Friday, 5 June 2015

The barnets of those on the cobbles - Part 2

(This post was originally posted by Ruth Owen on the Coronation Street Blog in May 2015.)

Having already blogged about the state of the barnets of those on the cobbles, it is now incumbent upon me, particularly after last night, to add a little more.

A few people commented on whose hair they liked in my previous post - Sally’s hair was praised as was Fiz’s hair and also Tyrone’s ex – the beautiful, but violent Kirsty.

Recently, I noticed that Carla’s hair is no longer black. It is, in fact, quite blond, at least the top layers are. When did that happen? I remember seeing Peter and Carla together and thinking how their hair complemented each other – dark and dangerous.

It was none other than Jenny Bradley to whom I awarded the top hair-do, in my first piece.  But now, after seeing Jenny, covering her crowning glory with a glossy black bobbed wig, I have to say that I think it rather suited her. However, that is not really the point. The point is that she has gone so far in her efforts to disguise herself, all for the purpose of taking off with little Jack Webster, her ‘son.’ Her city of choice is Hull and she, Jenny, is now calling herself Melanie, as we discovered from her phone call to order a taxi last night.

But really, does she honestly believe that Kevin and Sophie will not turn over every stone in their search for Jack.  She cannot believe she get away with it, can she? Maddie will surely dash out to alert Kevin and Sophie that there is Jenny, in his house, with a bag ready packed for Jack, and that Jenny is wearing a black wig. At least, Maddie will dash out if she is allowed to do so. And what will happen to the wig?

The last word goes to Liz, who at the wedding looked very glamorous with her up-do. Anyway, last night Liz let her hair down, both literally and metaphorically.

I even feel a third hair post coming on, but I’ll wait and let things settle before I do.

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Robin said...

In a recent episode Kevin mentioned Jack going to visit Auntie Pam (I'm on the UK timeline, but no spoiler :). What ever happened with Auntie Pam and Kevin's dad? Did they split up or am I forgetting that she didn't go to Germany with him? Also is he still over there?? Hopefully not waiting for Kevin to need to take an 'extended visit' again!

Tvor said...

Good question. Kevin's dad is in Germany, definitely. There was never anything in the show saying that they split up but clearly they must have. Probably rewriting history, or they just forgot!

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