Saturday, 27 April 2013

Is Tim for Real?

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in April 2013.)

I've been thinking about Tim this weekend.  You saw him snap at Chesney. That came out of nowhere. But is it the first crack in the nice guy facade or was it just a bad mood? Nice guys are allowed to have the occasional temper.

So far, the powers that be are being careful in how they're filling out Tim's personality. I'm curious as to where it's all going and have blogged a few thoughts over here. What do you think of Tim? Good guy or bad?

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50 and counting said...

I'm thinking bad guy.

He's enjoying the estrangement between mother and daughter. Buying the sofa/bed and never really re-enforcing Anna is Faye's guardian and mother.

I'm thinking domestic violence will be behind the failure of his and Faye's bio-mums relationship failure.

missusmac said...

You might be right. He looked a little spooked when he told Faye they let her down. He's always been passive/agressive about Anna's relationship with and mom status with Faye ("your mom, your real mom" he always says to Faye when talking about her biological mom.) It can't just be as simple as he's a nice, clueless guy. (Kirk already has that role!)

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