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Sunday Canadian Corrie Comments, January 30

Gail's alone in the house with Kylie while David's away on a training course and the fur most definitely flew. Kylie didn't like him going away especially when he seems to have forgotten her birthday and Gail only paid the merest notice. Everyone seems to be ignoring her so she decides to go on the town with Eva. Now I can see those two as double trouble!

I can't see how Kylie would have had much fun with her mother in law glaring at her from across the bar. That is, unless, if you're deliberately winding her up by flirting with strangers. Got her locked out of the house, though. Ooops. Now, see, if I'd been Gail, I'd have just taken photos of Kylie and whatsisname and sent them to David. Sorted. Kylie ended up with the photos instead, she caught Audrey out in the restaurant with Marcia. Let the revenge begin!

Lloyd's a mug, what is he? But how on earth was he supposed to say no when Cheryl asked for Chris to move in, for Russ's sake if nothing else. Oh this is not going to end up well. Lloyd helping out, taking Chris for appointments, you just know that, though he's doing it for her, it rubs him the wrong way. Gotta feel bad for Maria, dumped like that and finding out the man you love has a brain tumour and doesn't want you near.

I would feel more sorry for Chris if i didn't think he was milking his illness to get Cheryl's sympathy. He finds himself with his feet under Lloyd's table and makes out like it's a bit imposition but you know he's pleased as punch and probably hopes it's going to play on her sympathies and their shared past. As soon as Chris told Cheryl he wanted his condition to be secret, he sealed his fate and the news was sure to spread like wildfire 10 minutes later, and it did. They all started talking behind his back so Karl let the cat out of the bag. Now everyone is falling over themselves with sympathy, just what Chris didn't want.

Carla sure seems all loved up after her Italian holiday. Leanne isn't too happy, and for all she's determined not to let Carla drive her away from places like the pub, if she's just going to sit there fuming, what's the point? Carla decided to head off the rumours and she told Frank she used to have a thing for Peter but it was one sided and it's over now. She lied through her teeth.

Leanne's still snarling at Carla, too, and she doesn't even know what went on while she was in hospital! Frank seems to be cut from the same cloth as Tony. When he knows what he wants, he pushes for it, moving forward pretty quickly. After establishing that Carla has no feelings for Peter anymore (Lie!!!) he's after asking her to marry him with a big shiny diamond that could outdo the one she got from Tony, that "Flash Harry" he told the jeweller about. Carla probably feels railroaded and has to prove how she feels by going along with it, that, and the fact that Peter keeps saying he doesn't want her and she has to prove to Frank she doesn't still love Peter, which she does.

But we know Carla doesn't do well under pressure. And does Frank really think he and Carla and Peter and Leanne can be all mates together, all warm and fuzzy? Never going to happen. And for someone that says he doesn't harbour any feelings for Carla, Peter sure can't seem to get out of her way, can he? And Leanne certainly wasted no time sticking the knife in when she found out about the engagement. So Frank decided to play peacekeeper between the two women and Peter even went along with it. Did they make up? Well.. i'd call it an armed truce because Carla, the hypocrite was lying through her teeth, though i'm sure she does miss the friendship. Surely she doesn't think Leanne is going to truly put it behind them?

At least Eva's childish prank tearing up the birthday card was outed. Spoiled brat! But Leanne is telling confidences to Stella so she must be thawing somewhere inside there.

Julie really did look spectacular in that red and black dress! Too bad her nerves got the better of her! She got drunk and made an idiot of herself and may have driven Brian away altogether! Some wonderfully funny stuff with her this week! I really think these two are the new Mavis and Derek for the new Millenium, I really do! and he's not nearly as gormless as Derek was. Love lorn Julie worries that she's lost Brian for good. Step up, Eileen to do a little matchmaking.

Julie did have a point. High horses don't suit Brian and he is pompous. They both have their drawbacks. But you know what? I think these two are a dream together and I think they are the new Mavis and Derek. Full Stop.

Tommy keeps trying to seduce Tina but he's not very good at it is he? And Tina is now got her eyes on the hunky Dr. Carter. He's been in the show for months and months and maybe he's finally getting a storyline? That will take him down off the spare parts shelf at least. Well if Tommy will try to surprise Tina, he's going to be disappointed. This is the second time his plans have been scuppered by someone.

Sylvia has decided that Roy's business accumen is severely lacking. He's too generous and is not making the money he could be making so she's implemented cost cutting measures, much to the annoyance of the regular customers and she's gone a bit too far, not just making short measures of food but charging for sauces, salt, pepper and even milk for the tea! Norris is making it his mission to take Sylvia down and though I won't call him "My Hero", she does need it. Roy certainly wouldn't stand up to her until it had gone too far. Brilliant move trying to charge her 5 pounds for the Gazette. Certainly shut her up!

As usual, though, Norris takes it too far, but then, so did Sylvia by locking Norris in the loo overnight. I can't believe Roy or Hayley didn't hear a thing considering the amount of noise Norris must have made. The stairwell to the flat is right next to the loo, they'd have been coming and going and likely, the loo in the flat is right over the loo below. If Roy heard some sort of banging noise, why didn't he investigate it? I don't know why he looked afraid. He had water. He had a place to pee *and* a nice warm place to sit!

The next day, Emily wondered if Norris had got lucky while Mary had him bound and gagged and kidnapped by Al Quaida! However, Norris was suitably incensed and Roy finally put a stop to all her cost cutting nonsense. If they are that concerned, why not just raise the prices 10 or 20p to cover extra sauces and milk etc.? Mary was determined to extract every last possible bit of revenge but a reasonable demand of a fancy meal cooked and served by Sylvia was quite suitable. Mary was also determined to make it look like a proper date with Norris, too. She never misses an opportunity, does she? Nor misses the opportunity to milk the revenge for all she can get out of it and it isn't even her revenge to take.

Meanwhile Roy and Hayley, but mostly Hayley are still coping with a baby, who's cries over the monitor were about as fake as i've ever heard. Fiz has resurfaced after a little absence. Now she's got to clean and watch all the other mothers and babies. Fiz faced her fraud charges with a suspended sentence but there's still the murder charges to face.

And it looks like Ruth is using her baby to smuggle drugs into the prison and Fiz knows it because her roomie is offering it up. She's also changed her mind about having Hope with her and has the chance to fast track the process if she snitches. Will she? Will she tattle on Ruth's drug pushing and smuggling? Will she believe Ruth's story about her boyfriend forcing her to sell drugs? Yes, Yes and No. Ruth is chucked out of the Mother and Baby unit and Fiz is let in. It didn't take long for Fiz to find out the consequences of what she's done to Ruth, though i would have thought that if they'd found drugs in Ruth's room, they would have locked her in a cell for punishment.

Becky and Hayley are both gutted to lose Hope, i don't know who's feeling it more! Becky, it seems. She didn't even want to leg Hope go!

Oh and we're back to the same issue that we had when Gail was in jail and Tracy was her roomie. Fiz is on remand, she's not been convicted yet and she wouldn't be mixing with prisoners that are already incarcerated with a sentence.

An aside, that blonde we met this week, the actress that plays Ruth is the real life daughter of Bev Callard who was Liz McDonald.

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