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Sunday Comments December 20

Sarah has come back from Milan and David's none too happy to see her. She looks a bit shaky when he drags her into the new annex but she holds her ground. Even when David keeps digging at her, telling her she's the weak link and will crack eventually, she fights back. She blames him for all the mess they're in. She rightly points out that she and Kylie both could have made a case for self defence until David pushed them into hiding the body. She's right. She warned Kylie later that David will sell anyone down the river to get what he wants. Also true but then Sarah is no better. You may recall she framed David to his family to look like he was on or selling drugs so that she could get the job in Milan instead. That was pretty cold, too.

Sarah seems much stronger now over all and she's even flirting with Aidan like mad and he with her. David should be happy she's got a new fella to distract her, but no, he can't be happy with anything she does. She seems in better shape since she got back but David keeps poking at her and thinks she is bottling everything up. Looks like he's right. She got absolutely bladdered, so much so that Aidan ditched the date. Mind you, I think if David hadn't been constantly on at her, she probably wouldn't have drank more, it felt like she was doing it just to wind him up.

And then, after arguing with David yet again, she stumbled right in front of Tim's van and down she went. I think we can blame David for that, don't you? He didn't push her physically, but if he hadn't been badgering her all day, she probably wouldn't have been in the state she had been. She's ok, though. Too drunk to get hurt badly, I guess.

But the real shocker is that Sarah's about four months' pregnant! Let's see. Callum was killed on Sept. 23 and he and Sarah had been split up for a few weeks before that, let's say the start of Sept. (without me looking it all up). That's about right, it would put the date of conception sometime in early August. She put the missed periods down to the huge stress she's been under. Not an unrealistic theory in her case.

Maybe Sarah's near miss was enough to make David realize he's been too hard on her but Kylie is so wound up about how hard David has been that she suspects David of trying to kill his sister. Well, he did push his mother down stairs, I suppose you could say he's got form.

Billy nearly let something slip in front of Gail and now she's worried, mainly that Sarah might have thrown herself into the street on purpose. What Kylie said can't be unsaid even if she says she's sorry. Things seem to be falling apart between them rapidly.

Things are getting a bit crowded in the pub but Aidan turns down the offer of the Streetcars' flat so when Michelle offers it to Johnny and Kate, they take it. Only Aidan changes his mind. Family squabblihg ensues until Carla steps in with a traditional argument solver. A game of Rock Paper Scissors which Johnny wins, and Aidan whinges about. Too late! Aidan still has no place to live.

Michael has been doing extra work for that woman, Dee, and Eileen isn't happy about it. Michael's overdoing things and after Eileen let him sleep in a bit, they end up arguing on the street which a gleeful Gail observes. I guess Gail is still holding a torch for Michael. I actually would like to see he and Gail work things out and get back together. I hope it happens but i think we may still have some time to wait. It's very strange that Michael would go out of his way to help out a perfect stranger. There's something odd going on here.

Now, Dee has nominated Michael for a Good Samaritan award and Eileen is making sure everyone knows it. He's not happy about it. Oh I do wish Gail and Michael would get back together. At least they can sit and talk these days. He admitted to Gail that he burgled the house of the woman that he's helping out (out of guilt). No wonder he feels guilty about the Good Samaritan award. he couldn't bring himself to tell Eileen, though. Instead, he binned the invitation and told her he just felt uncomfortable. Naturally, she unbinned it. I don't see what difference it makes having the piece of paper or not anyway.

Sophie is really not in the Christmas mood at all, and you can't blame her. But she does cast an interested eye at Kate over her shoulder. Sally has noticed and she's most definitely trying to matchmake with Sophie. They do seem to be getting along well, good mates at least, in the making. Sally might say she just wants Sophie to have friends but she's got hopes.

Nick and Carla are really all loved up. It must be love for Carla to wait on Sally all night and not kill her! Carla even proposed to Nick but Sarah's accident waylaid his answer until later and the answer was, of course, yes. They're all loved up but it's scary having to tell Gail and she reacted in the expected method, very catty! But then, I think Nick expected as much. I don't know why Carla got upset about Gail's reaction. It's her insecurities, isn't it. Too good to be true usually is in Carla's experience. Nick really came up trumps, though, presenting her with an astonishing ring, surrounded by family. Aww, I actually had a tear in my eye.

Gail wasn't too complimentary about Carla but as Audrey pointed out, she's got no room for criticism for someone having a bad track record. That smile Gail tried to paste on wasn't very sincere. I laughed. She did apologize at least and it did sound sincere, even if she didn't mean it. I laughed again.

Caitlyn comes to see Craig, but Faye notices and comes to visit, making herself at home. I don't know if she's got a crush on Craig or if she's just anxious that she'll lose him as her only friend if he gets a girlfriend. But Caitlyn, after being a bit awkward at first, seems to find some common ground with the younger girl and Craig sees his romantic evening fly out the window. Beth gets on great with Caitlyn but I'm not sure Craig is happy about that either. The young couple are having a difficult time trying to find some alone time! Poor Craig. Beth showed off baby pictures, told all kinds of stories that embarrassed him to bits!!! Most parents do that, I think, but even Kirk could tell Beth went too far but Caitlyn was just fine with all the family overkill :)

Now Caitlyn is inviting Craig over to an empty house and he looks like a deer caught in the headlights, poor lad! He's terrified at the prospect of sex! He's not ready, he says. He's just got to be honest but it's a tough call when you're that age. He brushed her off, Caitlyn came to see him, and got upset because he lied. It was all crossed signals, she didn't mean that she wanted to have sex at all and agreed, they both want to wait. Good for them! You have to do what's right for you, no matter what everyone else is doing.

Enjoyed the cab office scenes between Todd and Eileen including the Rubik's Cube fun. Carla helped out in the Bistro and Sally loved having Carla waiting on her!

Look who's back!!!!! Rob Donovan from his jail cell. Now, what's that all about!?

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