Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Does Corrie need more comedy?

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in April 2013.)

Coronation Street has been rather serious of late. Not surprising given the dominant storylines have involved relationship breakups, arson attacks, funerals and St Ella and her seemingly endless beige wardrobe. Incidentally I understand the nude look is in. 

Anyway, what I think Corrie needs is a bit of good old fashioned humour. The recent hash brownie interlude with Sylvia and Dennis was like an oasis in the desert. I don't know about you but I long for the days when episodes could revolve around Fred Gee's wig, Annie Walker's bingo hall carpet or Stan and Hilda's slot machine. I know it takes a certain type of character to carry these stories off well. Many of the classic Corrie comedy ideas when written down on paper would look pretty ordinary, but brought to life by the likes of Jean Alexander and Doris Speed could turn into comedy gold.

I think the Coronation Street of 2013 could use an injection of traditional Corrie comedy. So who could be tasked with this challenge? 

i love the relationship between Roy and Sylvia. Practically every scene they appear in has a little gem in it. Now that the link with the infamous One O'Clock Club has been restored, I'd love to see Sylvia and Dennis have some more adventures there. There is also the Rita and Dennis pairing - the timing of Barbara Knox and Philip Lowrie is superb. And I'd like to see Norris involved in some more light-hearted stories rather than his constant nippy sweetie persona that seems to dominate today.

Of the younger characters I think Steve and Lloyd have great comedy potential. Once Eileen shakes off Paul the Fireman, I hope we are treated to some more cab office scenes. They used to have some classic moments. 

So who do you think should be providing the Corrie comedy today?

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