Tuesday, 2 April 2013

On the edge of my seat

It started with a argybargy in the Bistro and ended up in an inferno. What did you think of the beginning two episodes of the latest Coronation Street disaster? I enjoyed it, I really did. The pre-show slanging match to the Full Monty seemed to entertain the punters almost as much as the show itself and one or two of the dancers appeared to have enjoyed themselves so much that I'm sure they had done it before.

But it was Karl that lit Stella's fire unknowingly. He didn't realize she had gone back home early and is now playing the hero, though trapped up at the top of the stairs. Was it wrong for me to be a little sorry that Tracy Barlow got out alive? We were promised a death. I had hope. On the plus side, she did go back for Eccles.

There's more commentary and a few photos here. Previews for the next episode look even more exciting! Tonight will have us on the edge of our seats for sure. Well, me anyway! What did you think?

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Trudy said...

I loved the show. I was acutally waiting for Stella to start vomiting in the hallway a la Bet.

Hoping that Karl doesn't come out as a hero and that Sunita will be blamed for starting the fire.

Can't wait to see how the storyline to play out

Tvor said...

No matter what happens with Karl, he'll have to pay for setting that fire!

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