Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Tracy's Revenge - this week on Coronation Street (SPOILER)

(This post was originally posted by Stevie Dawson on the Coronation Street Blog in May 2015, reposted with permission.)

The Coronation Street blog sat down with cast and crew of Coronation Street on Friday where all was revealed ahead of the explosive week titled 'Tracy’s Revenge'. In a small screening room in Central London, Kym Marsh, Jimi Mistry and Sally-Ann Matthews sat with us as we watched each gripping episode, enjoying every moment just as much as we did with each actor's character having a central role in the episodes. Producer Stuart Blackburn shared a few teasers for the months ahead, as summer on Coronation Street promises to be truly unmissable and more than worthy of that recent BAFTA win.

Director David Kester offered an insight into the many hours put in to creating such and epic and unforgettable series of stories, culminating in several life-changing events. The fire itself, the central event in next week’s episodes, took over five weeks to film, several weeks longer than planned, as cast and crew worked painstakingly to get it just right. We've seen the build up to these scenes over many months, and at the centre of the story, we'll be left wondering whether Tracy has finally gone too far. But it’s not just the event itself we should look forward to. What happens on Coronation Street this week will have repercussions for many months to come and will see families torn apart, surprise new relationships formed, with new and uncharted directions for some of the characters we know and love. 

The Coronation Street Blog will be with you all the way, with perspectives, opinions and exclusive news from the actors and producers themselves. So keep checking the blog over the coming days. In the meantime you can whet your appetite by watching the Tracy's Revenge trailer here.

Whilst we had them, our writers took the opportunity to ask producers about another major storyline heading our way; Deirdre’s demise. Beverley Callard revealed this week that whilst she tried hard to keep reality and Coronation Street apart, her first scenes in the Barlows’ living room recently brought back the reality of her friend Annie Kirkbride’s death, and it was a difficult experience. Stuart Blackburn revealed that they are now working on Deirdre’s funeral and the aftermath, how families and friends come together to remember the iconic character. Expect tears, laughter and the odd lock-in at the Rovers.

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It's going to be explosive...

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