Monday, 8 June 2015

Corrie Canada weekly awards for June 1 - 5

Out of Control award: The tram crash had nothing on the havoc Tracy Barlow is wreaking on the Street this week!

The higher they rise, the harder they fall award: Tracy Barlow and it's always enjoyable to see her crash and burn!

All grown up award: Zeedan finally gives his father his blessing to ask Leanne to marry him.

All Saints award: Sinead gave Steve hearty congratulations and started off a group chorus of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow". No grudges there, obviously.

Tradition award: This is the third wedding that sparked Sally and Tim's passion. I think that counts as the beginnings of a tradition!

A Party's a Party: Who needs the bridal couple when there's a buffet and a bar anyway?

Fashion shout outs: I actually liked Liz's fascinator. Michelle's dress was lovely and I liked Carla's dress, too.

Backfire award: Tracy left a candle burning and it's what caused the fire. She probably thought the fire wasn't such a bad thing but she had no idea Amy was in the flat. Karma's a @itch!

Bravery award: Amy was smart, scared as she was, she blocked the smoke at the door and stayed low!

Superhero award: That big chain on the builder's fence didn't hold Tim back for long!

Lines of the Week
Michelle "If the Platts gibbed off every time they had a family emergency, they'd never earn a penny!"
Erica "No pouring a drink over your mother's head" Nick "Are we taking all the fun out of it?"
Liz "What's life without risk?" (you're about to find out)
Sean to Steve "Will you be sucking on a Fisherman's Friend in Lloyd's honour?"
Tracy "Cheers! Calm before the storm, eh?" (Oh I have a very bad feeling!)
Maddie "Weddings are funny things" Norris "They certainly are round here!" (that's the truth!)
Barry Connor "How can I sound positive about marriage when I'm being heckled by me own wife!"
Tracy "There's no point in lighting a fuse if you're not going to stick around and watch the fireworks"
Tracy "That's the problem with me, I'm too nice for my own good"
Liz "I don't want a brandy. I want to break things."
Kal "This is turning out to be the most disastrous proposal ever!" (worse than you know, mate!)
Maddie "It's not Kevin's money you're after, it's his kid!"

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