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Sunday Comments January 14

Carla seems to be avoiding Roy but encounters Daniel at the Bistro and finds out that Daniel used to work there. But Robert rehires Daniel while Carla keeps the peace between the two of them. Daniel and Carla introduce themselves, Peter's ex and Peter's brother. Carla offers Robert a loan but is refused rudely. Michelle thinks it's a good idea but in talking it over with Robert, Daniel overhears that the restaurant is still in debt.Why? Well, because it leads to Daniel telling Steve that Robert and Michelle are indeed having money problems on New Year's Eve.

Seems weird to see Tracy and Steve all loved up in public. Just doesn't seem right. They have a date in the Bistro but she notices that he keeps looking at Michelle. So what to do to solve that problem? Oh why, go back to the Bistro again for New Year's Eve where Michelle is wearing a top with cleavage showing everywhere. Tracy gets fed up with Steve paying attention to Michelle and hollers at him.

A few days later in the shop, Michelle's debit card didn't work and Steve is curious, knowing there are money problems in that direction. Steve offered Michelle 10,000 as a "mistake" from their settlement. I don't believe Michelle would buy that excuse, she was vindictive enough to make sure she got every penny she was due at the time. But she did and she accepted it with a hug that Tracy saw.

But what's up with Carla? She and Roy seem to have had a bit of a falling out, he knows what's up and isn't happy about lying for her. Hmmm. Curious. Anyway, she tries to get him to join the Connors for New Year's Eve in the Bistro which he resists but shows up anyway and finds a mohito by Carla's elbow. He doesn't know she ordered it without alcohol in it and he turned around and left when she got stroppy.

They then had a very special scene in the cafe. She's got health issues, serious ones, she is dealing with kidney failure and is looking at dialysis or a transplant. I'm so glad they didn't go down the cliche "I'm pregnant" route. Roy isn't going to stop poking sticks at her until she faces up to everything and fights for her life with all she's got. Roy comes back to the Bistro with her after all and she told Michelle she's only calorie-watching, not pregnant.

Johnny makes a speech as the seconds count down to midnight. We've barely seen the Rovers all night and it doesn't seem right, does it? Carla gets emotional and Roy rushes to her side outdoors. She could get a kidney donation from a relative but she doesn't want to ask so of course he thinks that's the wrong attitude to take. He invites her to stay in Weatherfield with him and she accepts. She really does need the support and if she's not going to reach out to her family, Roy is the one she really trusts.

Cathy persuades Roy to make a turkey dinner for Brian who missed his on the day. He's quite appreciative. Later in the week, on New Year's Eve, Cathy finds out that Alex is having housing problems but Brian has an important evening lined up. He takes her to the Bistro. Oh for the days when everyone went to the Rovers for occasions such as this. It does make it feel very disjointed, doesn't it? Cathy thinks Brian's going to propose but she's reluctant. It's too soon. Turns out he wants her and Alex to move into Number 12, the flat I wasn't sure he still owned because if he did, why was he lodging with Roy and Norris?And if she's not ready for marriage, what's the difference to living together? A commitment is a commitment in my book.

Brian can't find a way to gently tell Roy he's moving out. Roy can't find a way of asking Brian to leave so Carla can move in. What a pair. Over at the cafe, Carla still isn't sure about staying in Weatherfield since she'd have to lie to her family about her illness. Brian and Roy talked all around in circles and neither one was able to admit what they wanted but Brian finally blurted it out and Roy is pleased but then leaves Brian in charge of the cafe because he has to be somewhere else. He's gone to a clinic to see about donating a kidney. He's told that there will be lots of tests for his health and for compatibility as well as a psychological assessment. The implications are huge, apparently. So that's our Public Service Annoucement for today, then.

When Roy gets back, he tells Brian he's thrilled his moving out because now Carla can move in. So much for Brian thinking Roy was becoming too attached to him! Yasmeen tells Cathy she's delighted for them as well. Naturally. She gets shed of her houseguest!

Back at the flat, after giving Carla the mirror, Roy tells her that they bought the mirror in a flea market in Yorkshire. Cathy puts the kettle on and the four of them toast their future. Brian nearly reads a poem but Cathy manages to stop that. He does make a speech to thank Roy and Roy wishes Roy and Cathy the best.

Billy is facing a long recovery, more operations and may have trouble walking because of the fractured pelvis. Todd is still incommunicado and Billy doesn't understand why. Well, maybe he does but he can't say and has no idea which one of the Barlows called Geraldine. Adam is full of anger and grief. He and Daniel share a coffee later in the cafe. Chesney comes in and gets another dig at Daniel for wanting Sinead. Daniel tells him there's still time to split him and Sinead and Adam suggests there is still time to show her what he's really like.

Ken returns to see Billy to make sure he sticks to the deal now that Todd and Summer have gone. He tells Billy that he's responsible for changing Adam's life completely since the accident. After he leaves, Billy finally takes a shot of the self-serve morphine. Adam visits his mother's grave and vows revenge and the first thing we see him do after that is buy cookies, saying they're for Billy. Wha???

When Adam went to see Billy, it looked as if Billy didn't know that Adam knows his involvement in Susan's death. Odd, after Ken's orders to keep it quiet. You'd think he'd suspect all the Barlows know but he didn't seem awkward with Adam in the least. The conversation was thwarted by Eva's visit.

Turns out it was Peter that called Geraldine and he's backtracking like mad now. Thing is, he told her about Billy's accident, that's her son you remember, but she's more concerned with Summer. Geraldine did show up at the hospital later, probably hoping to quiz Billy, and Adam honed right in on her, sucking up like he's on her side against Billy and Todd raising Summer. I suppose he figures he can use her somehow against Billy by getting Summer away from him by legal custody means.

Geraldine has put things in motion to find Todd so she can get Summer back. The police are sniffing around Eileen, trying to see if she knows where Todd is. They question Billy, too, of course but he hasn't heard a thing. And is it me or is Billy self medicating with the painkillers more often than you'd expect? Eileen worries that when Todd does come back he'll be arrested for kidnapping but Phelan thinks Todd can get himself out of that one.

Stags and Hens for Chesney and Sinead coming up soon. Sinead of course doesn't want any lewd fuss like the standard hen do usually brings. Audrey texted Nick for his birthday. Nice that they throw little reminders in like that. Toyah is feeling a bit intimidated by Carla's presence and talks to Angie about it. Maria spending New Year's Eve in the Bistro, apparently with Audrey who should be at the Rovers with her old mates. 

Before New Year's, Alya meets Aidan in the Bistro with the new clients, her first time meeting them. But the clients waste no time making some nasty racist remarks referencing her colour and possible religion. Alya tells Aidan and Luke she can look aside if they can get the company back on side for the sake of the factory and workers.  Luke does not approve. Can't blame him. She's probably feeling a bit grubby about it all, too. They continued to make insinuations as well, in the pub later. Luke really is unhappy with it and even with Carla's advice to support Alya's decisions even if he doesn't like them, he couldn't help himself. He got caught up in the racists' heckling himself and lamped both of them. Naturally, he gets arrested for it the next day.

There's an alarm going off. Roy tells Toyah it's the garage. Two men in masks jump into a black sports car and squeal around the corner. Roy jumps out and tries to interfere and is knocked head over heels to the side of the road just as Sophie, Luke and Alya are coming along. Kevin arrives as well and we can see that there is graffiti sprayed all over the inside of the garage and the car that's parked inside. Luke comments that "they" aren't playing games now.

In the next episode, the police have been and taken the details. Of course it will be difficult to prove who actually committed the crime even though we've all got a pretty good idea. Even if there is CCTV footage, they were wearing masks. Kevin says that Roy is ok, just shook up and Alya offers to buy everyone pizza after they clean up the place. Luke has to go to his first hearing.

Carla's birthday dawns and she's still insistent on not telling her family she's ill. She did approve of Alya and Aidan dropping the racist clients, though. Alya later goes to the garage and snarls again at Luke for what he did but he stands up to her. Alas, the police drive up and arrest him for assault.

In the interview with the police, Luke claims he was provoked. His solicitor, Rana's brother Imran, tells the police the Parker brothers will have a reputation but it sounds like Luke might be charged anyway. Back at home, Phelan has come looking for the rent which is late and Alya still can't get hold of Luke. They discuss the situation and Phelan, in sympathy, gives them another week to get the month together. Luke arrives just then and tells Alya he's been charged with a hearing tomorrow. Imran tells them it's a serious charge.

So all of the Friends plus Sophie and Imran are in the flat. A takeaway is talked of though Kate has Carla's party to go to. Sophie found a little wire house a couple of inches big in the same drawer where the takeaway menus are. Luke says Andy used to make them. This will come into play another time so keep that in mind.  Luke and Alya decide to go out for a meal instead of a takeaway so they head to the cab office which is empty until Eileen returns.Before they go outside to Steve's cab, though, Luke spies a little wire house, or what's left of it on the desk. He asks about it and Eileen tells them she found it in the house that Pat was renovating, the one that burned down. Curiouser and curiouser. Twice in one day. What are the odds? Pretty good, I'd say, and a catalyst for the next leg of the plot which is bound to be the start of the end in the downfall of Pat Phelan.

Aidan buys Kevin and Sophie a drink to apologize that someone he was dealing with trashed the garage. Luke calls Andy's friend, Matt and leaves a message. He doesn't think Andy is backpacking around Belize after all.

In the Bistro, Rana arrives to check that she and Kate can still meet up. Robert sees Michelle give Kate her keys. When Michelle looks for him later, she finds out he's gone back to the flat to change. She texts the girls to warn them. They barely get themselves straightened out but they don't fool him when he comes in. Michelle tells Robert that she's letting Kate and Rana use the flat in return for not saying anything about the breakin.

As expected, a very surly Robert did not like Steve giving Michelle that money but she forced him to suck it up by showing him her cold shoulder. He had to apologize to Steve which then put Tracy in the know. None of this sits well with me, I tell you. Very much not believable. Michelle would have had her solicitor going over that settlement with a fine tooth comb to make sure she got everything she thought she was owed. She must know down deep that Steve is using that as an excuse to help her out and she's taking it, just like she had no qualms about defrauding the insurance company over the robbery "losses". No wonder Tracy is feeling a bit insecure. She had Steve confessing within seconds that he didn't really owe it to Michelle.

Roy gathers all the Connors to join him in the Bistro for a surprise birthday party for Carla. He hoped that her family could get together at least as one last time before they scatter to various points (Johnny and Jenny to Spain, Carla to Devon) Of course, he doesn't want Carla to leave and probably hopes a family gathering will remind her of her support network. She is surprised to come into the restaurant to see her family even though Roy's not there yet. She's a bit defensive at the idea of getting together while they all still can but Jenny points out that she and Johnny will be moving to Spain and Carla relaxes.

Roy finally arrives at the Bistro and he's clearly disheveled and scraped. Carla tells Roy she's taking him home but he wants her to have her gift first. (We saw him wrap up a mirror that belonged to Hayley, one that Carla had always admired). Carla is touched.

Out of the blue seemingly, in the pub, Ken tells Sophie that Emily is back in the country and is looking after her niece, Frieda, who's poorly. Peter and Carla still have that chemistry, don't they? And Toyah knows it, too. That's because Peter and Toyah have never had any in my opinion.

On New Year's Day, the younger Barlow men gather in the back yard of the pub, Peter hoping to call in some favours from Adam and Daniel. In the course of the conversation, it turns out Peter has installed CCTV but it's not working. Daniel discovers it covers an area right down the ginnel and he looks intrigued and offers to look at it for Peter.

Just to mention, here, Chesney's stag do is today as is the hen do. The women are dressing up as 1920s flappers though Sinead's mum got it wrong and is dressed like a trashy slapper! The men are going as ... some sort of soldier it looks like, with their faces painted green as well as wearing green uniforms and "helmets". And Cathy has joined the stag group, not the hens. Bizarre. I suppose because she works with Chesney. Gemma has as well but I would expect that!

Daniel has his hands on the CCTV DVDs and on the DVD they made showing Sinead at various ages. Cue the light bulb going off over his head. He told Chesney that there was CCTV footage of when Chesney smacked himself with the brick and he told Chesney Sinead was about to see just what kind of man she was marrying. Chesney made a beeline to the Bistro but of course, the DVD was not from the CCTV. Daniel was bluffing but it still made Chesney look like a frenzied idiot and Beth got hurt in the scuffle over the DVD. Cue smug Daniel.

Chesney admitted everything to Tyrone. He thinks Sinead isn't going to want him now. Sinead and Beth have breakfast together. Tyrone comes into the cafe and overhears them talking about Chesney, confused as to where his head is these days. Sinead doesn't know how much more drama she can take from him. Tyrone goes to Daniel in the Bistro and calls him a bully for targeting Chesney in his quest to win back Sinead. He reminds Daniel that Ches is trying to bring up a child who lost his mum and Daniel should remember what missing a parent is like. That gives Daniel pause for thought as Tyrone leaves.

Daniel goes to see Chesney later to make peace between them. He admits there was no CCTV footage and will make up an excuse for why Chesney went to the bistro disrupting the hen do. He realizes he went too far and that he owes Chesney for not telling anyone he was the one that hurt Ken last winter. When Sinead comes home, Chesney confesses all. Sinead gets upset, calls him paranoid with which he agrees, and then gathers her keys and runs out, demanding that he not follow her. Oh dear, has he really lost her?

She's gone to talk to Daniel to verify what Chesney said. Daniel actually defends Chesney as loving her so much that he was desperate. She's a bit surprised at his defence. Daniel points out that Chesney and Sinead have the same life goals and paints himself as having abandonment issues, latching on to the first girl who will take him on. She's hurt. He tells her he doesn't love her and never did, thus nobly pushing her away. That sends her out the door, as intended.

Chesney and Joseph have a hot choc in the cafe. Sinead has obviously impressed Joseph because he tells his dad he misses Sinead. Daniel joins Ken in the pub later. He tells his father what he spoke about with Daniel and admits he couldn't make Joseph lose another mother figure. He knows what that's like too well.

Tyrone plays peace keeper between Sinead and Chesney, trying to convince Sinead to go back to Ches. The smart thing to do would be to ask her if she wants him anymore rather than just trying to guilt her into it by imsinuating that Chesney would go over the edge if he lost her. She went to Ches for a soul baring conversation and admitted it was difficult trying to be Joseph's step mother because of her own pregnancy, where she'd had the termination. She says she wants Chesney and Joseph. It sounds to me like she's settling.

Eileen still hasn't heard from Todd. Seb is in the doldrums, too. Eileen sends him off to do some shopping for her. In the corner shop, Dev asks after Eileen. When Aidan comes in, Seb asks about the factory roof job that Phelan had given them an estimate for. That's obviously on hold at the moment. Aidan tells Seb they might as well look to any other job they have on the books at the moment. Gary is in the shop and overhears. Spying Faye come in the door and leave as soon as she claps eyes on Seb, Dev waxes lyrical on love.

Seb finds Faye in the cafe later and asks her to take him back. He professes his love but she tells him that unless he can agree that Anna's innocent, she can't have him back. He can't change what he knows and neither can she. Impasse. Gary buys Seb a hotpot and a beer in the pub. Phelan watches them from across the bar while Dev, Beth and Toyah chat about casts and fractures. Gary tells Seb that Faye's in an impossible position. He tells Seb he has an interview for work on a new development and asks Seb to come along but Seb turns him down, telling him he works for Phelan.

Phelan sees Aidan later in the cafe and he asks about the roofing job as well and is told the same thing, he should take one of his other job offers. Back home, Seb makes Eileen a sandwich. She tells him she thinks Billy is keeping a secret from her. Phelan arrives home to have a word with Seb for talking to Aidan about the roof job. He blames Seb for them losing the roof job. Not really fair since it's the lost business deal that did that. I don't suppose Phelan knew that, though, but Seb takes it badly. Eileen takes on the blame for trying to get Seb to be useful and gets an ear bashing for her admission.

Gary goes to see Anna. They make a bit of small talk but Anna then asks Gary to get back with Sarah and keep an eye on Faye for her. She doesn't think she's going to get out of prison. She knows that Phelan has won. Gary tells her he is getting closer to Seb but it scares Anna. Gary refuses to bow down to Phelan and thinks he can get Seb to change his story. He sees Seb in the cafe when he gets back. Seb is still metaphorically bruised from Phelan's verbal abuse. Seb asks Gary if the job will be hiring anyone else. Gary smiles and tells him he can come along with him as he goes to see the project managers again.

Later in the pub, though they haven't definitely got the job, Gary tells Seb there shouldn't be a problem. Gary starts pressuring Seb, telling Seb he has to decide who's more important to him, Faye or Pat Phelan. When Seb goes home, Phelan apologizes for putting Seb in a spot. Seb admits he might have a job with Gary on a mill conversion job. Pat keeps his cool when he sees the brochure Seb has, then plays the guilt card on Seb. He has to leave tomorrow, as well. Eileen looks pissed off and leaves the room to call Jason.

Phelan drives up to the mill, not much more than a fenced in yard and sees it's a new luxury development. It looks very like the one where he killed and buried two bodies of late. Phelan decided he ought to get work on the redevelopment project where the bodies are buried, probably to keep an eye on things if the temperature got too hot!

So Phelan seemed pretty confident that Seb would come crawling back which he did because he was too proud to admit that Faye could be right. She put a condition on him staying at Number 4, that he rescind his charges but he's not going to change his statement and he went crawling back to Phelan who proceeded to get him drunk and get his fingerprints on the gun and then hides it in the toolbox. Is that just in case Andy and Vinny's bodies are found? Phelan will hide the gun where it can be found and Seb's prints will be the evidence? But why on earth would Seb want to kill two men he doesn't know? And does Phelan even know where Seb was the night he did the deed? He could have a rock solid alibi. And it might be a moot point if Luke continues pushing Phelan on Andy's whereabouts.

First of all, though, Luke has a hearing for the assault charge. That little wire house is still preying on his mind afterwards.

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Anonymous said...

I completely missed the scene with Phelan getting Seb drunk and putting prints on the gun. I must be watching with my eyes closed lately. Hmmm....

I sure do miss the old Corrie without all this doom and gloom.

kib said...

That has to be a spoiler. Usually we don't get those on Bluenose.

Tvor said...

I think what's happened here is that CBC's Friday and Monday episode were shown together on UK tv and I probably picked up the stuff that is airing on Monday January 15 on our screens. You'll see it tonight! Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Yup! We saw it tonight. Good to know I'm not sleeping through episodes. lol

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