Saturday, 10 September 2016

State of the Street - August 2016

Can you believe it's September already? August flew by and on Coronation Street, it was a busy month as well.

Kylie was laid to rest and David and little Max are both struggling with their loss. People seem to be able to help Max but David is trying to do it all himself. Something's gonna blow, mark my words, especially now that Todd knows the truth about Kylie wielding the crowbar.  Bethany is still being bullied but seems to have found an ally and, from the look of it, a new teenage crush.

Steve's swimmers have proven to be super strong and he's now got two women pregnant and is very anxious Michelle not find out about the other one (Leanne). Liz is gritting her teeth so hard they may crack, especially when she's around Gail who is chuffed to little mint balls about a new grandchild that is rightfully Liz's. And what about Nick? Leanne kept him at bay but in the end he persuaded her to come back to him, baby and all. I'm put in mind of that lullaby about the baby coming crashing down from the tree, cradle and all. I have a feeling there will be wreckage strewn from this relationship all over the cobbles once the truth comes out.

Craig wants to be a copper but it looks like Beth has secrets. Gemma wants to be a Good Samaritan but she might be trying just a little too hard. Her heart's in the right place, though. Phelan's scheming and drawing Sally in to his plan to secure planning permission. He seems to have an answer for every roadblock so far. Todd managed to break Sean's heart and stay on his mother's good side for a change. He's now with Vicar Billy, at least for now.

Maria and Aidan had an ill advised and very contrived rumpy pumpy session on the sofa. I wonder if she's going to get obsessed again? Meanwhile, Caz managed to fix things so that she's back  under Maria's roof and Luke is looking in from outside. You're better off without her, luv.

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