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Sunday Comments Feb 26

Leanne went back to the flat instead of to the Bistro after making the connection between Toyah and Peter's pet names for each other. Sure enough, they'd made up and were canoodling when Leanne got back. No denying it now. Leanne was furious and betrayed and let them have it with both barrels. Nothing she could say was going to help. One good thing came out of it, Peter has reassured Toyah that he'll go along with her quest for a baby. He doesn't want to lose her. Toyah may have lost her sister on the other hand. Leanne's making her choose. Leanne has a lot of unresolved baggage where Peter is concerned, it seems like and even though she doesn't love him anymore, I suppose it's difficult to see her sister with someone that meant so much to her and who hurt her so much. I don't think it's jealousy, just a rush of old feelings.

Nick got disappointed when Leanne didn't show up. Eva was happy that he's going to propose and Nick thinks Leanne likes a surprise. She got one that day but it wasn't the kind she likes, that's for sure. Leanne and Toyah took the fight to the Bistro. Nobody's going to propose today and Eva filled Nick in. It looked like Leanne and Toyah were making peace but when Lee found out that Eva and Simon also knew before she did, it all kicked off again. Now both sisters are in the doghouse.

Now that the secret's out, Toyah can move in with Peter and she's going to be working behind the bar where everyone can gawp at her. Peter has to tell his father he's seeing the sister of his ex-wife. Adam finds it amusing that Peter's had sisters. Ken just sighs. "Peter!" the way he does. Ken knows darn well Peter's relationships usually end in flames. Meanwhile, that Chloe from the taxi the other week has come looking for Peter to drive her somewhere and then pick her up and take her somewhere else. She's very flattering though. Peter likes it but seems to be keeping it on a professional basis.

And with Leanne still in an uproar, poor Simon is worried. Nick make him smile by telling him he's going to propose when the time is right and told him where the ring was hidden (sweaty gym bag). Toyah and Eva tried to make peace and show a united front but Leanne wasn't having it. None of it. Simon wasn't happy. He thinks she's jealous when she's got a great bloke, Nick, and he wants to marry her. Simon even finds the ring where Nick hid it and showed her. Doh! She took the ring to the Bistro and encouraged him to propose even if it was in the kitchen and she didn't even let him actually ask the question. She says yes. She should have said Yes Again!

They celebrated in the pub where Toyah and Peter had come in as well but things are pretty awkward. Sean let on that there's a celebration and Nick encouraged Leanne to make up with Toyah but she stayed put.

The mastectomy bra went over really well. One of the women is a reporter, as well, and could help with the publicity. Johnny and his client returned and Alya stood there smug, thinking it would all come down on Jenny's head but the clients were impressed once Jenny had the chance to explain and the women backed her up. Jenny 1, Alya 0. Johnny was impressed, too, with Jenny and how she handled the client. Jenny also agreed to sign the pre-nup and intends on having more do to with the business if he'll let her. He will and that'll put Alya's nose further out of joint.

Over at the cafe, Shona found a stuffed toy under the table where David and the kids were. Why did she throw it out? She must have realized who it belonged to. She found it only minutes after he and the children left. David brought Lily back to look for it and Shona said she hadn't seen it but of course she had. Later she found it when she was binning the garbage and acted like she's forgotten all about it. Strange. Anyway, she gave it a good wash and brought it to the pub to give to David after knocking at Number 8 and NOT leaving the bunny there for Lily. Weird. What's going on with this chick? Is she clueless or does she have some sort of agenda?

Lily made a thank you card for Shona and David, to his credit, did give it to her but though the card really seemed to touch her she threw it out. Why? Nothing this woman is doing makes any sense. David seems to agree with me. She's still living at Number 11 as well and Todd continues to be snarky at her. He doesn't trust her and neither do I. There's more there that we don't know yet. Gemma still seems to recognize her from somewhere, the Dog and Gun but she's denying it strenuously. Too strenuously.

Kate has quite the factory to work at the Bistro. The factory never was her thing. Johnny was fine with it, he just wants her to be happy. Bethany is still making videos, also with her phone since she doesn't have access to Nathan's fancy camera. She's also getting packages from him. Mr. Curb Crawler is trying to lure her into skipping school. Almost didn't work but she couldn't resist. Her ideas for a split screen didn't go over well with Nathan's employee but Nathan put Mel on to the Like button to bolster Bethany's ego.

Anna tore Kevin a new one for keeping the secret about Sally's money and in the ensuing argument, the secret about the insurance company not paying came out for Tyrone to hear. She's right, even after a bit of a financial break, he would have let Anna go through the court case. Tyrone is furious, too and so he should be. Tyrone has decided that Sophie has to get the sack, that's going to cause even more aggro between the two men but he's got a point. Sophie was there to help run the new business which is in ashes and they have got along ok while she was gone. She's superfluous to requirements. Kevin wasn't happy about it, thinking Freddie was last in and first out but Tyrone is going to win this battle.

Anna is still not too happy with Kevin and Kevin is getting bad news upon bad news with Tyrone considering retracting his statement to the police that gave Kevin an alibi for the fire. Anna thinks Kevin needs to keep from winding Tyrone up but he just can't help himself. Kevin refuses to sack Sophie but he's right about one thing, if Tyrone retracts his statement, he would get into trouble as well for lying. Tyrone wasn't happy that Kevin didn't tell Sophie she was sacked but Freddie's right. She's only just got home but it looks like Tyrone is taking matters into his own hands. Or he said something like it but it didn't get followed up, I don't think.

Meanwhile, Kevin is taking on a much work as he can though Sophie's trying to make sure they take breaks for safety but that's ignored and it sure ends up biting him on the backside. He got Luke to help with something under a car and went off to see if he could help a client of David's. The car ended up slipping off it's moorings onto Luke!

Anna's in a very bad mood at work too, snapping at Shona and hollering at Faye for lingering, hoping Seb would show up and surprise her. Oh how I remember teenage love/crushes! Seb seems to be dangling her on a string, doesn't he? He even eyes up other women when he's standing right beside Faye. Seb then decides it's a good idea to steal a power tool from the back yard of Number 11, Phelan's tools. Oh dear. He's crossed the wrong psychopath this time.

Phelan caught up with them quickish. The stupid lad tried running. Then the stupid lad stopped. Why didn't he just keep going? Phelan wasn't running after him. He's going to put Seb to work and he's making out to Eileen that he's taking the lad under his wing so he won't go bad. I think that ship has sailed but if it was anyone else, say, Roy, I'd say the kid had a chance at turning his life around. With Phelan as his mentor it's going to be like Fagin and the Artful Dodger from Oliver Twist.

He's got the job to completely renovate Ken Barlow's kitchen and put the kid to work. He wasted no time rifling through the sideboard for something to steal. Did you see Phelan smirk when he spotted Seb steal one of Uncle Albert's medals? He didn't let him get away with it or any of his lip.

At least, for now, David's off Anna's hook and Kevin has a distraction. Not only is Sophie back, but Rosie has come with her. (take notice of that leopard print bag that the taxi driver forgot to unload, it'll be important though not in this episode) Rosie's full on, isn't she? Just as shallow as she ever was, nice to see some things don't change. Still, her homecoming turned out to be quite eventful with the arrival of the police who were looking for drugs they thought she brought with her from America. I don't know. You fly internationally these days and your luggage is examined, xrayed and sniffed by a dog both when it's loaded on and when you're standing there in Customs waiting so why did the police have to come to the house? They're looking for drugs.

And it's a tip off. But why? The girls have just flown in from the US and they'd have been through customs where there are sniffer dogs and xrays for the luggage and surely they would have shown up already? It makes no sense. They found a powdery substance in a bag but she said it was sweetener. They got taken away in the police car and Kevin blames Tyrone for the tip off. In the cop shop, Sophie is sarcastic about Rosie's crowd and denies being asked to bring anything for anyone else. Rosie was as bimbo-ish as ever. But in the end, they were released because it really was sweetener.

Guess what? Remember that forgotten bag? Turns out her boyfriend Anton put some treats in it for his "mate" and those treats are illegal Class A drugs! AND the mate apparently knows where they live. Sophie is furious but you know, as dozy and Rosie is, it could happen easily to someone besotted with a person who uses them in such a way. Anyway, Rosie's plan is to pass it on to the person they were meant to and that will be an end to it. Sophie wouldn't let her go alone but it turns out the guy got arrested the day before so they're stuck with the gear.

Now what do they do? Save them in an urn? They're in a biscuit tin at the moment bit Sally's mention of Tim's allottment gave Rosie her next idea, bury the tin at the allottment but they find Brian beavering away at the next one which must be Roy's, I assume.

Chesney's trendy haircut isn't going to patch up the problems, unfortunately and Daniel is there to listen to her. Sinead thinks she should make the effort but it very much looks like Daniel is winning her over or at least making her realize she has to end things with Chesney.

Sinead is sleeping on the sofa but she's being civil to Chesney who's begging and pleading for her to come back to him. I would think if she's split with him, she should be finding somewhere else to stay. Maybe she can rent Maria's flat for a bit? Poor Chesney. Nothing can cheer him up, not even a big hug from Gemma. Gemma thinks playing hard to get will do the trick and Fiz takes it upon herself to lay a guilt trip on Sinead to make sure she doesn't give up on Chesney until they've given it their best try. But Sinead unloads on Daniel who wants to help her make her decision. Seems like he's never been much of a ladies' man like his brother and father.

Daniel and Adam are still bickering. It must be a war zone in that flat between the two of them on at each other all the time. Adam's not having much luck studying for his exam to transfer his law qualifications and he's not trying very hard either, he's trying to get someone to get hold of the exam so he can cheat! But Adam's method of "studying" is too noisy for Daniel who's trying to study as well. All he wants is a quiet place to study but Sinead says she can help him there.

She's made an excuse to work late at the factory and she was that nervous when asking Johnny you knew it *was* an excuse but he didn't. He told Chesney she was working OT to take him on holiday, giving him false hope. But in reality, a nice quiet factory for Daniel to go to study while they later get to spend a little private time together. Maybe the scent of silk is an aphrodisiac because it sure seemed to have that effect on the two of them though Sinead backed off before Daniel could kiss her. He's kind of shy and didn't seize the moment.

Sinead is very up beat the next day, singing and dobbing on makeup but everyone in the house thinks she's thinking kinder of Chesney. Daniel isn't having a good day though, with Adam having sussed out that he's a virgin and isn't going to let him forget it. At least Peter scolded him for it when Adam took great pleasure in telling him later. Have I said lately that I really dislike Adam? What an asshat. So to speak. (you can translate that anyway you like) He took out his embarassment on Sinead so it seems she's decided to agree to a date with Chesney. Daniel was going to run away but Peter's caring talk settled him down.

Sinead was going to swerve the overtime and meet Chesney but Daniel came to apologize and he admitted that he really really likes her. Next thing you know, that silk is working its magic and this time they're snogging their faces off and more. AND MORE!! While Chesney waits in vain at the Bistro, poor lad. Daniel isn't a virgin anymore but Sinead seems to be full of guilt and ready to talk but Chesney doesn't realize that talk is a breakup talk. And poor Kirk is really worried. He can see the inevitable even if he's hoping for the best.

Daniel is cheerful the morning after and Adam ends up figuring it out though Daniel doesn't outright admit it. But he also finds the exam answers that Adam carelessly left in the trash. Daniel couldn't resist telling tales, maybe because Adam is getting a loan off Ken for his business which was based on him passing the exam. But finding out Adam cheated means Ken isn't giving him the money, it's more to do with his integrity than the exam, especially since Ken knows Adam could have passed without cheating. Doesn't matter, unless someone reports him, which they probably won't, he will still be qualified but he's lost Todd as his clerk. Todd has realized that Adam is a loose cannon. Adam gets his revenge on Daniel by telling Chesney about Sinead and Daniel.

Good news is that the factory is going to be making mastectomy bras. The Bad news is that Chesney brought his dirty laundry with Sinead into the factory for all the gossip lovers to hear. She admitted it. She did get the better of Adam later, though, accusing him of being jealous of Daniel and pointing out he can't be very smart if he had to cheat on the exam. Chesney took his anger and pain out on Daniel, though, not Sinead. And Daniel, having found out that Adam spread the word that he had been a virgin, took a knock to the pride and when Chesney threw it in his face, he hit back, too. It isn't the first time Daniel's shown evidence of a very strong and possibly violent temper. I wonder if that's going somewhere storyline-wise?

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