Friday, 12 January 2018

Why it's time for Emily to be killed off in Coronation Street

It's been two years since Emily Bishop moved from Coronation Street to Peru. Two years.  And last night she was given a brief, but important mention in the Rovers Return.

Ken told Sophie that he knew Emily was back in the country, tending to her niece Freda who wasn't well.

Why mention this, I wonder? And why did Ken tell Sophie and not Norris or Rita?

Could it be that Eileen Derbyshire is really going to reprise her role as Emily in the show? I reckon not.  I think the line from Ken was just to keep Emily in our thoughts, as if they would ever go away.

However, it is high time, I feel, for Emily to be killed off - and here's why.

Tvor @tvordlj on Twitter

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kib said...

Emily Bishop should return to the show. We need to see her and say goodbye and then possibly have her die. I’d prefer to see her go off to an old folks home (maybe with Mavis). Rita should go to visit them from time to time and possibly move there herself someday. I’d love to see Mavis again as I think Thelma’s still acting.

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