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Sunday Comments June 28

Turns out Craig has been painting a mural for Maddie in the ginnel! And He was also the one that did it on Sally's wall too. Sharper eyes that I have spotted a little rat on both murals, clearly his signature. Beth thinks it's great! I wonder why nobody noticed it in progress but it was a bit around the corner from the main ginnel, i guess. Beth is proudly showing off Craig's mural. It wasn't fair for her to lure Carla into the mix in front of everyone, though. And even if it was Carla's fault, you'd think some people would still realize that it was an accident and that Carla feels dreadful about it instead of rubbing it in her face but it's traditional, isn't it, for people on the soap to turn on you. Guilty until proven innocent has long been a Corrie tradition.

Yep, David is pretending to take Kylie back as far as Callum is concerned. Gail went off on one at Kylie, as expected. But she's back even though David told her in no uncertain terms that her being back is a front for getting Max back, nothing else. David says he's over her. I'm not so sure. He can't risk getting hurt again and can't risk the kids getting hurt. That's it, they'll be back together by Christmas, you mark my words.

Max is not so sure he's happy his mother is back. I suppose he's scared she'll leave again. Gail has absolutely no time for Kylie. Her relationship with Kylie was tenuous at best. Callum really isn't happy Kylie's back and he seems to be doing anything he can to wind up Kylie and she's having difficulty standing up to his barrage of button pushing. Gail, Sarah and Bethany are filled with hateful remarks. Poor Kylie is really up against it isn't she? And she wants to remind them they're living in *her* house. It was nice that Maria lent a sympathetic ear and it seemed to bolster Kylie a bit.

She thought perhaps if she went to the doctor it might make the Platts realize she was serious about staying clean. The doctor gave her good advice. She should go to a support group and that will help. And David does still have affection for her so let's hope he'll pitch in and help her along and they'll put an act on to win Max around and put Callum off their scent.

But Bethany overheard them and blabbed to Sarah and Callum. Since when is she Callum's informer? I suppose she just likes to cause trouble wherever she can, indiscriminately. Callum didn't waste any time confronting them, either. But it's right, it's Callum's word against David and Kylie's.

Gail is still at arms' length from Michael who is apparently facing another operation, sort of like a pacemaker. Michael was glad to see Kylie and Kylie was glad to see David though he was surprised to see her. Michael actually seemed ok to get the card from Gail. Is he starting to thaw? David isn't, not yet. And he has no right bullying Kylie just because she wanted to visit Michael. Tables turned, though, Michael wants them both there when he's in the operating room so they have to spend time with each other. Or leave and come back but where would the drama be in that?

Sophie got through the funeral. Nice wake and lots of nice little stories about Maddie, talk about hymns. I'm glad they've also shown us how upset Tim is. He and Maddie really got to be good mates. Sophie's speech was wonderful, added by all the lovely, kind comments even if they were respectfully negative but they all loved her. Sally might have been on at her to cry but everyone handles it the same way. I expect Sophie was in shock and numb through most of it until she did finally break down.

Meanwhile, Jenny, with her wig, has arrived in Hull with Jack and it sounds like she told the landlady a load of codwallop about escaping a bad relationship or something. Now, Sophie, Kevin and Rita realize that all Jack's toys and clothes and Jenny are gone. Jenny is back and forth between reality and not. Sophie discovered that Jenny, as Jenny Midgely lost her son two years ago. It's all making sense now.

Kevin's going out of his mind but Jenny's living a happy fantasy life with the little boy that replaced her lost Tom. Sometimes she knows and sometimes she doesn't from the sound of her. Her own son died in a child's pool, she left him alone for a minute to get ice cream. It can happen that fast and did and her guilt must be eating her up inside. Sally was so nasty, insinuating that Jenny killed her own child. In reality, though it does happen, it's pretty rare for a mother to do something like that under normal circumstances.

Rita is a very good support to Kevin and yet again the writers failed to bring up Kevin's loss of his own son. They apologized already for the mistake the other day and clearly it's all part and parcel of the same writer fail. Viewers are sitting and watching and just cringing at it all. Never mind. At one point Kevin did say "You can't lose two kids"... You might think he was referring to his Jake but since not one mention of it was made otherwise, and later he remarked that he "mine (my head) would be the same if I'd been through what you had", which of course, he has, any hope that they remembered and kept the continuity was just wishful thinking.

Jenny was very clearly out of control. She called Rita and she was a mess. She reached out to the only person she has in her life now. While Sophie is right in that the police should be told where Jenny is, Kevin is also right. Jenny is in a fragile state and they had to go alone so they wouldn't freak her out. It was working, too, until Kevin and then Sophie stuck their big feet into it. I do hope that Kevin doesn't charge Jenny. Rita says she's getting help, enforced but help just the same. I'd love to see her come back again but I have my doubts. As much as some of this was handled a bit ham-handed, Sally Ann Matthews played a blinder.

Erica sure looked jealous over Nick's attentions to Carla in spite of her and him both talking about their non-relationship. Nick fancies Carla and didn't mind that kiss she laid on him at all but he also admits to fancying Erica. Not overly romantic reasons for a relationship, she's a good laugh, they have good chemistry, they're a family. No words of love, though. Isn't that just going to make Gail's day!?

Carla let Alya take a fairly important meeting for a new order but Alya just whined about it. Why on earth would she think Carla is slacking off her work and letting Alya pick up the load when Alya should actually be pleased Carla has enough confidence in her to handle it. So she took the meeting and the client was a bit flirty. Alya took offence and stormed off. Carla has fielded a lot worse. It was contrived to put Alya in Jason's radar.

Carla wasn't bothered about losing the contract and Alya did admit she probably overreacted. She's not in a good state of mind, grieving and upset. When her grandfather had an asthma attack, she freaked out, afraid she'd lose him too. I can identify with that fear. Gary's worried about Alya though as Anna says, she's grieving and it's really difficult. She could do with some councilling, or talking to someone at the mosque perhaps. I think most of us can identify with what she's feeling. It must really have messed up her head for her to break the rules that she's always been so insistent on keeping. Drinking? Sex? But Gary turned him down because he knew it really wasn't what she needed even if she thinks it's what she wants so she dumped him and went out to join Jason to get drunk.

Leanne wasn't in France very long but it doesn't seem to have done Simon much good. However, she doesn't have very good news for Jason. Eva is engaged to someone else. Can you say "rebound"? Sounds like it to me. It's turned Jason to the bottle. So that's two people drunk and heart broken. Can you see where this is obviously heading? Yep, up them stairs.

Julie thinks a romance, The Holiday, with parallels to Dev's situation might help move him along. A "comely blonde" though, didn't turn out to be her, it turned out to be Talisa! And how did Mary know that Brian was back when Beth was the only one that saw him and she wasn't at the funeral or at Sally's after. Somehow she did hear it from Beth in any case. Sure took the wind out of Julie's sails but she's determined that she's moved on. And when the door went, Julie thought it was Brian but it was Talisa.

Is Brian still lurking about? Why yes, yes, he is. Julie is nervous she might run into him but she's still confident of her relationship with Dev. And why would Dev move his potential new woman in to his house with his current woman or has Julie moved back to her own flat? I love that Mary is calling Dev on his behaviour.

I think Julie is already having doubts about Talisa, who sounds positively perfect, even if she's not really aware of the whole situation. Talisa certainly knows exactly the right thing to say to flatter someone. I'm instantly suspicious she's not what she makes herself out to be. Julie keeps hinting but Talisa reckons "as soon as I get on me feet"... that could take ages! Meanwhile, Mary's suggestion that Talisa teach yoga is a good one.

Now Brian is handing Julie a round the world trip. She's not open to it. At least Ken was happy to see Brian and has offered Brian a room (Amy is staying at Steve's) so he's going to mount a campaign to win her heart. He is determined and since Dev is torn between two lovers, Brian might be the answer to Dev's conumdrum.

People wonder how Norris knows so much about Alan Bradley but really, that's bound to be legend on the street and after working/living with him for so many years, Rita and Emily both are bound to have mentioned it. Tim was really concerned about Kevin, to the point where Sally found it strange. Love the bromance going on there. Lloyd's back from the high seas! He certainly has a lot to catch up on! Wouldn't Andrea have called and updated him? Surely he wasn't out of the zone all the time?

Faye appears to be still home from school so I imagine she's doing work at home. I didn't realize that children could take time off from school like a maternity leave. I suppose that comes through Social Services or else Anna is hoping it will influence Faye to bond with the baby but that doesn't seem to be working. Faye still seems indifferent.

Ok, new storyline. 25 pounds for a tshirt because it's "designer"? And that's the knock down discount price from 100 quid??? I don't buy it and neither should they have done. It was all on Talisa's say so, too. Another shady deal? you bet. Steph sussed it out in no time. ..."Mule Face" on it. You do realize a mule could be construed as an ass since a mule is the offspring of a horse and a donkey, a jackass or a burro. Steph is right, he's been had and now the keystone cops are on a mission. Fiz is due back but before then, Luke has to sort out this mess with the tshirt guy absconding with all his mates' money. Their bright idea is to steal the back stock of tshirts and sell the gear themselves. That didn't go well, as you would expect and Chesney got left behind.

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