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Sinead - the square in Corrie's love triangle

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog December 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Guest blog post from Stephen Leach who is on Twitter: @sirterenceboot
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I must say I’m thoroughly unconvinced by the recent tug-of-war between Daniel and Chesney. Not because I can’t take either of them seriously as hard lads – on the contrary, they’ve both got a certain thuggish air about them – but mainly because I find it hard to believe anyone could get that worked up over Sinead.

What exactly has happened to Sinead? When she first arrived on the Street she was a breath of fresh air: quirky, endearing, a bit of a hippy. The sort of person who’d spend her spare time protesting the tampon tax and attending vegan food festivals. Now she’s just a drudge. All the positive energy seems to have been sucked right out of her and replaced with hot air and tedium. Is it a consequence of spending too much time with Chesney? Possibly, although it’s equally likely that the writers just can’t be bothered to think of anything more interesting to do with a young woman than get her up the duff.

I’m enjoying seeing Daniel start to become slightly unhinged again. Remember back when he was throttling Chesney and shoving Ken down the stairs? It’s as if everyone just quietly agreed to forget that any of it happened. Let’s hope that over Christmas he finally snaps and starts offing anyone who annoys him. Or possibly he’ll just stage a robbery at the Bistro. It’d be the first time anyone’s done that in about three weeks.

One good thing that’s come out of this storyline is Chesney’s odd friendship with Tracy. Though is friendship really the right word? To me it seems a bit more like the White Witch luring Edmund to her sleigh to feed him poisoned sweets. Chesney’s been nice-but-dim for too long, so god only knows he’d benefit from some tutoring in the dark arts. And it wouldn’t be the first time Tracy’s enjoyed some attention from a younger bloke – remember that weird liaison she had with David Platt? 

Personally, I’m hoping Chesney’s devious streak continues, though one would hope his plans stretch to something a bit more cunning than smashing himself in the face with a brick. 

Only time will tell.

While I’m on the subject, am I the only one who was hoping Fiz might have been correct in her assessment of Ruby as a devil child in the making? There’s a vacancy in Weatherfield right now for a wicked child: we’ve hardly seen Amy in months, and Simon’s violent tendencies seem to have fizzled out. Children on Corrie do often seem to take after their parents, and if we never see Natalie Gumede make a return to the street it’d be good to have Ruby take up her mantle as the resident psycho. I think it’d be interesting to see.

 And what better time to kick the story off, now that Fiz is departing for the bright lights of Wolverhampton. Or was it Australia? I’m always confusing the two. “I’ll be away for a few weeks, kids. Unless I get booted out in the first round.” 

No, I didn’t understand what she meant either.

Guest blog post from Stephen Leach who is on Twitter: @sirterenceboot

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone managed to find out what the CBC's plan is for Corrie during the winter Olympics? Are they putting it on hiatus for the duration, or will they show it during the brief periods between the sports broadcasting?

Tvor said...

Haven't heard yet! Will blog it when we know.

Daithi_c said...

I think they've learned not to make us go into
cold-turkey withdrawal and let us fall further
and further behind. I think last Olympics they
at least played the Sunday Omnibus and let us
keep up with the UK.

I have to agree that Sinaed was bright, creative,
and alive when she arrived, and the great emotional
vacuum, and perpetual old man, Chesney has managed to
draw all the life out of her. I"m not saying she should
be with Danial, but run girl run before Chesney puts a ring
on it...

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