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Katie McGlynn Interview: Sinead and Chesney's wedding

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As Sinead’s wedding to Daniel approaches how sure is she that she’s marrying the right man?
She’s really confused because she finds out what Chesney’s been up to in trying to make Daniel look like the bad guy; how he hit himself in the face with the brick then lied, how he faked food poisoning in the bistro. Then all of a sudden she’s getting along with Daniel again, he’s helping get Joseph to speak and all she can think about is how nice Daniel is being. She does still love Chesney but as she finds all this out then she starts to wonder if Chesney is actually a bit of a psycho. She’s really confused and doesn’t know what to do.

How thrown is Sinead by Chesney’s behaviour? She had thought previously that Daniel was the troubled one and Chesney the safe bet, so how shocked is she by what Chesney has been doing?  
She’s really shocked, she can’t believe it and that’s what leads her to go to Daniel’s flat to confront him because even though Chesney has told her the truth she can’t get her head round it because Chesney’s never shown any signs of being a psycho before, it’s always been Daniel, so she’s just absolutely flabbergasted.

Can she understand what has pushed Chesney to behave in this way?
She can maybe see how he’s been driven by jealousy but she doesn’t like that character trait in Chesney, the jealousy and the desperation. She can recognise that he’s done all this crazy stuff because he really does love her but she’s still a bit taken aback by it, it’s not normal behaviour.  

Chesney was Sinead’s first love, would you say that Daniel was the love of her life and is he still the love of her life?
It’s two very different types of love and you can’t compare them. There’s nothing like your first love and that’s why her relationship with Chesney has been so good since she’s gone back to him. Her relationship with Daniel was completely different, it was like a whirlwind, she never expected to feel that way about somebody so quickly. It was very intense, maybe Daniel was the love of her life, the only reason she split up with him was because she thought he’d tried to kill Ken. She definitely still has feelings for Daniel.

What happens when Sinead goes round to Daniel’s flat and opens up to him about her feelings?
At first she’s just questioning Daniel about Chesney’s weird behaviour but then she starts to say she doesn’t know if she loves Ches and hints at what Daniel’s feelings for her are. She admits she’s unsure but she can’t really get the answers out of Daniel that she wanted so she’s even more confused about the situation.

As the wedding approaches do you think she’s sure that Chesney is the one?
She still has feelings for Daniel but she’s trying to think logically and convince herself that Chesney is the one who she should be with. Thinking with her head not her heart she sees Chesney as her future. 

How does Sinead feel when she’s about to leave for the wedding and she sees Daniel across the street, is their a moment between them?
Yes there is a moment between them because no matter how much she can think with her head and convince herself she’s doing the right thing, she can’t help what she feels in her heart and she does still love Daniel. 

Can we expect a straightforward wedding or will there be lots of drama?
There’s never a straightforward wedding on Coronation Street!

As an actress who would you like to see Sinead end up with?
I’d like her to be with Daniel because I think the character has more potential to unveil his slightly crazy side, I can see a lot of drama there and more obstacles in their way. Having said that I love the stable side of her relationship with Chesney and they do have fun together. Sam and Rob are both brilliant to work with, whenever I’m working with one I miss the other, I’m in a real life love triangle at work!    

Did you enjoy filming the wedding scenes?
It was great, it didn’t go according to plan as Sam was ill and didn’t turn up to his own wedding! But as soon as he was better we cracked on and it was pretty painless, we had a great director. 

What is Sinead’s dress like?
It’s cute, it’s very Sinead, I assume she’s designed it herself as that’s something Sinead would do. 

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