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Sunday Canadian Corrie Comments, January 15

If Leanne hadn't gone off on one, she wouldn't have rowed with Peter who wouldn't have stormed off, leaving her to go running after him and fall down the stairs. I can understand her anger and insecurity about Carla but she did take it a bit too far. She wants it sorted but doesn't want him to talk to Carla and then got all stroppy and said some very uncalled for things. Peter's having wobblies about being a father again but him whining about there not being a decision? Well, Leanne did say they were doing nothing to prevent a pregnancy. I think he'd have settled down to it eventually if she'd not lost it. One fight and he's in the pub ready to drink but his father's following him around and meanwhile, Leanne's at the bottom of the staircase.

Even so, Peter still ended up saying the wrong thing and Leanne, in the state she was in, took it the wrong way (or maybe the right way) and it all kicked off again. On the positive side, she seems to have found a way to connect with Stella for however long it will last. It's a start. On the negative side, it drove Peter right into Carla's arms in a fit of guilt because he wasn't sure he wanted the baby at all anyway. Leanne and Stella have at least started to talk but Leanne still has a big brick wall up and I can't blame her. It's not going to magic itself away.

Stella seems to have a lot of nerve sticking her nose into Leanne and Peter's business, bringing Ken into it. Where the heck did that come from? I know she's Leanne's mother but she's a stranger and I thinks she's being a bit over the top worming her way back in, asked for or not. Be that as it may, Ken had some home truths for Peter and he speaks from experience. Peter told Carla he's backing off and he did seem really sincere when he went back to Leanne in the hospital. Do you think it was out of guilt or genuine love? Overcompensation? I do think he loves Leanne but he does seem to be attracted to Carla.

Tracy doesn't trust James one little bit. I think it's a case of like recognizing like, don't you? She caught him looking for Ken's paperwork, deeds of ownership etc and James' fancy footwork didn't fool her for a minute. She may be a schemer and a liar but you don't mess with her family, either. She's the only one that's allowed to do that! I hope Ken and Deirdre give Tracy the apology she deserves when James is found out because, though i don't like her one bit, i do think she's owed one. I'm surprised that Tracy didn't go looking to see what papers James took considering I saw him put a passport back in the cabinet. Even if she'd not known the paperwork, she might have realized her father's passport was missing.

With Rob and Janet in jail though, James is making his getaway except it wasn't fast enough. I'm surprised all that financial business over the house was ready in mere days. I don't think it happens that fast in real life. (and i think it was one of those equity schemes). James admitted it all pretty quickly but tried to lie his way out of it and Ken knew damn well he was out for what he could get. James couldn't even look him in the eye and pretend he wasn't involved in the charity scam by the end of it but he turned it around and attacked Ken for not being there. James is bad because of his father and his father is bad because Ken wasn't around (through no fault of his own). Of course Ken would take the high road and try to turn James in and got a black eye for his trouble.

James managed to skip town before he got caught and Kevin will probably remain 20,000 pounds poorer and Ken decided not to go to the police after all. I think he just felt so humiliated. Ken also thinks James is feeling very guilty. I'm with Deirdre. I think not. He doesn't want anyone to know so Tracy goes straight to the pub and tells everyone and the news spreads like wildfire! At least Ken faced up to the Websters even though it gave Kevin even more fodder to rant and rave. Yes, i know, as i said before, I know Kevin has a good reason to be mightly angry but he really is insufferable. If Ken wasn't embarassed before, he's wallowing in it now and it's Dennis and Rita to the rescue. You forget that Dennis is probably Ken's oldest friend, don't you?

Carla has taken the plunge and taken on yet another man she doesn't love because she can't have the one she wants. She tried her damndest though, taking advantage of Peter's guilt and grief over the miscarraige. She laid it right out there and told him how she feels. Nearly drove him to drink and you know, he's got that Barlow cheating gene! Still, sense prevailed, he made her leave and she flew to Rome with Frankie. Audrey had a lovely birthday, complete with a birthday suit party with Marc!

I still say Sean is taking fatherhood a lot more casually than Marcus is. He still treats that boy like a toy. Then there's the idea of making Dylan a star. I think he'd be even more insufferable as a stage-father! Mind you, Marcus seemed very competitive when he saw Maria and that adorable little Liam at the audition too. But the store manager fancied Marcus and that was that, so much so that he wants Marcus to be in the ad, too which put a major knot in Sean's face. Sally encouraged Sean to crash the photo shoot and he and his diva personality made a right bollocks of it. Kudos to Marcus for backing up Sean when the man in charge preferred Marcus, probably because he fancied the pants off him.

Amber got Sophie's job back for her, now she's working for nothing because she's got to pay back her father. 20,000 pounds? She'll be paying that until she retires! Meanwhile Kevin gets to go scowling and whinging around the street. Ah but they did arrest the owners of the shelter, that's something i guess.

Did you think Emily would have been a fan of the television wrestling? Dennis cracked me up with his stories!

Julie offered to help out Sean and ended up crossing paths with Brian the teacher again. I have to say he was a brilliant character and I think he and Julie would be great! I'd even go so far as to suggest they could be the new Mavis and Derek but with a bit more style (her) and a bit less annoying (him). Julie seems to have got herself off on the wrong foot, though, by pretending Dylan is hers, a little bit of fantasy but then Brian believed her and thought she was hiding things from her.

Owen's bought Anna's house after all and he very clearly does fancy Anna, even Faye can see that and she doesn't seem to like it. Gary's got himself a job at the factory and Izzy thinks that's a little too close for comfort, especially when he keeps sticking his oar in. Lying to have a night out on the town away from him certainly had disastrous results. She gets mugged, Gary blames Sean and thumps him! Gary really is going out of control and seeing her bruised and bloody made him look crazed and he went loaded for bear, or Sean, because he has to blame someone.

And it started the next day. He withheld Izzy's chair, he called in sick for both of them, he got ratty with his mother when she visited and then wouldn't let Izzy out at all! Owen had to break the door down to find poor Gary huddling in the corner. Didn't that just break your heart? Owen was really gentle too, rather than thumping his lights out for scaring Izzy. He could tell there was more wrong there. I wonder why Gary couldn't walk 40 feet to the health centre? Owen was all for the thumping, though, if Gary doesn't get help. Mikey North did an amazing job as traumatized, shaking and broken Gary.

Roy and Hayley are struggling to cope with a baby and Hayley is over-protective, worrying about leaving Roy with her and even Sylvia but listen! Roy sings to the baby, songs his mother sang to him. There were some really touching scenes between Roy and Sylvia, too. Maybe they've made a bit of a breakthrough? I'm sure his mother has regrets. He couldn't have been an easy child through no fault of his own. Unfortunately he did overhear the wrong end of the conversation, thinking his mother didn't love him when she only meant that it was difficult to bond when even as a baby he wouldn't be cuddled. But there's definitely been a thawing of sides, Roy even defended his mother when Becky snapped at her! That makes two parental breakthroughs this week.

Tracy is being entirely too nice to Steve these days. I reckon she's biding her time now that Becky has burned her bridges and will do whatever she can to keep Steve sweet. She made sure Steve knew Becky was off with a fella and she knew darn well Steve probably didn't know. Then at the first opportunity she'll swoop in. Steve is calling Becky the love of his life but he's the one that wanted the divorce when she decided to forgive him. The first sniff of another man in her life, he's all awash with feelings again. slobbing on the sofa singing to Morrissey and the Smiths. God.

And There's Tracy trying to give him a shoulder to cry on and using Amy as usual, as a means to her inevitable end. Why does she think it's sexy to have a top that shows almost all of her bra underneath? She's hardly got anything to put in one anyway, If i'd had her figure and was on a mission like that, i'd just go without the bra altogether! Becky's back from her holiday and though she told Steve she had a good time with Clarkey, something in her face seems to lead me to believe it didn't quite turn out as she thought it would. Clearly she still loves Steve and clearly he still loves her but neither of them can get their act together at the same time. Poor Steve was broken hearted and landed himself back in Tracy's bed. This is exactly the same You forget how good Simon Gregson can be because he's usually playing such a buffoon.

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