Thursday, 12 January 2012

From the Tower of London to Coronation Street

There's a Canadian travel agent based out of Halifax called Coronation Travel and they've offered tours in England over the past few years featuring a stop in Manchester and a visit to the ITV Granada Studios to see the Corrie set. This year's tour starts on April 20 and runs to May 1. You can purchase the tour with air included or just the land portion only. They also offer travel insurance.

This year's itinerary is available here. The highlight for all Corrie fans, of course, is the visit to the set, both inside the studio and on the outside set and there's a tour of locations in the area that have been used for filming hosted by local Corrie expert Mark Llewellin. I've taken that tour and it's really good. Mark really knows his stuff.

The tour is hosted by Halifax local florist Neville MacKay and trust me on this, he will be loads of fun. He's a massive Corrie fan and does hosting duties here in Halifax when Corrie stars some to visit.

Total cost of the tour with air included is $3795 + air taxes and fees. The land-only fee is $3095. No reason why non-Canadians couldn't join the tour, too! Contact Kim Morriscey at Coronation Travel.

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