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Sam Aston on Chesney's first wedding in Coronation Street

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog December 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

What happens when Chesney proposes to Sinead?

Sinead is thrilled, she finds it romantic but it’s still awkward because Daniel is there so it is not an ideal situation.

Does Chesney genuinely think that Daniel is not going to be there or has he proposed to Sinead in front of Daniel on purpose?

Chesney genuinely thinks that Daniel is not going to be there so he thinks that it is a good opportunity to propose then. But when he realises that Daniel is there he almost wants to show him who is boss; he feels like he has the trump card because he is proposing.

When Sinead apologises for Chesney’s insensitivity, Chesney is unnerved. Tell us what happens when Chesney begins to fake food poisoning.

Chesney can’t see what the big deal is, why can’t they be happy about it? Every now and then Chesney notices that Sinead and Daniel keep looking at each other then Chesney goes to the toilet and when he comes back he sees them both talking. On the spur of the moment, Chesney makes his mind up to fake food poisoning. It’s not a plan that Chesney has been thinking about for ages, he’s not really thinking straight. It just happens and it’s a snowball effect, it just gets worse and worse.

Once he starts the lie, is there a pressure to keep it up to get Daniel in trouble?

That’s Chesney’s end goal to get Daniel in trouble and for Sinead to see him as this crazy guy. Chesney wants Sinead to himself and for Daniel to be out of the picture but the lengths that he goes to are wrong.

The plan seems to go well when Sinead suspects Daniel but later Daniel confronts Chesney. What happens next?

Daniel startles Chesney so straight away, Chesney is on edge. Because Sinead and Daniel’s relationship doesn’t seem over, the thing between Daniel and Chesney has escalated and they get into an argument. Chesney just loses it and again it is spur of the moment. Chesney is not bothered that Daniel has saved his life before, he is past that now, he is still interfering with the woman that he loves and Chesney is clinging on to Sinead with his fingertips.

Do you think that Chesney and Sinead are meant for each other?

I really don’t know, it’s a hard one. They are great together and make a good couple but I think their relationship is doomed because she has gone off with Daniel before so she has made Chesney paranoid, he’s constantly watching his back. But he does love her so you never know?

What’s the best thing about working with Katie McGlynn?

Katie is crazy in a lovely way. She comes out with some sayings, she literally has her own language. We have a good time and if Chesney and Sinead ever split up it will be a real shame because we have a real laugh on set.

Are you excited about potentially filming a Corrie wedding?

Yes, I am very excited but nervous! I have been to a lot of Corrie weddings before but Chesney obviously never has had his own although he did propose to Katy. Not many people do but I like filming weddings because everyone is there.

What is the reaction you get from viewers?

It’s a mixed bag; there are people who love Sinead and Chesney and want it to work, there are people who want Chesney to leave her and there are people who want Chesney and Gemma to get together!

Do you think Chesney and Gemma would be a good match?

Chesney and Gemma had their duo in the kebab shop, having a laugh, and people warmed to their characters. I think it would be funny because Gemma is the complete opposite to Chesney, she’s almost a Cilla, she’s wacky and full on and Chesney tones her down a bit.

Do you enjoy playing the rivalry between Daniel and Chesney with Rob Mallard?

Yes it’s been fun because Chesney grew up on the street as a kid and his scenes were always about his dog, now we see him fighting with another guy over a woman!  It’s been a really good year because I have had the storylines about the panic attacks, Sinead initially kissing Daniel behind Chesney’s back, his son coming back into the show and now the rivalry which has been niggling away in the background for months with Daniel. I’ve really enjoyed it and I really like Rob. He is very easy to work with and he is very professional.

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