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Sunday Comments February 19

Toyah tried to talk sense into Nick. He really is deluded. He was happy to get to Leanne before Toyah did but the news that Steve and Michelle would be away for some time satisfied him and he didn't say anything but the subject matter isn't going to get dropped. Toyah told Peter and he went off on one, and rightly so. Toyah didn't want Peter to confront Leanne but he couldn't help himself. Leanne didn't go off on one but told Nick firmly that it was not on. Toyah managed to make believable excuses as to why she went to Peter. Oh and now Nick knows that Peter knows about Steve, too. And Peter's a lot more of a threat to Nick's secure little life than anyone else who knows the secret. I loved that little confrontation in the stairwell. Nick might bluster that he doesn't take threats but Peter is not someone that can be intimidated by the likes of Nick Tilsley.

Leanne seems to have talked Nick out of his grand plans for the time being, impressing on him that they are the family. It's nothing to do with Steve. Later, Toyah chides him for dropping her in it when he confronted Nick and Leanne about taking Simon to Scotland. Peter did take great glee over Nick's reaction. She reminds Peter that the tension isn't good for Leanne's blood pressure so he promises to behave. Toyah's skeptical. Then she leads Peter into a casual discussion about having kids. He doesn't want anymore, citing both Leanne and Carla's miscarriages as case in point that it's a risky business. He think it's why they work so well together, a future with no ties, no responsibilities, they both want the same things, right?  Toyah looks distressed and doesn't really answer him. I don't think she agrees. They talk in generalities about kids and divorce. Peter wonders sometimes if Simon's problems are down to his being a bad dad (Um....) and Toyah reminds him that he's back and determined to be a good father. Peter nips into the Bistro to pick up a takeaway order and apologizes later to Nick and promises to keep quiet about Steve being the baby's father.

Toyah's husband visits from Liverpool. She thinks it's to get the divorce started. But when he arrives, it's not that at all. The fertility clinic has told them that unless they're willing to pay more money, they can't keep on storing the embryoes. He thinks they should destroy them if they aren't going to get back together. They chat about the toll it took on them. She's having a tough time signing the forms, thinking of each embryo as a little boy or girl. She wants him to sign them over to her and maybe she can go through more IVF on her own. But he rightly guesses her new bloke doesn't want kids. Toby asks if they could get back together and try for a baby again. He's working on her emotions, her desire for a baby. She even kisses him back when he leans in.

But then she pulls back and rejects him. She would be living a lie and she loves Peter. Oh, he really works on her but she signs the paper and tells him to leave. He's made it easier by telling her he only went through it all because she was so desperate to have a baby and calls her a sad excuse for a woman. He goes off with a great, big resentful knot on his face, probably gutted that he's lost her for good.  She goes outside a bit later and he's sat at the bus stop. He gives her more grief and she snaps that he'll be hearing from her solicitor about the divorce.

Eva has a spa afternoon planned for she and Leanne and Toyah but Toyah tells her over the flaqt's intercom that she has to skip it. Eva thinks it's because Toyah's with Peter at the flat but pretends to Leanne that Toyah has gone out and they head to the spa together. Toyah joins them after Toby leaves. Leanne gets off for her massage (and yes, they can do a massage on a pregnant woman, they have special techniques and it's very good for the mum's aching back). When she gets back, Leanne can tell that Toyah is upset over Toby's visit. She admits that she really wants children, more than anything and now it doesn't look like it's going to happen. She tells them all about it.

Leanne is shocked that Toyah never told her. Toyah reminds her that they didn't see a lot of each other back when she was having the IVF treatments and it was difficult to talk about. Leanne is really sympathetic but tries to be encouraging. Toyah genuinely seems happy for Leanne's pregnancy and tells them that Toby does have a child but they never found out for sure if the problem was hers or not. When asked about the new fella, she says he has a child but doesn't want more. Leanne wonders if her fella will change his mind if he really loves her. Eva, of course, knows who that is and to her credit, doesn't let on at all, just suggests that the man might be struggling as a dad already.  When she goes to the loo, Eva is sympathetic to Toyah's pain over losing the embryos and realizes she really does love Peter. Toyah admits she doesn't want to put pressure on Peter and won't say anything.

A bit later on again, Toby jumps into the back of Peter's cab. He must have been sitting on that bus stop bench a very long time unless he was drowning his sorrows in the pub. He makes a remark about his ex wife which makes Peter raise an eyebrow. When they get to the train station, Toby is still moaning about his ex but when Peter turns around, Toby recognizes him from seeing him flirt with Toyah back a few months and realizes Peter is Toyah's new man. Peter doesn't deny it. Toby takes the opportunity to tell him that Toyah wants a baby and they spent 30 grand on IVF, warns Peter she'll bleed him dry, too.

So now Peter knows that Toyah really, really wants a baby and he doesn't and that she never told him. He wasn't very happy about it. And in the mood he's in, the idea of chauffering a beautiful woman around was just the trick, no pun intended. And the damsel in distress, seeing he was in a mood over his girlfriend, lured him in to the restaurant for a coffee. He took her up on it but in the end, he resisted temptation and walked away. His absence worried Toyah and ruffled her jealousy. They had a huge row and she binned him. For now, anyway. This being a soap, that won't last. The first breakup? Just their first row, that's all.

The next day, each of them are bending the ear of someone else and they still do love each other, They're just at a child-shaped impasse. With Leanne's help, using Toyah's phone behind her back when Peter texted with an apology, a reconciliation was arranged. Of course, Leanne didn't know who she was actually dealing with. There's a glitch in it though because Toyah offered to help Nick in the Bistro. Nick needed her help, you see...

It seems Nick has plans to propose to Leanne, AGAIN. He showed the ring to Toyah who coached him on a romantic way to do it. He wants it to be a surprise, though. He decorated the Bistro and got Toyah to help him and she's pleased for them. But fate has other plans. Leanne got Toyah to come back home but Peter got there first. Peter made up an excuse. He overheard Leanne confessing to Toyah what she'd done. I real comedy of errors. Leanne went to the Bistro and Peter had to leave but indicated he'd be back which he did do. He's willing to discuss the options, but for her, not having a baby isn't an option. She poured her heart out. Is he willing to take the risk that it could ruin their relationship like it did for her and Toby? 

Nick's proposal didn't happen. Leanne didn't turn up. A remark that Tim made about Peter's "Wilma" made the penny drop. Toyah's "Fred" and "Wilma" made the connection. Oh dear heavens.

Steve regrets losing his temper with Fiz for her stupid remark. Steve's plan, by the way, was to take Michelle to Ireland for awhile. Poor Robert's heart cracked a little watching them drive away, I think.

Tyrone and Kevin are taking shots at each other over the spanners until Freddie calls them to task. I don't think his admonitions are going to stop the acrimony between the two men. It's coming down to drawing up a work rota and everything. Later, Tyrone and Freddie see Phelan by the burned out garage. He suggests they fix it up and sell it and even offers to do the work, payment with the insurance payout. They all commiserate about how stupid it was to leave Kevin drunk in the car nearby. Tyrone decides it might be a good idea to take Phelan up on his offer. I don't think Kevin's going to agree. And sure enough, Kevin goes off on one at the idea of Phelan doing the work. Kevin and Ty start ripping at each other and Tyrone ends up getting a smack in the face from Kevin after an insult at Sophie's expense. Not sure why unless...was it her idea to expand in the first place, perhaps? Kevin seems shocked at what he did. Phelan looks on with glee as he gets in his car.

Kevin does apologize but even the staff think he was out of order and they're on Tyrone's side. It doesn't help Kevin's mood any when he gets a call from the insurance company telling them they won't pay out because they think he started the fire! (but if the police aren't charging him, can they actually do that?) Kevin's finances are officially in the toilet. He tells Anna and tells her he doesn't remember anything, he was too drunk and Tyrone's lies to the police only saved him from being arrested. He was grateful, of course he was. Anna offers to go back to work, and she thinks she's ready.

She wants to do her bit so she goes to see Roy later. He's pleased to have her back if she's sure she is ready. Because Kevin overheard Todd and Adam talking about injury cases being lucrative, he thinks Anna should sue David Platt for compensation for her injuries. She really doesn't want to do that because it means showing her injuries by photo or in court, right and that's the last thing she wants. But he's persuasive and he's like a dog with a bone and he'll wear her down. Then again, everyone that watches has been shouting at the screen, why doesn't Sally contribute to her daughter's medical expenses?

Well, he confided in Sally  and she offered him money for Sophie's expenses. He should have asked her in the first place. Kevin being Kevin, though, didn't tell Anna who felt guilty enough to finally agree to the law suit. He was going to tell her about Sally, I think, but when she told him she'd do it, you could see the pound signs ching-chinging in his eyes. Thing is. Sally's money takes the pressure off but he still needs the cash.

It's a moral thing, though. If the financial pressure is off a bit, you shouldn't ask someone to do something they're not comfortable with and which isn't a sure thing anyway. Anna made arrangements to speak to David and it's got him wondering what she wants. But Tim let the cat out of the bag.

The Connors have Adam backed into a corner, catching him in the factory office. What to do? Call the police or make a deal. A deal for one pound. I love it!!! He was well and truly sucker punched, the arrogant twit. He's so full of entitlement. Did he actually have to admit it to Ken? He did indeed and even Daniel knows. Wasn't Daniel gleeful! After Adam always taking the mick out of him, he finally got the chance to turn it around on Adam. Karma, baby. Ken was disapproving. He knows damn well Adam was greedy, it had nothing to do with wanting his birthright back. I knew darn well Adam pocketed the rent money Daniel gave him, there was Dev at the door telling Adam the rent was late! Adam made up with Ken but you always think Adam has an agenda. And the agenda is going to be helping Ken get a will.

Things are much quieter in the Barlow house. Ken has had a look over an essay that Daniel has written and he approves. Tracy and Luke have come out and admitted they are now proper boyfriend. She makes another derogatory remark about Ken's plans for the DNR order but the rest of them seem to have accepted it. The cutlery drawer falls apart when Adam opens it, spurring Ken to remark that the kitchen has needed a refit for years. He promises Adam he'll sit down and start working out a new will today, too. When they do, he lists some of the keepsakes he's going to pass on to various and sundry. Adam doesn't look impressed that his keepsake is a paperweight. He looks even less impressed when he hears that the grandchildren's share, of which he is one, will be one third of one quarter of the estate, the first three quarters going to his children (Peter, Daniel, Tracy). So really, bumping off the old man isn't going to be very profitable, is it?

Ken can see Adam's a bit disappointed but reminds him that his children are first in line. Todd walks by and makes a remark to Adam about the look on his face as Ken walks away so Adam follows him into the pub. The two of them sit and have a drink in the pub and talk legal things. Todd pretends that he came home for a family emergency and wasted all that training as a paralegal. Adam tells him he's going to take exams to transfer his qualifications from Canada and he's going to set up his own firm though he doesn't have the money yet to start up. Todd reckons personal injury claims are the way to make money these days and Adam agrees. Kevin is listening from the next booth.

Adam thinks Ken is punishing him because he's Mike Baldwin's son and reckons himself to be the black sheep of the family. (I think Tracy probably has that title nailed down though Peter's a strong contender, too) That is the name of the new firm. Black Sheep Solicitors.  I wonder if Adam and Todd are at the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

Ken has decided to have a family conference but Peter's delay made them wait. He's going to do the DNR order and tells them about his will. Tracy really is having a hard time with the prospect of his death. I know that when you lose one parent, and it's not been that long for her, remember, the prospect of losing the other one scares you even more. Tracy took her mother's death quite hard.

Tracy told Luke the lie about Charlie Stubbs abusing her leading to her killing him. I wonder if she has told it so often that she actually believes it now?  Has she put Luke off for good? Apparently not. The blonde waitress was in the middle of crowing about her one date with Luke when he came back. He even told Tracy she was just what he needed. Honest and up front. And he likes her and that's the important thing. It really helps if you like someone first, before you love them. Well the waitress got in a snit and goaded Tracy so much that she tore into her, much to Luke's amusement. All it did was get the waitress fired and it got Tracy a boyfriend properly. He even had a nice gift for her.

Brian is working hard to keep Roy on side, cooking a nice meal, sucking up. Naturally, Roy asked him to stay, for rent of course. You don't have to ask him twice. He's so pompous, he does make me laugh even though I quite dislike him.

Brian has found a teddy bear that was Cathy's which was in his room and has given him nightmares! Later, we see that Roy has boxed up the rest of Cathy's things for her and she's come to get it. Brian makes a fool of himself playing with the bear, making it seem like something out of a horror movie. Cathy snaps that it's the only thing she has left to remind her of her mother who made it for her. He is duly chastened. Yasmeen doesn't have much of an opinion of Brian.

Cathy seems to be feeling down now that the last vestiges of her relationship with Roy are packed in a cardboard box. Yasmeen offers to let her take her spot at the salon to cheer her up. What a nice pair of friends they make. Later, when Audrey is working on Cathy's hair, Brian intrudes and wants to jump the queue. He is refused even though he apologizes to her about making fun of her things earlier. Audrey makes him wait his turn and while he waits, he witters on about cuddly toys, a snake his Nan made out of tights. His Nan seems to have been a great influence on him. He and Cathy seem to have made peace, reckons they're actually two of a kind.

The factory workers are buzzing and jumping to the music on this bright Monday morning until the boss shows up with Jenny on his heels flashing a big, shiny, one carat diamond ring around. It is duly admired even if it costs more than most off them get paid all together. No date set yet, and a small but fabulous wedding will be planned. We are informed that Kate doesn't know about the engagement as they didn't want to tell her the day Michelle went missing and they were all on the search for her and Kate went to London the next day. She's back today so she'll have a surprise waiting, won't she? Will she be happy about it?

Johnny seems a bit nervous while waiting for Kate to show up. When she does, (she's been to London and then to Bali), Johnny  hustles her right back out the door to the Bistro. Jenny rushes in to join them, not wanting Johnny to tell Kate the news on his own, which was exactly what he wanted to do but Jenny's excitement can't be contained and she spills the news instead. Kate is shocked but covers well enough. She's interested to overhear Nick tell Peter he needs staff. Back at the factory, Fiz and Jenny are drooling over wedding magazines but Johnny and Kate both look a bit disconcerted at the cost of the average wedding, 30 grand, that the magazine article espouses. Kate thinks Jenny is using Johnny as a sugar daddy, out to take him for as much as she can, just like his last girlfriend, she reminds her father.

Later, Johnny does gently caution Jenny on her over enthusiasm and suggests they find a middle ground between cheap and blowing all his cash which he needs to leave to his kids and for retirement. He says he'll sort out a budget and suggests they have a pre-nup agreement. I think that's knocked her down a bit. She sees him thinking of making sure his family is provided for. What about her? She's supposed to be his family, or will be soon.

Jenny's already acting like she's second in charge of the factory when her encounter with Sally showed she wasn't really up to handling the staff quite well. But Sally's annual cancer check up had Jenny apologizing and later the conversation about a mastectomy bra gives her an idea. A good idea. She took the initiative and designed something that might work, something nice looking and useful and what does Alya do? Get all snotty on her for using up a few scraps of silk without permission and doing it on her own time. Jenny's bra even has Sally burying the hatchet, something I bet you never thought you'd see.

Meanwhile, Johnny has a meeting with an important client. While he's gone, Sally has brought in a group of friends to see the bra and Alya tries to pull rank. Doesn't work though. Jenny isn't cowed by anyone, especially someone as resentful as Alya. She thought Johnny coming back with the client would drop Jenny in it.

Kate admits Jenny's driving her mental. The upshot of this is that she's asked Nick for a job after overhearing he was looking for staff and the man, he say yes. I think she'd be good if she can keep her temper tempered!

Looks like Chesney is still sleeping on the sofa and trying hard to keep on Sinead's good side. He thinks it's just a routine row, but she sees their relationship ending. Kirk, though, is worried and pragmatic.  Don't keep Chesney hanging. Good advice. Chesney's next move is to get a fashionable haircut which amuses David to no end.

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