Monday, 1 January 2018

A Christmas Carol

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog December 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

It would appear Carol Vorderman has been reading my blogs. Or at least subconsciously agreeing with them. I’ve commented recently on the negative direction Corrie has been headed in terms of it's hard-hitting storylines as we approach Christmas. It’s all doom and gloom. The day-to-day interaction between characters still has that Corrie wit and touch of comedy, but the dark, serious storylines that have been building up over the autumn and into winter, are threatening to turn us all off.

Adventurer, TV presenter and Countdown legend Carol has been clearly thinking the same, and took to Twitter earlier to make her Corrie Christmas wish public:

I actually think generally Coronation Street is very good at the moment. Although I am in agreement with Carol about Mary's recent troubles. I wasn't completely convinced by them and I really miss happy, scatty Mary. There are some great storylines bubbling away nicely though, and a great deal of wonderful acting, especially from the likes of Connor McIntyre who plays villain Pat Phelan. Producer Kate Oates isn’t against embracing Corrie’s past by bringing back old characters or tying up loose ends from the distant past. But high drama needs to be balanced with that for which we all love Coronation Street – it’s comedy, and it’s heart. Perhaps we can all send some positive festive thoughts towards Media City, where Corrie is made. And make Carol’s Christmas wish our own.


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Anonymous said...

I am totally with Carol. As I watch I am constantly asking "when will it stop?", whether it be Anna's shrieking, Mary beetling her brow, Sarah on the verge of yet another breakdown, being bored to death by the sparkless triangle that is Sinead/Daniel/Cheney, trying to find any evidence of real passion between Robert and Michelle, the endless parade of police cars and ambulences, and the unreal number of hospital and police station visits. I am hoping for a return to a slower pace in the new year and some humour to relieve viewers tired of the dark east enders turn the show has taken. Please!

Canadian watcher said...

So many of us are feeling this way. I actually stopped watching a few weeks ago and just stuck to reading this blog I recorded last Sunday's 3-hour omnibus and before watching, read this site's summary (thank you, you are fabulous!) Then I fast-forwarded through all the scenes with police, hospitals, story lines I don't like (Phelan, Anna, Chesney, etc) as well as the commercials and it took me about an hour to view it all. Will do the same next Sunday, just because I want to see Carla again. May continue to do this, at least until Phelan leaves the show. Love the 3 sisters, Peter's witch comments were LOL. Love seeing Hope and Ruby with lines to say, so cute! Liking Craig & Bethany a lot. So all is not lost.

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