Monday, 8 January 2018

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for Jan. 1 - 5

Attitude win: Lily for giving Gary the "look", from her eyes, then pointing back at him. Beware, Windass! Superb!

Sucker punch award: Anna shocked the heck out of Phelan when she popped him one in the face in the prison visiting room!

It's Not My Fault award: Kevin assuring Jack they'll have to get used to Faye living elsewhere when he's the one responsible for it in the first place. Faye could hardly continue to live at No.13 after he broke up with Anna.

Stradivarius Fail award: Amy's been playing the violin for a few years now. How come she just isn't any better at all?

Attitude Fail: Michelle was more affronted that Carla didn't tell her she was arriving than she was delighted at the surprise. Why is it always about Michelle? Because it just always is.

Birthday Fail award: Ever year we are reminded that it's David's birthday at Christmas but even this year with the Return of Rosie, we don't see her birthday celebrations.

Observation fail: Bethany saw the police car through the curtains but all of the other 6 Platts of various ages, standing about 10 feet from the cobbled street, completed missed it?

Defeating the purpose award: Gail, wearing noise cancelling headphones, singing out loud to her music.

Godfather award: Ken coming over all Don Barlow Corleone with Billy in the hospital

Lines of the week:
Johnny to Aidan "Pack up your humble pie and get out"
Sally to Gail "You need to swivel your hips" Gail "My swivelling days are over"
Peter "All of us under one roof. It's going to be a laugh!" Simon "At least say it like you mean it"
Billy "I'm going to hell!"
Toyah about Adam "Will you ever be able to fancy him quit as much as he fancies himself?" (nobody could, love)
Yasmeen about Cathy "When I left she was stroking the rug and staring at the cover of my Blue Planet box set"
Peter to Billy "Why hurt myself...when I can hurt you?"
Rita to Peter "I haven't retired from bad behaviour even if you have!"
Sarah "How has my daughter ended up with a good bloke. I tell you, she doesn't get it from me"
Geraldine to Eileen "you (as grandmother) were parachuted in on some PC Rainbow ticket"
Gail to Eileen "At the risk of sounding too Christmassy, Oh No She Isn't!" (re Nicola's whereabouts, NOT Australia)
Daniel "To think all those years I craved a family Christmas!"
Carla "I don't need a drink to have a good time" (who are you?)

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