
Maria "'E don't know much about management but he does know about sucking up"
Mary to Audrey "As long as my appointment is with you and not the Boston Strangler"
Audrey to Kylie "Lighted candles? I wouldn't trust you near me with a hot cuppa tea!" and "Frankly the two of you couldn't run a bath let alone a salon"

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