Thursday, 26 January 2012

Let's see more of Corrie's Karl Munro

(This post was originally posted by Seapenguin on the Coronation Street Blog in August 2011.)

Anybody else want to see more of Karl Munro on Coronation Street?

One of the main reasons I watch Corrie these days is to see if there's any decent male totty, suitable for the more mature woman of course.

Peter Barlow's long been my favourite, swiftly followed by Bill Webster, but coming rapidly up on the inside is Karl (played by the excellent John Michie).

Not only is he fit, I think he's sadly underused at the moment. He was great as roving-eyed cop Robbie in Taggart, and he definitely has the potential to be just as good in Corrie as a louche, womanising cab-driver with an attractively dark edge.

My only quibble is his accent. As I'm Scottish I've no idea how accurate it is, but I do know that there are plenty of Scots living in the North of England and I don't see why he wasn't allowed to use his own.

Never mind. Let's hope he gets a really juicy storyline soon that allows him to use his talent to the full.

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