Thursday, 11 April 2013

Speculation gone wrong

I was wrong.

I really did think that Kirsty's mother was going to testify and turn her in. Then I was convinced that Julie's testimony was going to turn the tide in Tyrone's favour. I did think Kirsty might admit it all at some point but not in the dramatic way that she did.

For this spoiler-holic, and someone that is usually pretty good at guessing outcomes of storylines, I didn't see it coming and I did enjoy the surprise!

Speculating on the storylines is fun for me but I don't always get it right. My next speculation is on how Karl will come to justice. You can read about that over here.

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1 comment:

missusmac said...

I was with you on the speculation! It's a standard soap plotline. I then thought having Julie be the trial breaker was a nice touch -- but they fooled us again! I did not ever imagine seeing Kirstie in court. It was well done.

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