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Sunday Comments February 12

Phelan and Andy had a confrontation and Phelan was very annoyed indeed that there was the evidence he'd hoped would be destroyed in the fire. Phelan as much as admitted he let Michael die. Andy tried to record it but he was rumbled. I don't know why Phelan was allowing Andy to get rid of the laptop. But he also kept pushing and pushing until Andy took that laptop and whanged him over the head with it. Too bad it wasn't a brick. It didn't work. The fight was quite furious, each getting their licks in until Phelan got the upper hand and upper laptop, so to speak. Certainly seems like Andy didn't survive that crash of it from above with all Phelan's weight behind it.

Steph waited at the airport with Luke and decided to go with or without him. It ended up being without him. Phelan used Andy's phone to break up with her by text. After all Andy had put her through, I guess she wasn't all that surprised in the end and was probably a little relieved to have a fresh start without all Andy's baggage. Nice little scene with Luke. They were a good brother/sister act, it was always clear they had great affection for each other.

Eileen waited at the registry office, the same one they've used quite a few times. It's a lovely building and I've actually been there in person. Phelan packed up the van and got there eventually, almost too late. What's in the van? The laptop, probably, and Andy? Surprised he wasn't covered in blood but he looked fine when he got to the wedding.

Luke is gunning for Andy for dropping his sister but Andy seems to be running on silent mode, as far as Luke can tell. We know it's probably really the reason Phelan appears to be having nightmares. He's a lot of things but he was never a killer before now, that we know of. He's not acting like a happy newlywed, though, he's out the door the morning after and sounds like they're still keeping their marriage secret. He managed to stop Luke going into the flat so he could scrub the bloody carpet first and rig the radiator so it really does leak. After deliberately flooding the place, he ended up ripping the carpet out anyway.

Can't blame Eileen for having the occasional doubt that Phelan loves her like he says. She's probably sensing that he doesn't. Oh, he may have developed some kind of caring for her but I really don't believe he has grown to love her. It's all about keeping her on side.

Sinead and Chesney's idea of their relationship are very different. He's taking her for granted and she thinks they rushed into things. He's completely flummoxed. She tried to explain. He just didn't realize and wants another chance. He does love her. I wonder if the damage has been done, though. Sounds like the crack might be unfixable.

Liz confided in Michelle and she's got very similar feelings of guilt. She pointed out that she needs Steve's support more than she needs the nursery or the toys. I think that helped Michelle briefly. But Steve is sleeping ok but Michelle probably resents him for it. Everyone is walking on eggshells around Michelle because you don't know what kind of reaction you're going to get. Now her milk has come in and that's only pushing her deeper into the black hole. She changes like the wind and when she went to lunch with Steve, she's sarcastic, resentful, defensive and is more interested in drowning her sorrows. She's gone beyond grief and I think she needs help from a doctor. Nobody expects her to be bright eyed and bushy tailed but someone needs to give her a bit of balance or the means to figure out how to handle her grief. Nobody knows how to help her and as a result, she found herself on the top of a bridge contemplating a high jump.

Everyone went looking for her. Robert found her on the top of a viaduct or bridge over the canal and talked her back down. She tried to kiss him but although he loves her, he doesn't want her this way. If she truly did want to be with her son, she wouldn't have sat there for hours, she'd have gone up there and over the edge straight away. She's also feeling so much resentment towards everyone including herself. He walked with her all night to the funeral home. I think the embarassment and the long walk and objective ear to talk to kind of shocked her back into reality and she finally reached out to Steve.

Steve came to fetch Michelle and saw that wee little coffin on the table. There's very few sadder sights and you can tell it affected Steve deeply for all his putting on a normal front. Michelle decided the funeral would be just she and Steve. Not even Liz which was hard for her. Add on to that, a delivery of a baby's basket that Liz forgot she ordered. The delivery bloke wouldn't take it back but if I was Liz, I'd just call up the company and ask for it to be picked up and returned again. Did she do that? No she did not. She thought maybe Leanne could use it which was a lovely idea of course, but it rubbed Nick up the wrong way because, coincidentally, he bought one on the very same day! Still, Leanne was very kind to Liz and hacked right off at Nick for his jealous tantrums. He really was horribly rude.

Leanne and Steve's brief encounter was good. Both of them feeling guilty, Leanne not knowing if offering condolences to Michelle would only rub her face in it further, her being pregnant and all. They took a taxi to the funeral home. At least they didn't have the hearse bring the coffin to the Street. That would be far too horrible, I think. Mind you, I think it's a bit morbid anyway, even when it's an adult that's died. I know it's an old fashioned tradition but it seems strange to my Canadian eyes. Billy was wound up, not wanting to get it wrong but he did them proud.

Michelle seemed much more steady the day after the funeral. She won't stop being sad for awhile but she's ready to face the world. Still, Leanne's remark about her wanting to get away from the constant sympathy struck a chord with Steve.

Elsewhere, Toyah's worried for Leanne. Nick is so potentially volatile that anything could happen. Plus, Leanne knows things that Toyah doesn't so she told her that the baby isn't Nick's which is part of Nick's insecurity issues. I think Nick must have overheard some of Leanne's conversation with Steve because you know, on the Street you can be deaf to a conversation 10 feet away but hear everything from across a room or a street. He's got ideas as well. I don't think his are going to go over as well as Steve's plan to take Michelle to Ireland for a bit (and right into another load of non stop sympathy but I don't think it's such a bad thing for Michelle to be with her mum and dad)

Oh, and Nick's plan? Nick has decided to move to Scotland with Simon. Hasn't told Leanne. Hasn't told Peter, either. But he's definitely going to do it. Over her dead body, I should imagine. Arrogant sod.

Adam's on his own as far as trying to eke money out of the Connors. Peter's backed off well and truly for reasons only we and Eva know about. He's too busy with his quest to pay any attention to Daniel's rota for household chores and it seems like he's pocketed Daniel's rent money and continues to lurk around the Factory, irritating the heck out of Aidan. How on earth would Aidan know if Adam was conned or not? That was several owners ago, neither of whom are now alive, and even Carla's nowhere to be seen though it's not likely she'd back Adam up. She'd leave nothing left of Adam bloody Barlow for trying to take her factory from her. Johnny looks a bit worried and Alya was listening in with interest. It turns out he may just have an ally in her after she felt shafted by the Connors when she wanted a job title adjustment. She's going to help him and she wants half!

She's letting Adam get into the factory while it's empty at dinnertime. I still don't understand why any of the old files would be on Johnny's computer. Even if there were still digital files around from 10 years ago, that computer would not be the original one, so it's very likely the files would be backed up somewhere safe and the computer would have been replaced once or twice since then. New OS and all that. Anyway, she told Adam the computer password but it didn't work. Now, did she intentionally stitch him up? He got caught int he act by Johnny and Aidan who looked quite smug and yes, yes it does seem that she did drop him right in it. The whole thing about the job title was even part of it. Good girl!

Anyway, Daniel took Ken to the doctor and Ken's made a decision. He wants a Do Not Resusitate order on file. That freaks everyone out but I can understand his concerns. It's an emotional thing for family to accept but a DNR order at his age and with his recent health history is logical. Ken talked it over with Roy since he went through something not all that different when Hayley decided to take her own life. Roy's comment about love not being rational or objective is true. It's difficult for a loved one to face the fact that someone will die, no matter how.

Peter's got his credentials for driving the cab and his second job was to take Nick and Simon to a special football training session. Remember Tommy Orpington, the one Steve and Tim had man-crushes on? Yep, him. Anyway, as per usual, Nick and Peter were at each other's throats until Peter tried to push Nick out of the car and opened the door on Simon's hand. Ouch. At the hospital, Simon turned to Peter for comfort, not Nick so that got Nick's nose out of joint. He really is petty, Nick, isn't he? Well, so is Peter when it comes to Nick, that's true, too.

I think it's a bit strange that Nathan has a full professional video set up at the tanning salon just for a few tutorials and some minor advertising. He's flattering and she's lapping it up. Tim is still trying to come up with ideas after the footbal fail. He's found a tandem bicycle! She was less than impressed. But seeing Michelle and realizing how short life is changed her mind and she actually seemed to have fun on their ride. Gemma seemed to recognize Shona from somewhere. Considering Shona seems to have spent time on the street, it's always possible they crossed paths.

Norris seems to be having roommate problems but not with Sean, it's with Brian. He was also in the right place at the right time for the juicy gossip about Phelan and Eileen's secret wedding! Sean and Norris confronted Brian about his bad roomie habits and gave him a list of rules. Roy seemed to be enjoying his solitude, soft music, crackers and cheese for one. Shona thinks he's not handling being alone and she told Brian so. Now Brian has an idea. Living with Roy will be less rule-restrictive than living with Norris and Sean, right? Roy took him in for the night but handed Brian a listing of available flats. Naturally, he's hoping Roy will let him stay.

Cathy's looking for work so Gemma hired her without Dev's permission or even Chesney's seeing as he's supposed to be the manager. It didn't look like her kebab career would last very long but Dev ended up offering her a few part time shifts in both the shop and the kebab place, probably Erica twisting his arm. I think Cathy would be good in the corner shop, actually. Sean was hurt that Eileen never told him about the wedding ahead of time and he doesn't think it's going to end well. Duh. We can all see it, but she can't. Ooh Freddie and Audrey are out to lunch together. Is it a date? Luke ran into an ex girlfriend who started work at the Bistro. It was awkward.

Tracy turns 40. Daniel bought her something but Adam's gift hasn't arrived yet. He used that excuse the last time, too. Christmas, it was and Daniel called him on it. It's turning out to be a bit of a damp squib of a day. She was underwhelmed with her gifts and nobody seems all that interested in her birthday lunch. The only ones turned up were Daniel and Luke and Luke's gift of a chocolate orange only made her feel even more fed up. Laughed at her comparing it to her 30th birthday. That would be the one where she was in jail for the murder of Charlie Stubbs.

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