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Sunday Comments December 6

Tony knelt on the floor, looking up at Liz like an anxious puppy. Cut to the bar where Michelle has told the sad tale of it all. But wait! Liz and Tony come out to the pub. I suppose she told him she wanted the whole pub to hear her reply to his proposal. He was then like a puppy wagging two tails! But he didn't get the answer he wanted. Liz shot him down in flames in front of everyone!!!! Wahey! It was all a scheme to get the pub back for Steve. Having him take money off Tracy was a bonus. Even Tracy had to respect what Liz did. After all, Liz said she lied and cheated like Tracy always does, though with Liz, it was far more difficult because it doesn't come naturally to her. I wonder if she'd have been able to finish it like she did if Steve had still been there, getting more and more upset to her face. Best. Revenge. Ever!

Did Tony stay the night at Eileen's? He's still got his own flat, doesn't he? Or maybe he didn't, just arrived early. He tried one more time to talk to Liz but guard dog Michelle prevented it and he thinks Liz still loves him. Maybe she did have a lingering qualm or two, more about what might have been than current feelings. Thing is, Tony knows he deserved everything Liz handed him and he's going to leave town. Start somewhere else. At least he intends on keeping in touch with Jason this time.

Before he left, though, he confessed to torching Callum's car, at least to Jason. It was a nice scene, Tony, Jason and Todd and their own little goodbye bash. Good father-son stuff, and good brother stuff, too. He drove off and Liz had a little cry, watching from the window.

Leanne might have broken up Simon's little party but he got his own back by coming home late from school. At least now she's confided in Eva and where's Zeedan been in all this? He was a good help for awhile but seems to have abandoned them. Simon seemed to respect Eva's commands but that's always different, isn't it? Kids are always the worst with their parents whether the parents are soft or hard on them. Leanne has probably been too soft but she knows he's been through so much that she finds it difficult to be tough. I think she's going to have to start. Simon's really pushing even harder than ever.

The next morning, though, there's a nasty word spray painted on the front of the Bistro and Leanne reckons it's directed at her from Simon and she did find a tin of paint in his backpack and it was the right colour. And when she confronted him, he made sure to push every button he could think of and it sure had the effect he wanted. She nearly smacked him. Some might say it would serve him right but it's only going to make the situation worse and he's in the frame of mind that he could very well report her to Social Services for more revenge. Even her handing him over to Ken is something he'll probably use against her and she's second guessing herself now, thinking he deserves better than her.

Handing him over to Ken is probably going to make him feel even more rejected. It's frustrating watching Leanne making excuses for what's really going on but now there's two people that know the truth. With any luck this will all come out soon and we can move on. Still, I actually found myself hollering at the screen when Leanne left and Simon begged her not to go then threatened never to speak to her again and later on, not texting her back. I thought "You manipulative little git!" (or something like that). Simon always knows what buttons to push. Tracy wasn't happy about the new houseguest. Robert defends the situation.

And Amy takes after her mother. Isn't so keen on the houseguest, either and does what kids always do, wind up her cousin with the violin and nearly wore it over her head if Ken hadn't got there in time. I was shocked that Tracy switched off the attitude and actually seemed a bit understanding with Leanne in the Bistro. I suppose that was for Robert's benefit. Amy and Simon continue to bicker, with Amy doing a lot of the instigating herself. Even Ken can't get Simon to stop the rude behaviour so Robert has a word, thinking it might help coming from someone more objective.

But i couldn't help thinking that Robert's story about getting angry about a bully or a teacher or his father that got on his nerves for a short while had absolutely nothing to do with all the loss and tragedy Simon's gone through. Still, it got Simon crying and he launched himself into Robert's arms like a little kid once again (sigh). I half expected him to crayon a card for Leanne to say he was sorry, putting stickers and gluing painted macaroni on it or something. (Yes, i'm being sarcastic) The talk didn't help much,not for long, because Simon went to see Leanne but she had been out with Eva having a lovely time and when he saw them coming home looking like they didn't have a care in the world, he felt even more rejected.

Kate and Caz seem like a good couple. Sally made me laugh with her remarks trying to prove to them that she's all cool with lesbians and everything. She never quite gets it right, does she? She means well most of the time but always comes across like a snobby, silly woman. The party was fun. Great remark from Kirk when asked if he minds being surrounded by women all day and he says he's used to working with dogs!!! He meant the kennels of course. Anyway, they seem good together but Michelle is sensing some hesitancy in Kate regarding her relationship. Sounds like the distance is taking its toll. Caz wants to set a date and isn't sure. But isn't that one of the first things you do when you get engaged? At least, most of the time, right? Kate seems a bit hesitant to commit but oh well, let's go for it.

Aidan really seems to be a keen manager but his people skills need a bit of work. All the pep talks in the world aren't going to do him good if he keeps snapping at the workforce. I suppose having his sister working under him probably isn't a good thing if the two of them are like oil and water like they seem to be. He's way too serious and she never lets him off the hook for anything from the look of it. It escalated into her walking off the job which is probably just as well. She didn't really want it in the first place. Carla and Michelle put Kate in a room with a bottle of wine and tried to help her figure out what she wants to do with her life. In the meantime, they worked out a way for her to get her job back and save face.

Jamie is still bullying Luke into doing his bidding, holding the nude photos of Steph as ransom. I wish Luke had just gone to Steph in the first place and he still isn't telling her. It seems really stupid that he wouldn't considering they seem to be pretty close. Luke saw the nasty word on the Bistro and he thought it was Jamie's work, being nasty about Steph posing for pics and further bullying him. Steph is starting to guess that something's up, though and so is Sophie who dragged the truth out of him and finally, on the day of the race, told Steph that Luke was off to drive. Steph, Andy and Sophie took off after him, Steph finding the location of the race from one of Luke's friends. That Jamie is so cocky and smug! I really hope he gets a crashing down off that high horse and soon.

Craig and Caitlyn are most definitely an item! They're quite cute together, aren't they? It was pretty cringy, though, with Beth having that little chat with them. Even Eccles knows there's a ghost in the machinery, so to speak, at the Platts. Eva is still working in the pub. I wondered. Aidan certainly looks at her with admiring eyes. Sean and Billy are trying to coordinate a holiday but they have very different ideas on what makes an ideal break! Isle of Mull vs. Isle of Ibiza. Scotland. Spain. Isolation and seclusion. Crowds, beaches and clubbing. Never mind, Billy came up with a great compromise. Ibiza has some remote areas so they can share the one island.

Michael seemed a bit perturbed at the client for Station Rd. and then he bend over backwards to take her home and carry her shopping in. Yet they appeared to be strangers. Turns out someone broke into her house two years ago. Michael helped her out and then offered to do her list of odd jobs and got angry when Eileen questioned him. What's going on there?

Gary's apparently coming home tomorrow. Maybe he can stop his mother from sniping at Alya all the time. Izzy nearly came to a truce but she's so touchy that she took something Alya said the wrong way and the war was on again.

Mary is taking on board Norris' suggestion that Dev is after Erica and he very well might be but so far, Erica doesn't seem to be returning the affection. She is seen this week being very comfortable with a large power drill to fix something in the flat. Gotta love a woman that can handle power tools!

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