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Sunday Comments September 4

Luke really doesn't like having Caz around underfoot, does he? I think it has more to do with the fact that he doesn't trust her rather than just having a gooseberry involved. But really, Caz just wants to get back together with Kate by any means necessary. Luke was warned to get roses, not to get pink carnations. What did he do? Get them mixed up and sent the carnations on behalf of Caz and that only made it worse between the women since Kate though Caz sent the carnations, which her mother hated, on purpose. Doh. that was all contrived to spur Maria on to chuck Luke out for stuffing up, she was already annoyed with him and his attitude towards Caz to begin with and though he did it on purpose.

Poor Eva can't understand why her wanting a bit of committment is a bad thing. Even if it is only 5 minutes after they've got together. And when Aidan came back to try to make it up, he put it all on her and then she got too stroppy to let him explain about his mother's birthday and Kate being upset and he's in another hissy fit, annoyed at her. There's an awful lot of "contrived" going on, isn't there?

Yes. Yes there is. And why? Aidan has come to moan at Maria, someone he's hardly ever exchanged a word with up to now, about Eva who has no idea what the day meant to him. Maria was annoyed with Luke so she took the opportunity to unload that on Aidan, someone she never seemed to notice until he rocked up at her door and suddenly, she's kicking off silly slippers in case he thinks they're childish? Why should she care? Because the pair of them are going to drink and have revenge sex. Good grief, could the writers not think of anything else?

Maria seems more annoyed that Aidan thinks "last night" was a mistake than she does losing Luke. Did she think Aidan was going to instantly get all gooey and loved up with her? She doesn't seem to feel that, either, but with her history, who knows? Come on, they used each other in the moment and now she's in a snit about his attitude. In any case, since he's not interested, she has a meal with Luke. I did laugh at Aidan looking frightened when some of the factory bees were talking about Mad Maria. And he was trying to soothe his guilty conscience with that necklace. The girls suggested it to Eva and she looked a bit worried.

As luck or bad writing would have it, there's no room at the inn and they have to share a table with Eva and Aidan. Caz is instrumental in outing the fact that Aidan was at the flat the night before. Not sure if she did that on purpose or not. But Maria covered and told Eva that he was asking her advice on a flat for he and Eva. As if he would go to Maria for advice on Eva and not, say, Leanne? That would be much more logical. Anyway, Eva believed him because she wanted to, moving in with him is her current dream. More fool she. How's he going to get out of that one?

And Luke is permanently dumped, too. But really, I never bought that Maria loved him. By the way, isn't she still married to that Pablo? Caz overstepped the mark, though, she told Liam that Luke and Maria had broken up and Maria wasn't too happy about it. Caz was in a difficult spot but Maria chucked Caz out. I'm not sure where this is going. Is Maria going to go all bunny boiler on Aidan or get so spiteful she spills the beans? It's not like she was in love with Aidan or even harboured a secret infatuation, not that was ever remotely hinted at that we could see. She feels used. I would say she used him just as much. Get over yourself, woman.

And Eva is all loved up because she thinks Aidan wants to move in with her when he clearly doesn't, finding fault with every flat she suggests, even if it's just to slag off the street name! Yet she's not getting the hint. Aidan is really acting freaked out about Maria and worried what she might do and when he caught her buying a pregnancy test and jumped to the wrong conclusion. She wound him up but was honest with him in the end. Then Eva tells Aidan she loves him. He said it back but it didn't look like he meant it. He is feeling trapped into moving in with Eva when Leanne moves out. He thought he was off scot free when Leanne didn't leave after all he's back under the glare of the headlights, poor deer!

I thought Michael and Gail were about to get back together? I suppose he thought Gail putting him off because of a dead daughter-in-law and the motherless children who needed her was her way of negating the reconciliation. Or was he just being childishly jealous? No, apparently he thought backing off was being respectful of Gail's grief when what Gail really needed was and is his support. He's a bit of a donk, isn't he? Can't get it right for trying. And then there's Gail. When she finally gets him in the booth with her, she can't even crack a smile at his silly stories. How's that going to encourage him? She thinks he still has a soft spot for Eileen and his going after Phelan who was yanking his chain only proved it in her book. Miscommunication will end that relationship when it was originally the best one Gail's ever had.

Some days later, Michael started kicking the football around on the cobbles and I was crossing my fingers hoping he wouldn't have a heart attack! Anyway, he ended up helping Gail with the kiddies at the park. She's still assuming and making the wrong conclusions. He was very good with Max, though, when he spotted Max taking a toy from the Kabin. Finally, the pair of them got it all out in the open and sealed it with a kiss.

We're back to Bethany's woes after a brief respite. It's Kylie's birthday and David has bought a backyard swing for the kids. Bethany has her new friend Craig there to talk to about the gym, something he's considering because he wants to be a cop. She has a go on the swing and because Craig and David were crap at putting it together, the swing lets go and she ends up on her backside. Max makes a childish crack about her being fat but you know on top of all the insinuations Lauren has been slinging at her, that had to touch a nerve. Then Craig took her photo and uploaded it. I find that very, very hard to believe considering that he knew she'd been bullied. Why on earth would he do something like that when he's normally so sensitive and sensible? He did apologize and admit he should have known better, though, so that was more like the Craig we know and love but it was contrived to send her straight to that big bottle of diet pills she ordered.

There's a lot of pressure on Bethany and she doesn't want to lean on her mother because of Sarah's illness. She's dreading exam result day, she knows very well she didn't even sit some of the exams. She's necking diet pills and working out but the pills had an adverse effect and she collapsed in the gym. She seems ok but won't let Gary tell Sarah. He thinks she's pushing herself too hard and he has his suspicions and later, he found the pills in her jacket pocket.

If Leanne wasn't pregnant, she probably would take Nick back but instead she can't feel like she can. Nick is all put off, because he doesn't understand and he sees Robert and Leanne getting on and is jealous so it's Nick off in a hissy fit again. A few months ago, he'd be overreacting and blaming his now-disappeared brain injury.

Since Leanne can't tell Nick why they can't be together, he pulls out all the passive aggressive stops as only Nick can. He backs off, flirts with a hen party, goes out with one of them and trades phone numbers, just to make sure Leanne's got the message and feels jealous and doesn't he just love that!

Leanne and Nick managed to get Robert to agree to talk to Zeedan. He did, but it wasn't the apology Zeedan was expecting. Doh. Robert dreamed up a new aspect to the business, takeaway service using Streetcars. Leanne was horrified because she'll have to work with Steve and Steve knew that, so why would he have agreed to it? And her running after Steve and rowing (quietly) in the street? Isn't that going to raise suspicions? It's risky.

Leanne is livid that Steve told Liz about the baby and in the middle of the argument, she admitted she was in love with Nick. They had a good talk and it seemed to put Leanne's priorities right. Right? Right out the door. Turns out, Leanne is planning to leave Weatherfield. Simon isn't happy about it and oh look, turns out he confides in Amy and she's advising him to tell Nick. Simon knows about the baby, I wonder if he's disconnected the dots yet and making a wrong assumption that the baby might be Nick's. Or it isn't and they've fallen out about it. She's decided, though, and she and Simon are moving to Liverpool. Tomorrow. Meaning, next episode, obviously.

Meanwhile, Steve is livid, too, worried that it's all going to explode around him. He should be worried too. Tim has picked up on the fact that Steve's not all that keen on having another baby even if it is with his beloved wife because even though he's trying to avoid hanky panky with Michelle by any means necessary, it's too late. Tim finally convinced him to fess up but when he did, it turned out Michelle is pregnant! I can't blame Michelle for being horrified and devastated at Steve's reaction. Steve has landed himself in it yet again by not being up front and honest from the start but he did manage to soothe her. He doesn't want to lose her and he does want to be a father. If it had been only Michelle that had got pregnant, he'd have been over the moon. He only had a melt down because Leanne got pregnant after they had a massive error in judgement.

So Leanne is leaving. Yes she is. Right now. As usual it takes them what seems like all day to get away in the taxi, precluded by lots of sad faces, hugs and guilt trips (that would be Nick laying it on thick). Eva really wants Nick to stop Leanne so she ends up spilling the pregnancy secret, assuring him that Leanne does love him. I don't think Nick really believed her. Even seeing David loving Max so much didn't seem to sway him but it might have planted a seed. He certainly doesn't want to lose Leanne.

Simon stole the bus tickets to delay Leanne and then called Nick so he could overhear Leanne admit she loves him. Acts of desperation, I think. Nick seems to have the speed abilities of The Flash to get there between the time Leanne was saying "not long now" to having a chat with Simon when he let Nick overhear via the phone to Nick showing up into the city centre through traffic, managing to get to the bus just before it left! Nick managed to get Leanne off the bus and they're back together and all loved up.

But the reality the morning after is that he's not altogether sure about taking on someone else's baby. He wants to know who the father is, but she played the party line and told him the same thing she's been telling everyone else. Ooh and at the hospital, did she make a reference to the time she was pregnant back when they were kids and married? I think so, and it was a kind of a broadside shot across the bow, wasn't it!? He never did apologize for making her have that abortion, did he? Anyway, the scan showed the baby was fine which is a load off her mind after that miscarriage a few years back. I think it took seeing the baby on the scan and her reaction to it to set his mind to it in the end. I don't know how long Leanne is planning to keep it a secret from most of the rest of the Street but now that Tracy has twigged, the secret won't be for very long. (Tracy having been in the hospital for a specialist appointment for her kidney, the renal department being conveniently next to the maternity department.

Steve doesn't know Leanne hasn't left, yet, and he isn't going to be too happy she and the baby are going to be underfoot. He nearly jumped for glee when he found out she was leaving. Michelle will be chuffed, she'll have a pregnancy buddy. This can only end badly.

Izzy has served her six week sentence and is home. Gary hesitated on his way out the door to make the journey to get her from Hull, probably knowing he was about to get into something he really doesn't want to but can't find a way out of. A group of mates were there to welcome Izzy back, including Mary who invited herself because we haven't seen her on screen in ages, I guess. With Sally's announcement that G&I are back together, Gary looked as if he was gazing at his last meal on death row! I think he and Aidan should be comparing notes about feeling trapped.

Gary continues to look like he's a deer caught in the headlights where Izzy and their relationship is concerned amid all their happy couple friends. Sounds like Izzy's getting the idea, too. She suggested a weekend away but he blindly ignored the real reason, a romantic weekend, and tried to organize a family break instead. Izzy figured it out and called him on it. Big time. She does need his help with Jake but having him there just as a mate might be a bit difficult. So Gary keeps trying to help and Izzy keeps fighting him on it, trying to be independent but as Gary says, Jake is his son, he should be helping. Izzy has decided it's ok if Gary stays after all. If Gary finds someone new, though, will Izzy truly be happy for him?

For Gemma's Good Samaritan duties, she's decided to help out the aged. And Rita is her target, much to Dev's horror (he gave her the idea in the first place), and Rita's. Since Rita wouldn't give her cash or her card to do her shopping for her, Gemma decided to help her bring the shopping in later, which we could see in the background of Luke and Maria's argument. She's determined, I'll give her that and what a joy watching her! Gemma does make me smile. She nearly drove Rita mad but when she confessed she wanted to make something of her life and wanted to win the Good Samaritan award, Rita saw through her rough exterior and offered to help her make a plan. I love that. Rita has often done that for rough and ready girls in the past, having faith in them when others don't.

Gemma has truly done a good deed unintentionally when she outed that woman from trying to scam Norris on his sale of a cabinet. That will take her much further than subbing on a paper round. I don't think it was fair of Norris to give her such a hard time about messing up,either. She was sent out with a bag, no instructions about how to handle the magazines, no lists that i could see unless it was inside the bag. She'd never done it before. You can't expect perfection. At least she redeemed herself But Norris was quite churlish and didn't even smile or thank her until Rita dragged one out of him. And what on earth was she wearing!?

How many years has it been since Lewis changed Gail's online olive order at the Bistro? They are still digging bottles of them out of the store room but it looked like it was another wrong order. Maybe they've taken Gail's/Lewis's as a standing re-order. Best long running joke ever. Sally's had some great moments and lines, too, during Izzy's come home party. She delivers them with such deadpan seriousness and they crack me up. Looks like David is back to the adoption plan. I hope he manages to push it through before yet another disaster hits. Poor Max!

Seems that Norris is going to have another houseguest, agreeing to take Sean in. Norris was pretty quick to rent out the room, which is supposed to be Emily's. I'm still worried she's not coming back. I love this friendship that Steve and Tim have, great chemistry in the cab office. I thought it would be sadly lacking when Lloyd left but this has picked up where they left off. Wonderful! Why does Rana not want to invite her parents to the party or even see them? She says it's because her parents will put pressure on her to marry.

Sharif is making calls, taking long lunches and meeting someone by the canal and we all know what kind of risque business goes on down on those canals, don't we? Anyway, Sharif pointed out that challenge is a good thing and advised Zee to go back to the Bistro which he did. Meanwhile, The kids are organizing an anniversary party for Sharif and Yasmeen. Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

The anniversary party was supposed to be a surprise but Yasmeen made other plans unknowingly but luckily, Sharif overheard Zeedan and they managed to spring the surprise on her at least. She was thrilled. Anyway, into the mix comes a very old friend whom they apparently haven't seen for some time.

Even stranger was Sharif with a face like thunder when Sonia showed up, bereft because her husband threw her out. Why? Might have had something to do with the previously unknown fact that she and Sharif are in the throes of a 7 year itch, er, affair!! That sure came out of nowhere and must have been related to that phone call he made the other day. And the day after she got there, the cheeky mare, cuddling with Sharif in the kitchen! Talk about risky business! She keeps trying to cuddle up but he's too worried someone might walk in on them.

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