Monday, 12 September 2016

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for Aug. 29 - Sept. 2

New Crush Dawning award: Craig told Bethany that Garry worries about her. You could immediately see the dawning of a new teenage crush because that's what teenage girls do. Entirely predictable but entirely realistic, too. I couldn't help but go "Awww" when I saw her little face light up.

Musical ambiance "How Will I Know (if he really loves me) while Aidan is grilling Maria in the salon.

Them's fightin' words award: Maria wasn't kind to Eva but she really took a chunk out of Audrey, calling her a gold digger who got where she was today by sleeping with the right fella (Alf)

Telecom fail: Why would Aidan have Maria's phone number? There's a few people that have numbers on board that make no sense and while we're going there, why doesn't Bethany just change her phone number to stop Lauren's harassment?

Clueless award: Maria can see her flat has been broken into and the dog is not answering her call. Does she call 999? Does she go for help? no, she does not. She goes into the flat and gets herself knocked over for her trouble.

Xray eyes award: Kate ran into the factory to tell them that Johnny was coming. But the taxi would only have barely put it's nose around the corner at that point. After they started to scramble inside, we see the taxi is pulling up outside. How would Kate have known that the taxi she saw at the end of the street had her father inside?

Workers of the World Unite award: In true Corrie factory tradition, The workers all went out on strike to protest management spying on them. That means more pay loss, I hope they realize!

Lines of the week:
Nick "Walls have ears" (gail photo)
Vinny to Phelan "If you think I'm going to wait for you to woo your way to 65 grand, you've got another think coming"
Leanne "You mean lie to everyone?" Nick "I mean not treat everyone to every detail of our messy lives" (that's one way to put it, I suppose)
Eva "I love punching things, me" (Maria didn't look too happy with that thought)
Gail "It was only 5 minutes ago that Carla was the love of your life and look how that ended" (she's got a point)
Gail "This is a rebound and it's a completely bad bounce" (I agree)
Michelle "We're all in this together. All four of us!" (Awkward!!)
Jenny "It certainly beats tea and toast with Rita's knick nacks"
Phelan "Ladies love a rough diamond"
Maria "Enjoy it while it lasts because believe you me, it ain't gonna last long" and "stuff Karma, just sleep with the right bloke" (Them's fightin' words!)
Liz to Steve "Only you could admire someone for how they tell a lie"
Steve "The glass half full... you get one, Gail gets one" Liz "They're babies not slices of cake!"
Steve "I know exactly how to handle this one" Michelle "famous last words if ever I heard them!"
Todd "The only thing amazing about this is my mum's gullibility."

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Robin said...

I like the Bethany crush story. Her character is so much better since they toned her mouthiest down. She also had a bit of a crush on Callum as well. I'm happy that, so far, they are just keeping things innocent. In an American soap they would have Bethany throwing herself at him! Gary seems very levelheaded and clearly sees her as a kid, so let's hope they keep it that way!

Daithi_c said...

Do they still have a union in Underworld?

I don't recall one since Ivy Brennan was
the shop steward in Baldwin's Casuals.
(and that's going back a fair bit).

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