Monday, 27 February 2017

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards Feb. 20 - 24

Jenny 1, Alya 0. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. Alya is getting more and more horrible. I think her days are numbered.

Superfluous to Requirements award: Sophie.

Lifeboat award: Peter was Toyah's lifeboat while she was drowning under failed IVF and a broken marriage. Not exactly a level playing field for a strong relationship.

Ground Zero award: Peter things his relationship isn't a war zone. His usually end up that way, though. Ken would be right warning Toyah and wishing her good luck.

Mentor Hell: Phelan's going to have Sneaky Seb work for him. Seb doesn't know what he's in for!

False Hope award: Johnny believed Sinead's nervous excuse for working overtime and told Chesney she was saving to take him on holiday.

Tattle Tale award: Did nobody ever teach Daniel that being a tattle tale often means the messenger gets shot as well? Ken didn't shoot the messenger but Adam had his revenge in the end. Leading us to...

Integrity Fail: Adam could have passed the exam even without cheating and that was his downfall with Ken and Todd.

Retro award: Rosie's back and as social media savvy as you would expect. (take that any way you'd like but I'm enjoying her daftness)

Lines of the week:
Nick about Leanne "She loves surprises" (She flaming well doesn't, you know, not today anyway)
Leanne "Well, Yabba dabba flamin' do. Fred and Wilma, I presume"
Tyrone "There's a loophole, all right, and it's right round our neck"
Tyrone "I already owe you a smack, Kev, don't push it" (he was, too, wasn't he?)
Peter "This is a relationship, not a war zone" (ah but your relationships usually are)
Daniel "Even intellectuals like a bit of goss"
Eileen "Is that Rosie Webster? What's she doing here?" David "Time, by the look of it"
Rosie "I thought he was the One. Turns out he was just the one that was using me!"
Daniel to Sinead "Are you thick as well as daft?" (ouch!)
Billy "You're up on your Exodus, are you?" Kirk "No, never took a drug in me life!" (*snort*)
Daniel about Adam "It's like living with a Scottish Tigger bouncing off the walls"
David to Shona "Why are you always so weird?" (I'm wondering that myself)
Adam "Barlow's Solicitors. We keep the bar high and the prices low" (groan)
Rosie about Billy "If he was straight, I'd *so* find religion!"
Todd "I need a job. You're a chancer, Adam. I need a job, not a pipe dream"

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