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Corrie Christmas wish list - Colson Smith

In the days leading up to the Christmas episodes airing here in Canada in a few weeks, we bring you some of the cast members' Christmas Q&A,all originally posted on the Coronation Street Blog December 2015, reposted to this blog with permission.


Will your character be having a merry Christmas this year?
Yes. Craig is on top of the world right now! He's enjoy his art and his girlfriend and he even has a Christmas visit from her!

Make a NY resolution for your character…

New Year’s resolution for Craig...Keep all the windows of Weatherfield clean!

What’s your favourite Christmas board game?
Twister is a board game... Monopoly takes too long. I'm sure Craig would say Mousetrap!

What’s your Christmas tipple?
Water, all I ever drink is water. I'm really boring.

Turkey or otherwise?
This year Turkey and Duck, with KFC Gravy.

Where’s your favourite place to spend Christmas?
Home in front of the fire with Corrie on!

Best Christmas tip?
Best Christmas tip.. "Prepare for disappointment" as my dad says! But my tip is leave room for pudding!

Any Christmas disasters?
I once had Spam for Christmas lunch!

Favourite Christmas memory…
Flying to New Zealand...we had Christmas dinner on the plane

Christmas Day...cheese or chocolate?

Sprouts...devil or delicious?
Devil - hate them!

Christmas Day...PJs or fancypants?
PJ’s or onesie.

If you could spend Christmas Day in any other country where would you spend it?
New Zealand with my family.

Favourite Christmas film?

Favourite Christmas song or carol?
"All I want for Christmas is you"

Describe your perfect Christmas…
Snow. Presents. Family. Food. Corrie Christmas special.

Favourite Corrie Christmas...yours, your characters, or a scene off screen!
Christmas scene with Beth and Kirk in 2013 on Maxine's bench in crazy hats! Love that scene.

What would you like to find in your Christmas stocking?
An Alfa Romeo.

You have one spot left at the dinner table..Who would you give it to, anyone past or present?
Will Ferrell as Elf!

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