Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday Canadian Corrie Comments, January 22

Steve didn't make it out of Number 1 without being seen but he regretted it. And you know, he knows how Tracy feels about him and it didn't do her any favours sleeping with her and then dumping her cold like that. And he wonders why she goes psycho on him! Deirdre is right, Tracy had to work too hard to get him and it was only him rebounding from Becky. He just doesn't think about what's going to happen after the immediate gratification.

It didn't help when Steve ran up one side of her and down the other, thinking she told Becky about their night. Tracy really did hurt from that. No wonder she decided to run off with Amy and Steve ran her right out of town with his own stupidity. Not that i feel sorry for her. Ok, one very tiny tiny bit. For about 4 seconds. That's it. I'm over it. She's still a cow.

Becky seems to have hit the wall of reality. Neither she nor Steve seem to be able to admit how they feel and get through to the other. It cut her to the very bone though, when she found out Steve stayed over with Tracy. Tracy was Steve's rebound. Nick was Becky's???? Actually it wasn't half bad though both of them knew it for what it was and decided to cut it short before they both ended up even more hurt. Nice little mini-storyline. If i was to get romantic about it, it felt a bit like two lost souls reaching out to on another. Nick could see that Becky had a long way to go to get over Nick and he didn't really want to be the runner up prize.  Becky did a really good job of not smashing Kylie and David's face in the table for rubbing her face in the Max thing. And it was fun to see Gail's and Kylie's reactions in the morning!

The funniest thing about it all was Steve's "come back", frantically trying every name in a tattered old black book, coming up with a woman he dated once years ago. Said she was gorgeous. He made her sound like the best looking woman in the world. It was inevitable that she turned out to be a Cilla clone. And that kid!!!! Oh. My. God! That moon-faced mute kid! How brilliant were both mother and child!!!! They MUST come back! Wouldn't it be a scream if that kid turned out to be Steve's son? I do wonder how old he is. If Steve dated Beth 10 years ago and she didn't have him then, he can only be about 9. Big kid for 9.

I would think Sunita would be happy to have someone to babysit the rambunctious twins and she is being a bit surly where Amber is concerned. The more she pushes, the more Amber is going to push back. I bet if she was nice to Amber and made an effort, Amber might as well. Did you catch Dev talking about what Amber used to do when she was a kid? How would he know? He knew she existed but he never did anything more than financial support from afar. Certainly never sat and watched tv with her. When we first met her, she didn't even know Dev was her father.

Amber thinks Sophie will be forgiven her debt if she makes a concerted effort. I'm not so sure Kevin will give up on the major balance of 20 grand so easily. Not this soon anyway. Anyway back to Amber. Getting kicked out of university made Dev go through the roof! And i think giving her a midnight curfew was a bit unreasonable. If she can come in quietly, it shouldn't matter seeing as she's sleeping in the downstairs anyway.

Dev does treat Amber like a kid, though, that much is true. He was horrified that she failed out of university and he's hollering at her just exactly like she knew he would. Also, he decided to give the flat to Amber. Wouldn't he have to give more notice to Tina about a rent hike? There must be laws. You have to give a few months' notice here about an increase. So now Tina is living in a newly discovered spare room in Tyrone's house, presuming that Tommy has a room as well. Amber had the hots for Tommy, Tommy has the hots for Tina and might have succeeded except they both caught him in lies. I think he's his father's son.

Where are all these extra spare rooms in the terrace houses coming from? They're all 2 up 2 down. That means 2 bedrooms up, plus a bathroom (which used to be the bitty room before conversions). Sunita and Dev have the kids each in their own room and now Tyrone has a spare room though he's got Tommy living there too.

Marc is slowly drawing Audrey into Marcia's world but didn't Audrey play a blinder, telling off them two fellas in the bar. Audrey giving David and Kylie a chance to run the salon on their own. Nearly into the ground! Kylie isn't fully trained yet in aesthetic therapies but nearly pulled off Julie's toes and was thoroughly rude to her. Gail's acrylic nails fell off in someone's meal at the Bistro during her trial as a waitress. Amber's hair did look nice with the pink additions though, But then David is a bit more competent than Kylie.

Leanne wasn't too pleased to find Stella making friends with Simon. I don't for a minute think Les wanted Stella to leave the baby with him. He wouldn't have known the first thing about babies. Her sob story and singing Row your Boat was a bit over the top. *Puke* There are tentative olive branches, Leanne is softening a bit.

Poor Gary is pretty fragile. Nice little brother-sister scene though. What's up with Owen tearing into Chris? So the bumper is off the van! That doesn't mean Chris hit anything. It could have been  hit while he was parked somewhere. But then again, what's up with Chris? Maybe he did forget and then he dropped a tray in the pub. Then the doctor mentioned Chris missed an appointment. Definitely something going on here. It didnt' set well with him either, when Maria interfered with Owen to try to get his job back. We find out by the end of the week that Chris probably has a brain tumour.

I certainly hope they aren't thinking to explain all his spousal abuse away to that. There was enough time passed with absolutely no problems between him leaving Cheryl and this latest streak of problems including memory and clumsiness. It would belittle the former storyline. Oh wait. Considering how many times they want  us to just forget old storyines, that's probably exactly what they're doing. He's an idiot, though. He tells her he's got a brain tumour and then dumps her. Nice. So much for all those words of love he was spouting earlier.

Gail is already suspicious of Kylie and she had no business trying to find out who Kylie was on the phone to (Social Services). It was none of her business even if it did give us a really good scene with Kylie being vulnerable with Gail. She knew very well Kylie didn't tell David. Kylie really pushed Max away from her and it turns out she really doesn't have much confidence in herself to be a good mum. What kind of example does she have after all? I think everything she told Gail was the truth, not a big sympathy story.

Gail wanting to be a waitress in the Bistro, a chic place that wants to pull in the up and coming? Leave aside that she lost her false nail in the tagiatelle for a moment, she was probably not that bad if she hadn't been fawning all over the restaurant critic and Nick was a bit unfair there. But he wants his Bistro to be young and hip, which Gail is not.

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