Monday, 15 June 2015

Corrie Canada weekly awards for June 8 - 12

Judas Kiss award.

Hell's not quite frozen over: Tracy went to express condolences and thanks to Leanne and even sounded sincere, but she had an ulterior motive, of course.

New Direction award: Zeedan wants to run the gym. Not a bad idea, I think, but he may need his grandfather's experience to get him started.

Musical ambiance: Hit Me With Your Best Shot playing while Eileen is talking to Liz about Tony's betrayal.

Desperation award: Gail suggested perhaps "Gavin" had an accident to explain his looks being so different from the man in the picture.

Barking up the wrong tree award: Rita reckons Jenny will have to be the strong one for the Webster family.

Fashion Fail: Bad enough the sweater was too small. But wearing a heavy Christmas themed one in June?

Blinders award: Eileen discovers Todd was Jeff all along and still doesn't disown him. Kevin can't see that something's not right with Jenny

Lines of the week:
Ken "For goodness sake, Tracy, when are you going to stop wrecking people's lives! And just when I thought you'd turned a corner" (Naivite, thy name is Ken Barlow)
David about Kylie "She's like Bigfoot at the moment"
Jason quoting Charlie Stubbs "If there were no bad women in the world, there'd be no bad men" (and look where that got him!)
Michael about Andy "He looks like he's ready for the gallows" (he is! his life as he knows it is about to be over!)
Michael "Which one of you isn't my son? Him or you?" Andy "" (and there it is, folks! Cat's out of the bag)
Michael "Instead of worrying about my heart stopping, you should have been more worried about my heart breaking" and "This isn't a home. This is just some place I tried to rob" (Ouch)
Sophie to Carla "You're the one with the life sentence" (She's right except it's Tracy's not Carla's)
Michael "How did you lose weight, Sean?" Sean "The gay way...caesar salads, spin class and stress!"
Julie about a Mongolian sky funeral "You couldn't do that round here. We've got enough of a problem with the pigeon population as it is!" (line delivered perfectly!)
Beth "Well... I say 'oil rig'. It was above a petrol station on the A56"
Eileen about Jeff "I feel like I've known him for years" (you have)
Sean to Eileen "If you're gonna behave like a trollop, you might as well look half decent doing it"

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