Monday, 22 January 2018

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for Jan. 15 - 19

Mexican Standoff award: Seb knows Phelan killed Luke. Phelan has a gun with Seb's fingerprints on it.

Musical ambiance: Nat King Cole "When I Fall In Love" when Zeedan was expounding on the kind of future he wants to give his true love, Rana. How could she break his heart after that?

Cone of Silence award: Aidan arrives at the Nazir house. Seconds later, we can hear a crowd of press outside, did he not notice?

Friendship award: In times of crises, you really find out who your friends are. I thought Sean was lovely to Tyrone and the girls. I also thought Aidan asking Maria if she was ok was a nice touch. Nobody else remembered she was with Luke for quite awhile.

Fashionisto award: Imran's buffalo check coat.

Pants on Fire award: Luke found out Matt was telling lies about Andy. Eileen found out that Nicola didn't actually move to Australia. Luke outed Rana's lie about being pregnant though she pretended to Zee that Luke got the wrong end of the stick. (pun intended)

Black Widow award: Maria is right, all her exes aside from Nick and Tyrone are dead! She and Gail are running neck and neck for the title.

Food for Thought award: Scattering Katie's ashes in the park is nice. Scattering them by a pond full of ducks might not be the best thing for the ducks.

Man About Town award: Audrey had a crush on Luke. He dated Maria, Tracy and Alya along with numerous off screen women we never saw. He certainly got around!

Lines of the week:
Zeedan "Next time I see Luke he's got some explaining to do"
Eileen "At least I know I'm not the only person in the universe with cow pats raining down on her head"
Toyah "We are never mixing our friends again!"
Imran about the family meal "It's going to be like a car crash with napkins"
Phelan "Where's the bolt of lightning, Billy?" (Oh, yours is coming, mate!)
Sean "There's nowt worse than someone angry with you for something you already feel bad about"
Alya to Maria "You ditched him to go around with Aidan so please don't act like you were soul mates" (That's rather catty, isn't it? It's none of your business, he wasn't with you at the time)
Phelan "Eileen's decided it's 'Bring A Hoodie to Work Day'"

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