Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Revenge is Sweet for Liz

Last night on Coronation Street, Liz finally got revenge on Tony for his affair and even more, the scam he tried to pull to take the pub from her and Steve and oh, it was a thing of beauty! Written by Damon Rochefort, it was played to perfection by Bev Callard and Terence Maynard and the supporting cast.

Over the past few weeks, it looked like Tony was winning Liz round. He was sorry, very sorry for everything but he had to prove himself to her. On her suggestion, he cut ties with Barlows Buys, wiping the business bank account out and then he signed back the pub to Liz and Steve, all legally and above board. She checked. Meanwhile, Michelle, Eileen and Erica did everything they could to stop Liz from taking Tony back, seeing what they thought was a train crash about to happen.

The train crash happened but Tony was the victim, not Liz. In a superb scene, Liz made sure Tony was publicly humiliated and outed and, like Erica said later, it was the best revenge on a bloke ever! Bev Callard played a blinder. Over the past few weeks, it wasn't really obvious she was plotting. There was no twirling of the metaphorical moustache.  Was that a "look" in her eye? Or was she just unsure that taking Tony back was what she really wanted. She confided in no one.  It was subtle enough that you couldn't be sure.

Terence Maynard was very good, too. Tony was sorry, he was eager to do anything to win Liz back. I think he genuinely does love her and really is sorry he got sucked into Tracy's greedy scheme. He, like most Corrie men, are weak when it comes to women. They may have good intentions but they have feet of mushy peas. I did laugh, he looked a bit like an eager puppy there down on one knee looking up at her, anxious for an answer to his proposal.

He got his answer. In no uncertain terms.

I enjoyed this a lot. The dialogue was spot on, the actors, including supporting cast, were superb.

One more observation. I don't think Liz could have pulled it off if Steve had not flown to Spain. It started while Steve was there but I think the closer she got to the end game, the harder it would have been to look her son in the eye and lie, seeing how much her reunion with Tony would have affected him.

More detail on the history of the plot is here on State of the Street.

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1 comment:

Daithi_c said...

I kinda suspected what Liz was up to,
but it was still played very well, and a joy
to see her get her own back on both
Tony AND Tracy.

My brother mentioned that (if she didn't want
to humiliate him in front of the whole street),
she could have asked him to go to Spain and wait
for her (and wait, and wait, and wait...) ;)

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