Saturday, 6 January 2018

Conversation Street Yearly Awards

This is the sixth year that Michael and Gemma at Conversation Street, an excellent Corrie podcast, have put together a year end awards show. These are awards with a difference. Yes, there are awards for best actor and actress but there are also awards for the best redhead, the best fight, the worst storyline, and more, all with creative award titles.

They run a poll in December to get listener votes on the nominations they establish from the year on Coronation Street and give the listener vote 2/3 of the weight in the final decision with their own opinions counting for the rest of it.

At the end of the podcast, they also do predictions for the coming year, both from listener feedback and from their own speculation.

Conversation Street is a fab podcast and they don't do spoilers unless it's major breaking news and then it's isolated at the very end of the podcast episode so you can avoid it if you don't want to know. We post the link to the episode that matches the Canadian broadcasts every week here on the Bluenose Corrie Blog.

Listen to the awards here.

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