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Sunday Comments June 21

Todd set Eileen up. He lured her with the possibility of meeting Jeff in person and then made sure Adrian was there to watch her humiliation when she realized the truth. It really does have a creepy, sick tone when Todd is talking about his mother sleeping naked with her lover, doesn't it? It made what came next even worse. Standing in the middle of a restaurant, insulting everyone he knows, Todd really seemed to be burning all his bridges. Jason thumps him and everyone turns their back on him but yet again, nobody actually disowns him and he leaves under his own steam rather than being shown the door. Which probably means he'll be back and eventually forgiven.

He didn't go for good apparently. Todd is back and Jason's not too pleased to see him. Is Todd still living at home or did he not decamp to a lodging house? Something is niggling in my mind that he did, at one point anyway. Later he does tell Tracy that he's moved out and brags that he gave his family as taste of their own medicine. She warns him it's lonely out there so think on. She knows all about that. Is that an actual flash of Tracy showing humanity?

It's really boring and annoying now, not at all interesting anymore. Taking this kind of humiliating revenge for them blanking him which resulted in his scar, barely noticeable, when he only had himself to blame in the first place is ridiculous. Eileen probably feels guilty that she was the one that made Todd the way he is.

I guess Gail was right. All that stress really was going to give Michael a heart attack! Michael and Eileen are both reeling from recent events and Gail keeps coming round to try to talk to him. Eileen is, for a change, a bit sympathetic but then she doesn't know the story behind the story yet. That changes quickly. Michael gets roaring drunk (and didn't Les Dennis do a great job of it!) and blasts all the cats out of every bag in the Bistro for all to hear. But even worse, when Eileen finally gets him home, they share a laugh at the irony of their situations and end up snogging and the next thing you know, Michael's gasping for breath and on the floor, having a heart attack or similar spell.

Poor Gail, really is in a bad place. Her husband hates her and her enemy is her husband's defender. I think in spite of Eileen feeling like Gail had a lot of it coming by lying to Michael, she does feel a bit sorry for her as well.

Gail's still mooning over Michael who doesn't want anything to do with her. I don't know why Andy thinks Michael would even consider talking to him, either. Oh look, Brian's back and he's come for Julie apparently! Beth gave him the bad news about Julie and Dev.

I really fail to believe that A. Carla would coldly write a cheque and B. Roy would deliver it at a funeral wake. Zeedan and Alya look to be directing their anger towards Carla and Alya has to work for her. Zeedan is really finding it difficult with all his regrets. That's the worst part, having regrets. Carla is still the neighbourhood pariah and though is holding up well, it clearly upsets her because she does feel guilty. She certainly wouldn't be welcome at the funeral under the mistaken circumstances.

Carla's sharing Roy's flat and though he's shared with single women before (Becky) it's always amusing to see his reactions to things like Carla teasing him about people thinking the wrong thing. He just gets this disconcerted look on his face, doesn't he?

Kirk thinks Craig is sleepwalking so Beth and Kirk try to stay awake to catch him. Except Beth's idea of keeping them awake is to play racy games and Craig slipped out unnoticed. Beth and Kirk are still trying to find out what Craig has been up to. Raves and dance parties?

Simon is snarling and glaring and just being thoroughly despicable to Leanne and all that cross his path until he finally loses his temper and biffs a tv remote at Leanne, catching her across the face. Oh dear. He does apologize but she takes him to Ken's to have a bit of time to herself. He's very contrite after, maybe he was afraid she wasn't going to come back for him.

Liz knows Tony will come crawling back eventually and she's ready for him with legal documents that will make him purely a sleeping partner in the pub. The "poxy" roses didn't help matters and I can't imagine why Tony thought they would. It was good to see a flash of the old Liz back, shouting about the poxy roses but still tearful when the door was closed. That's classic landlady stuff, isn't it?

Everyone's on Tracy's case, as per usual and Tracy seems a bit off centre, you know? Guilt, much? Tracy? Maybe. Maybe not. But she's got more of a hate on for Tony at the moment but she still took pleasure in letting Liz know that she was roughed up by Tony's mates in an effort to persuade her to sell up. That's one more blow to her ego. How do you spell "rebound"? For Liz, it's a matter of getting back on the horse and a very nice looking one he is too. He's called Dan and he works at the brewery and he has always fancied Liz. Nick seemed to be a bit green around the eyes when the men were flirting with Liz and Erica.

Sophie is still curious as to what Maddie's message means but Jenny continues to manage to brush it off. Kevin is helping Sophie organize the funeral. Poor Sophie doesn't seem to know which way is up.

Jack's back and Jenny's pleased. Kevin has been living in La La land. He forgot he buried a child of his own. did you catch that? When referring to Maddie's mother, he said it "must be" hard burying one of your kids as if he didn't have that experience. I guess he's forgotten all about Alison and Jake who both died nearly 15 years ago just this week, as it happens. Sophie's holding up, making all the arrangements and nobody seems to know where Maddie's mother is. When last we saw her, though, she was battling mental health issues.

Kevin's been very good with Sophie, supporting her grief. But when she talked to Jenny and Jenny started talking about grief, it seemed clear she was talking about something personal. Sophie's question about Jenny losing her parents was a bit thoughtless. Surely she would know the story of Alan Bradley and the tram and Rita? But wasn't Sally Ann Matthews excellent, yet again! Brooke Vincent has been very good this week as well.

Jenny's going to stay away from the funeral, just as well because though she didn't say so, I don't think Sophie wanted her there anyway. And nobody's surprised to see Jenny used the opportunity unwisely.

Andy's keeping his job at the Bistro for now. Maria and Luke are back together now she realizes he was defending Steph when he thumped Andy. Michelle came back without Steve who wanted to spend a bit of brotherly time with his brother. Liked to see her connecting with Carla. Carla has to have *some* support. The character of Callum is a bit, ok, a lot ridiculous. But his two sidekicks, Macca and Gemma are the bomb!!! Leanne's getting away for a few days to see Gloria in France. I wonder if that will settle Simon down. Wait, can she take him out of school? I thought that was illegal? Or are we at another half-term holiday?

David's life revolves around his missing wife. Connecting with Missing Persons, answering hard questions from Max and battling Callum for Max's affections. Kylie's trying to get the nerve up to go back but is having trouble facing her family. She knows it's all down to her and wouldn't blame them if they never wanted her back. It took her all day but she gathered her nerve together and come home just in time to see that Callum has now got regular access to Max. Shock!

At least Kylie acknowledges that David did throw her out. David isn't so sure the kids should see Kylie, it would upset them, that's true and what if she left again? But she really does seem to be her old self again and she's loaded for bear now that she has Callum to fight. You might ask why Gemma didn't tell Kylie about all this because she did know. She was even in on terrorizing David remember? But she's also scared of Callum coming down on her like a ton of bricks so I reckon that's why she hasn't let on to Kylie about the whole custody thing.

Callum really must have been thrown for a loop though, to see Kylie back judging from a snarky remark Sarah made about Kylie being the constant topic of conversation. But will David let Kylie come back? Sounds like he's going to allow it so that they can face Callum together.

Julie's still living in hope that Dev will propose but is he in that mind set? Mary isn't quite so sure and Dev agrees. He had no intention of proposing and has met someone else. He's met someone and doesn't even know if she feels the same or if anything is even going to happen there but he doesn't seem to want to break up with Julie until he knows. Mary's urging him to do it but he keeps chickening out.

I see Dev has remembered that he is part owner of the gym, putting in a bit of time at the front desk. Julie keeps hinting to Dev about that committment and he's sighing over Talisa.

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Anonymous said...

As soon as Kevin said that line "it must be hard to lose a child", I screamed at the TV "did you forget about Jake?" lol That's a pretty big error on the part of the writers.

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