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Connor McIntyre interview: Phelan's dead bodies about to be unearthed?

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At this time of year, ITV release lots of storyline teasers, interviews and spoilers of what's going to happen in the coming weeks and even into the new year. Here, we've been given an interview with Connor McIntyre, who plays Pat Phelan - and he reveals what's coming up for Phelan after Christmas.  Exciting stuff ahead indeed for Phelan fans!

What’s Phelan’s reaction when Seb accepts a job working with Gary?
Pat sees this as a real act of disloyalty and as we know he doesn’t take that at all well. This is the sort of thing that impacts on that narcissism - ‘how dare you!’ He never forgets and more importantly, he never forgives.

What’s Phelan’s first thoughts when he hears that the mill conversion Gary’s working on is where buried Andy’s and Vinny’s bodies? 
Well, you can imagine! First of all, Gary is on his territory. Secondly, the chance that if there is going to be a development there, there is a good chance that the bodies are going to be discovered so it’s all hands to the pump. Phelan really has to think of a way to manage this scenario. 

Is this unnerving Phelan or is he that narcissistic that he is confident he can solve this problem?
He is nervous, he goes into that problem solving place in his head. It’s a very dangerous time for him which means it’s a very dangerous time for everyone else. 

Tell us what happens when Seb moves back in with Eileen and Phelan after his argument with Faye.
This is Pat Phelan’s insurance policy. Going about it in the way that he does, an opportunity presents itself in Seb coming back. All of a sudden Seb has realised, who and what he is dealing with. 

Phelan was once a father figure to Seb, how much danger is Seb now in?
For Phelan, Seb has gone over to the other side, the trust has gone now. Now Seb is just another component that has to be managed, young boy or not. 

As well as Seb, Phelan now has to deal with Luke asking questions. How worried is Phelan that Luke turns up at the mill?
At first he thinks he can manage it because Luke is a nice guy but irritating because he wants to know the truth. He has kept pressing and Phelan has sent him on a wild goose chase. But when Luke finally turns up at the mill, it becomes clear that this is not going the way he wants. Luke is determined and knows something's not right. There lies the big problem for Phelan.

Tell us what happens when Luke goes to leave. 
There’s a confrontation between Phelan and Luke. Phelan must stop Luke leaving that site at all costs but Luke is younger and fitter and manages to get into his car and get away.

What was it like filming a car chase?
Fabulous, we are boys so what could be better driving cars around corners at speed with cameras inside! I had not done a car chase before that I can remember so it was great fun. We had a great director and a great crew and it’s a blessing to play these things out. 

How are these scenes at the mill different to the scenes involving Andy and Vinny?
What gives these scenes an extra charge is that they are in broad daylight. This is really indicative of the seriousness because Pat would like to go around quietly in the dark. All of a sudden he is being forced into a situation in broad daylight and it only takes somebody to see what is going on and the cat it is out of the bag on all levels… 

What was it like filming these scenes with Dean Fagan?
Fantastic, Dean is a great kid. It’s great to have actors that are committed to it, it all lives and dies on that. Very exciting scenes. 

What was your reaction when you read through these scripts?
Excited, I’m right in the middle of the action! It’s tragic that Phelan goes to the mill to ditch the gun and poetically Luke turns up. Phelan is about to put all that to bed but just as he is about to do that, there’s another problem and he is pulled back into this. 

Could we see Phelan returning to the mill in coming months?
It is a pivotal place for him because that’s where he crossed the rubicon. The mill is going to become a place where Pat’s future will be determined in the events around the mill. The mill holds all the secrets, he is tied to that place. 

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