Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Guest blog post: Why Steve and Leanne's baby doesn't make sense

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog July 2016, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Our Coronation Street fan of the week this week is Deena from New Zealand.  She's also very kindly written a guest blog post for us as she believes that Steve and Leanne's baby just doesn't make sense.

And so, it's over to Deena. You can follow her on twitter @QueenAliKingx

"Steve and Leanne have barely ever interacted on the street and suddenly they do, but only to get it on? When the spoiler first came out about it, I honestly thought they were having a laugh! Steve is married to Michelle, and he just went off at her for KISSING Will. Now he has gone and got a woman he barely interacts with, pregnant.

Leanne getting pregnant is a shock full stop, seeing as back in 2011 she was basically told she wouldn't be able to have a baby of her own, but what do you know, here she is having Steve McDonald's baby. I think it would've been a lot more believable if Leanne had slept with Robert, seeing as the chemistry between them has been quite high. Even Zeedan would've been more believable than Steve.

To make things even worse for Steve, Michelle gets pregnant as well, so he will go from having 1 child (Amy), to 3 in a matter of months. For me personally I can definitely see Steve and Michelle with a baby of their own, and it would've been great to see that occur without the high expectation of Michelle about to find out about Steve’s other child, that Leanne will be carrying for 9 months.

Obviously Michelle is going to find out because when does a storyline ever go smoothly in soap? That's right, never. No doubt Michelle will find out either just before or after her baby is born and then want nothing more to do with Steve, but then you never know, a miracle may occur and she forgives him for knocking up Leanne Battersby.

I also can’t understand the fact Leanne and Nick get back together, and they pretend the baby is theirs. The fact they reunite is a shock to me, seeing as they have had two failed marriages. Clearly it’s not going to work a third time either. A few days after Carla left, he was sniffing around his ex wife, which yeah maybe, just maybe, a few months after her departure but not a few days!  Nick claimed to have loved Carla and in his words “It’s the best thing I've ever done, marrying Carla”. They were even going to try for a baby, but no no, he is now, only a couple of months after his and Carla's split, going to pretend that his ex wife’s baby is in fact his own.

To me this whole story isn't right. From Steve being Leanne's baby daddy, to Nick and Leanne getting back together. I just hope Peter returning will cause a rift between them and we get a repeat of 2010 where Peter and Leanne are a couple. I also hope, Michelle and Steve can work through things when all is revealed.

This story I’m sure will be acted out amazingly by all involved, but to me, it’s just not believable.

You can follow Deena on twitter @QueenAliKingx

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