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Sunday Comments June 14

In the cold light of day, things are subdued, condolences are awkwardly given and received. Bethany and Sarah will be wearing Kylie and Gail's castoffs and staying at Audrey's. The Nazirs are holding each other up and Nick is there for Leanne. Roy is there for Carla who is second guessing herself about that candle and once she found out that's how the fire started, really does think she did it. Sounds like Nick's flat wasn't too badly damaged, mostly smoke. Actually, it's Dev's flat, remember.

Zeedan has decided he wants to run the gym. That's actually not such a bad idea, though his grandfather might have to help with the administration at first. Leanne came to the house to see Yasmeen who was very gracious to her and very forgiving. Even Zeedan seems to have backed off his blame, too. Leanne has been taken in to their home and family and she's even got the ring Kal bought her.

It really warms my heart seeing how the Nazirs have taken Leanne in as one of their own. Kal's funeral day brough various people together. Leanne's in bits and it seems like the family has to keep her together in spite of their own grief. I suppose that's the way of it. Zeedan is really taking it hard, as you might expect, regretting all the conflict with his father. I think Alya is taking it harder than she seems to project, too.

Simon's had quite a shock and the poor kid has lost yet another person he loved. That child is going to grow up to be a serial killer, mark my words, if Leanne doesn't get him into councilling and fast. Michael's wearing one of Sean's old sweaters. A sweater. In June. Bad enough it doesn't fit. Mary and Julie's conversation about funerals was chuckle-inducing.

Liz is surrounded by her mates, Erica is still there and Eileen has finally shown up. Seems odd that Erica was called to come to Liz when her mate Eileen was only a few doors away after the wedding party but never mind. Tony's still missing in action and Liz has no intention of having him back or letting him have anything to do with the day to day business of the pub. Jason is staying neutral, pointing out to his mother that it takes two to tango and you don't know what goes on behind the closed doors of a relationship.

In the hospital, Maddie has survived the night, Sophie holding vigil by her bed along with her family. Jenny is on edge, hoping Maddie doesn't wake up because what will she do if that happens? Looks like she is still in touch with an estate agent, though. I wondered what it was that nearly killed her and it's head trauma from hitting the ground after the blast. I wondered about internal injuries. Maddie clings to life but only barely and Sophie is devastated when Maddie's heart stops and she can't be revived. It's awful when it's someone so young, isn't it? And it was a nice touch mentioning that Maddie was an organ donater. I hope they manage to get in there and get what they need quickly in that case. Brooke Vincent did a very good job.

Meanwhile, Jenny made another attempt to run off but Maddie's death and a taxi dispatcher that didn't speak English very well thwarted her this time. The news about Maddie's death sure took the wind out of Jenny's sails and did you notice that longing look she gave towards the Kabin when Tim said something about life not being fair? I'm not sure if that was about Rita or about Jack. Then Jenny tried to get away, thinking she could take Jack off for a few days to get away from the upset but Kevin wants her nearby. Foiled yet again. And again when Kevin decides to take Jack to Auntie Pam's for an overnight or two and Jenny is horrified. Plus her plans for that flat have been thwarted.

But later, Sophie hears Maddie's last voice message, the one that said she was right about Jenny but of course it was cut off when Maddie saw Sophie across the road and ran through the barrier. Jenny hears the message but lies that she didn't see Maddie. The message is obscure enough that nobody knows what it really means but it does fuel Sophie's suspicions.

Gail spends much time gibbering and wittering and trying to keep a parcel from Michael, a parcel that his ex wife has sent. It's a photo album of Gavin's life so you know why she and Andy are panicking. They missed the delivery and a card was left. So why does Norris have the package? The Kabin hasn't had a post office in it at least since it was rebuilt after the tram crash. But in any case, Michael ends up with the album in spite of Gail's best and worst efforts and makes Andy sit with him as he turns the pages. Andy's getting grayer and grayer as Gavin ages through the pages until it's quite obvious. A Close up head shot of a man Michael clearly recognizes is not Andy and the game is up.

Andy has to confess it all and still he hopes that Michael will look on him as a son. Don't think so, mate. And Gail knew and all. That's even more of a betrayal. "Because I love you" really doesn't seem like enough to Michael. Poor David, though, the CafCass officer walked into a firestorm. And guess what? Gavin's actually dead. That makes it even worse. He's not seeing it all as being protective of him and nor should he. I can't blame him one bit for turning on Gail. After a bottle of whiskey or at least half of it, he finally takes his leave with some hurtful, cutting remarks. Gail *would* keep going on about love and family and he wants nothing to do with her now. Excellent performance from Les Dennis!

Michael spends the night sleeping in a taxi where Eileen finds him the morning after so she takes him home for a shower. Eileen pesters Michael who is reluctant to reveal any details before he goes to see Gavin's grave. All of Gail's justifications really do sound shallow. We all knew it was coming to this and we all thought she should have told Michael the truth, at least when Gavin died. Yes, of course, Andy never should have let it go so far but you could see how it did. But when other people found out and when Gail found out, it should have ended there. She's got herself to blame on this one and no amount of excuses are going to talk him around.

Steph and Andy are now worried that Nick might dob them into the police, a very real possibility but Nick is too much of a nice guy. Andy is more concerned with Michael's well being and it sounds as if Nick is going to keep both Andy and Steph on staff.

Tracy comes over like she's worried about Amy but I think she's more worried because she inadvertently caused the fire. I thought she was going to admit it to Ken for about a second and a half but of course she didn't and admitted to the affair instead. Once she overheard Carla ask Amy about the candle, she grasped it and ran with it. Bit of a surprise that Tracy went to see Leanne and even sounded sincere in her condolences and thank her for saving Amy but you knew she had an ulterior motive, to let Leanne know that Carla left a candle burning.

Carla believes she accidentlly started the fire and she's going to turn into the next enemy of the state as far as her neighbours go. They're never short on turning against someone like a pack of rabid dogs, this time, led by Leanne's rage and grief and Norris' nasty accusations and Tracy is most certainly not going to let her forget it, either. She probably thinks all her birthdays have come at once. Norris continues to spread gossip about Carla being drunk and causing the fire. Carla's still in bits over the deaths and Sophie isn't inclined to forgive her.

And there's someone calling Platt Towers and lurking around corners. It's Kylie!!! Nick has found out about the whole miserable state of things. Michael isn't answering his phone and David is spiteful about his Cafcass officer meeting going south. Sarah and Callum come in to fetch Max. They're taking him to school and then picking him up to stay overnight. David is going to go looking for Kylie, with Nick's help and Gemma is the first port of call. Nobody answers the door the first time but Gemma is home the second time but she gives him a bleeding ear screaming at him. But guess what? Kylie really is there!

Dev has returned from India to the devastating news of the death of his friend and business partner, Kal. Julie fusses over him and Mary wants to be included as part of the family so when Julie keeps trying to push her out, the bickering begins again until Dev shouts at them. Of course, Julie thinks Dev being distracted is all about her. It could be about the shock of Kal's death. But it might have to do with that woman on the phone, the message Mary took from "Talisa". Hmmm...As much as Mary and Julie are often at each other's throats, Mary is very much about honour and committment and she's suspecting that Dev has done the dirty on Julie. He promises this Talisa is just a friend, someone he met in India. We'll see about that.

Because why was Dev so keen not to have a romantic meal with Julie, including Eileen and Adrian with them when he found out they'd be at the restaurant too? Dev seems to have found a spiritual awakening in India. Kal's death and Mary's stories have Dev realizing he has to take his future in hand. But Julie thinks he means to propose. Why do I get the feeling that's not what he has in mind?

Here's a new thing. Craig is apparently having trouble at school staying awake. Beth assures the teacher he's got his own room. Really? Where? Actually I think I know where. I remember a few years back when Chesney was cleaning out the loft to make a little room so I bet it's up there. He says everything is ok. The doctor says Craig is perfectly healthy. So what's up with him sneaking out at night? He's lying about where he is and what he's doing so what is Craig up to?

Adrian is still coming around to see Eileen and asking her for romantic dates and weekends away. Todd seethes. Eileen is still juggling real Adrian and pretend Jeff though she didn't know it was pretend. That's about to change. Todd must be getting tired of his game. He's got his knickers in a bunch over his mother actually having a chance at being happy. We can't have that, now. Now when he blames his family for "ruining his life" aka that tiny little scar. Seems to me he's done a lot more to ruin his own life.

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GN said...

I would like to know where Billy was during and after the fire. It would have been a no brainer to include him, since the street now actually has a character that is a vicar

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