Saturday, 13 April 2013

Tyrone is Free!

There's a good interview in the Radio Times today with Alan Halsall who talks all about Tyrone's trial and freedom.

Alan's character, Tyrone, has been at the center of a nation-wide "Free Tyrone" campaign, with people posting photos all over the social media sites. He's really been enjoying the fan reaction to this storyline.

"It really makes me laugh because I actually started in Coronation Street thanks to the Free Deirdre campaign. She got sent to prison and her cellmate was Tyrone’s mother! So now it’s come full circle. And it’s really nice that the audience has really taken to the story and has been enjoying it so much. "

I hadn't thought about that connection, regarding Tyrone's original arrival, but isn't it a nice touch?

We're going to see Kirsty one last time, on Wednesday's episode when Tyrone goes to see her to put the ghosts away. Using a trendy word, he needs the closure and has to be able to take the first steps to get his confidence back. Alan says he's really going to miss Natalie on set (though probably not having to dodge her big hair!)

Alan also missed being on set for the Rovers fire, and also missed out on the Full Monty though admits if he'd been able to see Simon Gregson dancing and stripping, it would have been worth it if Tyrone had been corralled into the show as well. Since Steve and Lloyd weren't involved, it's probably just as well but it would have been more of a full on comedy skit if they had been.

Tyrone is going to get to be happy for awhile. Alan does wonder where he and Fiz are going to live since she also has to be concerned about Chesney.

Alan won an NTA award and is nominated for a British Soap Award. Vote for him and for Natalie Gumede!

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Anonymous said...

Where IS Steve? He just hasn't been around and one would think he would be. Is Simon Gregson filming something else right now?

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