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Sunday Comments - April 21

Jason shows up at the door and interrupts. He had been living with Stella before the fire. Is he not anymore? Between Jason calling Karl down to Stella and that kiss, I don't think Jason is long for that relationship. I don't blame Jason for being mardy about Karl but Stella won't be told and she's treating Jason like dirt, and sending Karl loads of mixed signals and I'm glad Jason and Stella are over. Karl wins but Jason is better off without Stella anyway if she's going to treat him like that. Karl made sure to be there for comfort.

Meanwhile, many of the neighbours may or may not believe that Sunita started the fire, but Norris and Mary are making a career out of the gossip and I don't blame Dev for banning them from the shop. They were plying Sophie for information and the kids could have overheard as well.

Sunita's improved some and she was brought round. She's trying hard. The doctor is pleased. The police are anxious. And Karl? He's wetting himself and lurking like the Grim Reaper. And then it's done. Murder number 2 and this one is First Degree. He went there with intent. What's worse is Sunita appears to have come around enough to see Karl. Now comes the difficult part. How do you tell children they've lost their mother? The neighbours are doing what they can to support him but he's the one that's got to do the telling. I'm glad we didn't actually have to see him tell them, he'd already started sniffing again and I couldn't bear much more of it. The rain is falling, too. Nice touch. And i liked that Steve insisted on being there for Dev.

In spite of my vague contempt for Dev, and the sniffing aside, Jimmi Harkishin did a very good job in the episodes this week. 

Karl is feeling the pain of Sunita's death, too, though i'm not sure if it's true remorse or scared witless. People still don't understand how Sunita could have lit the fire. Other than Gloria that is. And did she try to kill herself in the fire? Or in hospital? Oh we know better but Dev has doubts. If Stella is on medications and can't drink, why isn't Karl on painkillers? He's still bandaged up. The police are questioning Sunita's motives for the fire. Things just don't add up. Karl doesn't want them pressing too hard. Jason's already put him in their radar and I don't think they've forgotten that or put that aside completely.

Dev is moving into the house and needs to rent out the flat and Tim is interested. Naturally. Dev says all the kids' friends' parents know about Sunita and seems to put it down to gossip. Wouldn't something like that fire and the deaths have been all over the news? The Post mortem wouldn't reveal anything about Sunita's involvement with the fire so I don't know why Karl is shaking. There's no way to know, the police say and they also say they can only verify her injuries and pulling the breathing tube out, supposedly by herself, caused her death. Head Injuries? (the fall down the stairs). No idea. It seems like they're assuming she did it and that's an end to it. How does Dev live with that?

Owen is going to do the Rovers renovations.  Stella's skeptical about him  but Karl is keen (Karl has *what* business to have any say?) but she wants to start sooner than the insurance company is ready to pay out. Big change there. Usually things like that happen instantly in soap-land.  Tim and Jason are still doing piece work and Jason won't be part of the pub refit. Stella wants the pub to stay the same, Karl wants changes, including the name though he's not strayed far from the original. Don't you touch a splinter on that pub's frame, me laddo! It can't be anything but The Rovers Return and I have every confidence Stella will prevail. 

Dennis to the rescue, spacecake alert! Rita's suspicious. She should know Dennis well enough by now. When Sylvia gets into the cakes, she gets all fluttery. Dennis is the next one brought to his knees with pain and looking for herbal relief and he worked his charm on Sylvia to get an order of brownies for himself. Rita will not approve.  Sylvia's taken to baking them herself. I think she over-egged the brownies, so to speak. He's high as a kite and out cold! He didn't even finish the brownie and it must have been pretty potent if Rita could smell it! She sussed him and Sylvia out sharpish. Rita marched them to the doctor who really told them the whole story about the long term effects. It's amazing how easily they can always get in to see the doctor, too, isn't it?

Eileen is bending everyone's ear about her worries about Paul's state of mind. Paul's not going to thank her for it. Doctor C could have handled it a bit better, maybe Paul is determined to go back to work and thinks work is probably the best medicine now. Paul's finally happy, he could be back to work next week. Not if Eileen has anything to say about it. I suppose she knew the danger before but this incident really brings it home how dangerous his job really is and it scares the bits off her. Going to his manager to try to persuade him not to let Paul back to work is exactly the wrong thing to do and getting busted by Paul? Beginning of the end.

Tyrone says nobody's guilty in prison. They wouldn't be. He was only on remand so would everyone else have been in that section. If you're on remand, you're innocent until proven. Tyrone was willing to forgive Sally but not Julie and Eileen. I'm not so sure that was the best venue for it but the Royston Voice of Reason made sense and Tyrone is a good guy, after all.   Fiz certainly wasn't ready to forgive and her red headed temper really gave them what for. Tyrone is now back out in the world and facing the future. Where will he and Fiz live, though? Fiz doesn't want to leave Chesney on his own but who's paying the rent? I suppose Fiz must be paying it on her own now Chesney's lost the market stall. Hayley decided to help as well and put a word in on Fiz's behalf. That lad needs a proper job. It's nice to see Fiz and Chesney so supportive of each other. And it's nice that Tyrone is so happy finally.

Kirsty wanted to see Tyrone. Odd time to get hold of him. Tyrone has gone to see Kirsty as she'd asked and he's on the offensive. Does she want to make amends to make herself feel better? He doesn't want her to ever have any contact with him or Ruby again. She says she's getting help and she says she means it but Tyrone is skeptical.Tyrone's reaction to her seemed a bit over the top, a good offence is the best defence you might say. Was he scared she could talk him around in some way? A couple of the things he said to her were unnecessarily harsh.  We were right, Kirsty scared herself with her reaction to Ruby's crying and she is admitting she's got a problem. Maybe she's going to make herself a new life. Tyrone seems to have finally closed a door, too.

Fiz can't move in because she can't leave Chesney. And he's got no job. Who's paying the rent?Fiz had been offered her old job back but she's still angry at her former friends. Why is Eileen worried about busses. She works for a cab firm. Ken and Deirdre's anniversary and Ken's forgotten and then forgets again and again to get a card. Ken is going to make a nice tea and all the inlaws and outlaws are invited. One big happy family. Kind of.

Tina is halfway through her pregnancy. Gary is wetting himself too, to find out if it's a boy or a girl but Izzy wants to wait to be surprised. Gary, as always, isn't going to leave it alone. Chuckled at the George Michael trivia at the party. Will Dev PLEASE stop sniffing! Did you see the vibrantly brilliant CGI starts over the Street? There's no way you'd see stars that clearly over a city the size of Manchester.

Gary's really getting into this pregnancy and is fussing over Tina non-stop. He's determined to find out what sex the baby is as well but Tina isn't going to say unless Izzy wants to know too. Tina's really keeping herself shut off from trying to emotionally involved with the baby but you can see it's happening anyway. Izzy can't resist Gary's pleading little face and we now know they're having a boy. I wonder if he'll be ginger! I love red headed babies. Then Tina discovers her flat is broken into and Gary's even more protective. You can see where this is going, can't you. It's more obvious than an obvious thing and Izzy is even helping push them together.

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