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Sunday Comments January 21

Now Phelan has Seb's prints on the gun, what's he going to do with it? Luke went to find Andy's friend, Matt, and discovered Phelan reinforcing the rules, Matt can't say anything about Andy to Luke outside the story they concocted. Phelan pointed to Luke's involvement in the racist/assault charges as proof that Luke could go off the rails. It was enough to scare Matt into telling Luke the truth, that Phelan manipulated him into telling Luke lies about where Andy is.

Luke went looking for answers and found Phelan at the development site where, just before that, Phelan was going to toss the gun into the pond where the bodies were and a shoe floated to the surface! I thought Phelan was going to have a heart attack right on the spot especially when Luke showed up to confront him. Luke keeps making connections between misinformation about Andy always leading back to Phelan who goes on the offensive, citing Andy's history of pretending to be someone he wasn't. Damning evidence and probable doubt. Big argument, but the gun is still there. Phelan is starting to crack a bit under pressure. He's feeling accused something when all Luke wants is ansnwers.

Luke's not going to get them though. He attacked Phelan but Luke fought back and seemed to get the worst of the deal though Luke was pretty unsteady himself. Pat still has the gun, remember, and he got back to his van and drove after Luke. You wouldn't think Luke would have any trouble getting away, being a former boy racer, but he's got a head injury, too so his reaction times aren't the best. The car chase ended up with Luke off the road, trapped in the car and Phelan putting bullets in the gun. Phelan didn't know for sure Luke was still alive but shot out the gas tank just to make sure. KaBOOM! That's pretty grisly! I guess Seb's prints are a moot point since Phelan's gloves will end up rubbing them off. Plans change. And when you've killed once, it's not quite so difficult to do it again.

Phelan desperately cleaned up himself and the van and explained his head scrape away to Eileen who's more preoccupied with where Nicola is and where Todd is.

At home, Alya has received a hand written letter threatening Luke. Luke outed Rana's lie about being pregnant, though of course he didn't know that she hadn't told anyone she was aside from him and that was to get out out of a tight spot. He went straight over to Rana to confront her and she pretended Luke just got the wrong end of the stick. We saw earlier that Luke's phone battery went dead but nobody else knows that and Rana was frantic trying to get hold of him to get the story sorted out. Rana was so beside herself that she told Kate she was going to confess their affair to Zeedan! She wants to be with Kate and knows it's going to hurt a lot of people but she's willing to do it. I suppose she wants to tell Zee before he hears through the grapevine.

When they finally talked, he was full of plans for their future and wasn't bothered that Luke got the wrong impression about her being pregnant. He's really going to give her the best future he can. She burst into tears, unable to tell him the truth while Kate waited in the pub in vain, a hopeful Sophie at her side. Rana and the family came in and Kate knew Rana would never find the right time to tell. She went off with Sophie, leaving Rana feeling very much alone.

Sophie and Kate roll up home in the wee hours of dawn after a good night out on the town. But then Sophie snogs Kate who backs off but doesn't have time to say anything before Alya shows up at the door to see who is outside since Luke never made it home. I always thought Sophie and Kate would make a good couple, actually. That aside, everyone is trying to get hold if Luke and those of us watching get more and more fidgety, waiting for the inevitable. Luke hasn't turned up for work, nobody can get through on his phone. Alya finds out he had a car from the garage and since she knows he wouldn't drink and drive ends up calling the police to report him missing while Phelan lurks across the street, earwigging. Earlier, we saw Phelan burning things in the back yard including something denim. I forget, did Luke lose his jacket during the fight with him? Must have. Oh wait, it was probably Pat's jacket or jeans. Can't have that found, there will be questions as to why it was found at the mill and will probably have Phelan DNA on it, too.

Back at the garage, a DC and a police constable come in and ask after the courtesy car. Kevin thinks they've found it abandoned. Tyrone mentions that Alya, Luke's girlfriend, reported him missing. The police mention that Luke's parents were unaware of a girlfriend. That confuses Kev and Ty, not sure why the police would have been speaking to Luke's parents. Well, we know why. They turn to talk to Alya who is walking by just then and ask to go somewhere private. This doesn't sound good and of course, it isn't. Kate and Alya are told about Luke, shot and found in a car that exploded. Ouch! Neither of them believes it, hard to take in, especially in the UK where gun crime is not that common. Alya tells the police about the racism abuse she and Luke both suffered at the hands of the Parker brothers, giving them the threat letter that was left and Kate gets hold of Luke's laptop for the police. Alya is blaming herself because Luke got into trouble defending her. Kate is sent to get Zeedan.

Sophie had told Rosie she snogged Kate and Rosie spends the rest of this episode and the next nagging her to say something to kate but she never really gets to, not properly. Kate has gone into work, still a bit under the influence so Robert sends her home just as Rosie and Sophie arrive to try to see her. Rana and Imran's parents take them plus Zeedan to the Bistro for a nice lunch to celebrate Zee and Rana's new business venture. Rana heads to the ladies' room just as Sophie leaves, with Rosie just behind but Rosie stops to talk to Rana and mentions the kiss between Kate and Sophie which of course upsets Rana. But it's going to get worse. The family meal is going well but is interrupted by a tearful and shaking Kate who tells them the news. Zeedan runs out to see Alya who is now at the flat and Rana takes a clearly shaken Kate into the Bistro office.

Aidan later comes to the Nazir house to comfort Alya. Directly behind him are a pack of journalists that he apparently didn't see, or didn't mention at least, though they started knocking on the door seconds after he arrives. They chase various neighbours around too, for sound bites. Zeedan decides to speak to the press and, surrounded by his family, he describes them as an ordinary Muslim family and his sister was targeted by racists who then murdered her boyfriend. Yasmeen prevents him from naming names, saying they don't want retribution, they want people to stand up against hate. When Luke's assault charge is brought up, Yasmeen spits that anyone can be driven to anger but Luke was a good man and was loved, more than she reckons a callous reporter can claim. Alya speaks up, saying Luke knew she let the racists get to her and now he's dead because of it, blaming herself. From down the road, behind the reporters, Phelan starts applauding and the rest of the neighbours who were standing outside listening join in. Yasmeen leads the family inside, pleading for their privacy to be respected.

Kate is upset with Rana for promising to tell Zeedan their marriage is over and then going back on it but Rana pleads for herself. She also admits Luke was putting pressure on her to come clean. Kate's really having difficulty with Luke's death and decides she needs to get away for a bit and is going to ask Carla if she can stay at her house in Devon. She obviously agreed because the next time we see Kate, she's in the pub to say goodbye to Alya while waiting for her cab, leaving both Rana and Sophie gutted. Rana goes out to see Kate before she gets in the taxi and Rosie pushes Sophie out as well but all Sophie sees is two friends hugging each other. Sophie gets in a hug too, pledging her support sadly, wanting more but realizing it isn't going to happen.

Aidan tells the Nazirs that the Parkers have been arrested. Alya says it doesn't change things. Aidan notices Maria at the bar and goes to see if she's ok. I wondered when someone would remember that Maria and Luke were a couple for quite awhile. She tells Aidan he should be careful as her exes all seem to come to a sticky end and she's right, too. Pretty much all of the men we've seen her with are dead except Nick Tilsley and Tyrone.

Seb is shocked to the core when he finds out what happened to Luke and wants to know what kind of gun was used but doesn't get any answers. He is obviously scared, too and we later see he's called his mother, hoping that they can go away somewhere with the twins. Apparently she's told him that the rehab people try to help their cases restart their lives in nice cottages somewhere new. It's all lies, of course. We can see she's edgy and hyper and she eventually admits to him that she was thrown out of rehab so he knows she's back using again and throws her out. When Phelan and Eileen come home and see that he's packed a bag, he manages to sidetrack the questions.

Phelan and Seb are watching each other with very guarded looks and Seb decides it's probably safer working the day with Eileen in the cab office. Smart lad. But Phelan's lurking around the corner and Tim can't get over how Eileen thinks the sun shines out of his backside. But Seb was very interested to hear the location of Luke's car, knowing it's where Phelan's next job is coming from. Phelan confronted Seb and to the lad's credit, he didn't back down, he came right out and asked if he killed Luke. Of course Phelan is going to turn it around on Seb, making out he's feeling guilty because he send Luke, who was looking for Pat, to the place he was killed.

Seb keeps hearing all these theories and then things like the police having no evidence against the Parkers and more and more he's convinced Phelan killed Luke no matter how much he talked around it earlier. Phelan caught him looking in the toolbox for the gun. What really shocked me is that Phelan as much as admitted it, reminding Seb the murder weapon had Seb's fingerprints all over it (which, you would think, would be rubbed off after Phelan used it while wearing gloves).

Sean gets a bit of a storyline! Sean is on a diet and he nearly handed baby George some fresh fruit, thinking the only allergy was to bananas. Wrong. Jude and Angie nearly bit his hand off! He ranted on about it and all their other private business in the cafe to Eileen who looked as if she really didn't give a toss and in the course of the conversation, we find out Norris has gone to wherever it is Freda lives to see the newly returned Emily.

Jude and Angie caught Sean and even though they apologized for being short with him, they weren't happy that he was broadcasting their business, either. They went to the clinic to lodge a complaint and Sean got a dressing down for it but quit in a fit. Later he confronted Jude and Angie in the pub but of course it wasn't them at all. All that confrontation, again in public and Peter decided to sack Sean, too! He's his own worst enemy!

He asks Carla for a reference and she advises him to do up a CV so we later see him using a laptop working on it. Up pops a few annoying messages that look like spam or malware and then one that asks if he wants to reset the computer to factory settings. Unless that's a virus, there's no way that he could get to something like that using a word processor and unless that's a virus, I am pretty sure factory settings won't delete your documents, just reset your settings. I'm pretty sure of that because later, Jude is looking for something in the laptop (it's his) and he finds folders where the baby pictures were but no photos. You'd think a factory reset would remove the folders, too, right? There are ways to recover deleted files but nobody thinks of that of course. Sean ends up getting thrown out of his lodgings by someone that doesn't even own the house. If Sean has a "rent book" or some kind of formal arrangement, and knowing Norris, I can't imagine he wouldn't, then Jude has to at least give Sean notice to leave. Anyway, Sean ends up staying at Tyrone's after Fiz apparently said he could.

In a few really touching scenes, the effect of racism is shown on another family as Tyrone is gutted about what happened to his friend and employee (and former lodger) and worried how he could explain racism to his daughter Ruby. Sean is very thoughtful, helping with the girls. Tyrone dreads having to tell them about Luke because they really loved him when he lived there. After he has told them, he's out in the back in tears with Sean promising to look after them all while Fiz is away.

Cathy and Alex move in to Number 12. Adam has hired Rana's brother, Imran. He was in the position of solicitor the other day but is he being hired as a paralegal now? Not sure. He's trying to help Luke in any case. Now that Michelle has helped the business with Steve's cash, Robert offers to give Zeedan his job back but Zee really wants to make a go of their own place. Eileen went looking for Gary to find out if Nicola really went to Australia because Gail had told her that Nicola didn't move away. She didn't get an answer from him so she went looking on social media. Seb was no help. Gemma is still knocking around with Henry who tells her he doesn't want to share her with any of his mates. That's not a good sign. Chesney invited him to the wedding and he didn't look impressed. That's not a good sign. Then she dropped the L-bomb and he freaked. Also not a good sign. Is he just with Gemma for a "bit of rough"?

At least Sinead and Chesney's wedding hadn't actually been cancelled, I don't think. But Eva's offer of a free manicure didn't go down well with Beth who still seems to bully Sinead who is always fair to people. But free stuff is free stuff and they're all going to use the Rovers back room. Toyah's a bit affronted that Eva made assumptions. There's a conflict. Toyah's Vegan society got the room first! Leanne reckoned they could share and they did. It all worked out quite well actually though there were a few ructions later when it turned out the nail polish might not be vegan friendly.

Chesney doesn't think they should tell Joseph about Luke, not so soon after his mother died. Probably a bad idea since everyone else knows about it. The wedding is tomorrow and neither Cilla nor Fiz will be there due to Cilla's current health crisis. I wonder if that's a hint that the wedding won't happen? I guess we'll wait and see. But later, Joseph overheard the adults talk about Luke's murder and he went running for the hills. Chesney reckons scattering Katie's ashes will help Joseph. It might. But doing it near the pond with the ducks might not help the ducks very much. And he went and didn't include Sinead, either, though it had sounded like he was going to.

Daniel looks crushed seeing the happy couple getting ready for their wedding the next day. You see him and Sinead exchanging glances across the room and you can tell there's still feelings there.

Bethany seems to have had a late night but is evasive when Craig asks about it. She later gets a text from someone that verifies an 8 pm meeting but she lies and says it's a text from her mother. What's going on here, then? Craig is such a lovely lad. He adores Bethany and he's ready and willing to take things as slowly as she wants. I don't think she really wants him as a proper boyfriend, even without the sex. I think she just likes having him as a supportive best friend but then her head is probably still all over the place. Craig jumped to conclusions when he'd seen the sexy underwear she bought and took that in with her invitation to hang out in the house alone. When he got there, she's got her hair done and a lot of makeup on and she said she "just got back" (from where?). But changing into something more comfortable didn't mean the sexy stuff she bought. It meant makeup free and warm PJs. Disappointed again. He can't do right for doing wrong!

Billy is looking thoughtful in his hospital bed. Phelan comes tapping on the door. He's brought some things for Billy, clean laundry etc. Billy admits he's missing Todd and Summer but if they did show up, he reckons the police would be there straight away to take Todd away again.He's not sure Adam can get Todd out of trouble if he does show up and should be helping Luke's case (he doesn't know yet) Phelan casually says he's not seen Luke today. (he's so cool and collected while lying through his teeth!) and offers to help him with the physio who wants Billy up and in the wheel chair.

We later see Billy working with the team, Phelan watching. Billy lowers himself into a wheelchair, spent. Phelan remarks how difficult it is to see him suffer but Billy, ever the religious optimist, says suffering produces perseverence which creates character which leads to hope. Phelan seems to admire that though you can never tell with him whether what he says is genuine or if it's meant to produce an effect. They have a little religious discussion with Phelan wondering why someone like Billy ends up in the position he's in while people go around committing crimes with no music to face. Where's the bolt of lightening? None of this "mysterious ways" for Phelan, he wonders if some people just slip through God's nets and get to do whatever they like. (the arrogance!) Billy has to believe there's a plan somewhere.

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